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DIY Oatmeal Pet Shampoo Recipe For Dogs

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No matter who your doggy is, he’s gonna need a bath one of these days. I am not such an advocate of bathing dogs. Twice, three times a year tops, that’s the way it is with my pooch. Obviously, there are exceptions to every rule. If your dog is rolling around in all kinds of nasty things on a regular basis – yeah, you’re gonna need more than a few a year. I have a min-pin, so the oatmeal baths are pretty much down to a minimum.

There are many shampoos out there, designed and manufactured for the canine community. Some are more natural than others, and that is a good thing. Humans domesticated dogs long ago, experimenting and creating various species in the process. I feel that if a person decides to share his home with an animal, and more specifically a dog, he or she should provide them with the best possible life. There are certain natural ingredients which have been proven to benefit dogs and their health, as well as humans and their health. One of those substances is oats. Or, more specifically, oatmeal.

The Benefits of Oatmeal For Dogs Explained

Birds eye view of bowl of oats in milk.

Oats in your diet.

Oatmeal? Seriously? Like, the 3-minute cooking, farmer-on-the-label, have-it-for-breakfast kind of oatmeal? Yes, that. While cooked oatmeal is a nutritious food meant primarily for human consumption, your pooch can also benefit from it. Oats are full of Omega-6 and fiber – among other things – which help our skin stay smooth and healthy, and regulate digestion.

The same goes for dogs. When fed oatmeal in moderation, dogs respond very well to this staple of health and good nutrition. Oats are one of the most popular breakfast foods, and for good reason. They can provide the body with a lot of energy, they are quick and easy to prepare, they taste good (I like mine with maple, brown sugar, and a cubed peach when I have it), and they’re relatively inexpensive.

The connection between oats and skin – this is where it really counts for dogs and doggy shampoo. It all starts with the skin cells, and this is where is shines. Using oatmeal on your dog’s coat and fur can help relieve symptoms related to allergies, rashes, and flea bites as oats are rich in phenols and avenanthramides. It can soften and clean the coat, and it does it well. As I said, I don’t have as much of a need for this as others, but in my experience it works even with short fur like my bitch has.

Recognizing Itchy & Dry Skin in Your Dog

Dog sitting on grass scratching itself.

Dog with itchy fur.

Like humans, dogs have skin which helps to protect them. It creates a barrier between the internal organs and the outside world. Every so often, a spot itches, a nerve is turned on, and a message is sent to the brain, saying: “hey, buddy boy, there is an itch which needs scratching!” So, whether you’re a human or a dog – you scratch. Simple, right?

But, when a dog begins to scratch, lick, or bite himself over and over, to the point where a puncture wound is beginning to form, you need to seek some outside help. Your doggy may have skin that is extra dry, and unlike with a stiff martini, this is not a good thing. It’s that kind of scratching I’m talking about here. The unhealthy kind.

The two main reasons for scratching are either a skin condition or an allergy. Allergies should be taken care of by a vet, but a mild skin condition can be taken care of by the owner. Part your dog’s hair, and look at it. Is there dandruff? Is the skin cracked or extra-tough? When you touch the skin, does your doggy go into a scratching episode? Either way, get your doggy to the vet, and if it’s not an allergy, then perhaps a shampoo will be able to help your dog’s skin and coat.

The Problem with Chemical Laden Pet Shampoos

Dog in bath with bubbles on it.

A dog having a bath.

I started this article off by saying that some pet shampoos are more natural than others. This is important, because even though some dogs’ skin will respond well to almost anything, that is not always the case. there are times when pet shampoos, which often contain chemicals and toxins, may do some serious harm over time. Now, if you only wash your dog a few times a year, it is pretty negligible. But if you need to wash your doggy on a regular basis, you are better off using something which is more natural.

All of those foaming agents, artificial colors, parabens, artificial fragrances, and other harsh ingredients – these end up becoming a part of your dog’s system. In other words, you’re introducing a bunch of potentially harmful elements into your dog’s life, seemingly for the sake of his good health. Does this make sense? It doesn’t to me. And that’s the problem with chemicals laden pet shampoos. 

How Natural Ingredients Can Help Dogs

Same as with humans, natural ingredients can be a huge upgrade in the life of your furry friend. You can take dogs out of nature, but you cannot take nature out of dogs. In other words, your doggy’s body will be able to appreciate the care given with natural ingredients, no matter how domesticated he or she has become.

You’ll need to change the amounts and the method of administration in some cases, but the point still stands. Use natural ingredients on a dog, and they’ll probably be healthier and more energetic. Every rule has exceptions, though, and if you feel that this is not the way to go, perhaps consult with your vet.

DIY Oatmeal Shampoo For Dogs Recipe & Guide

A bowl of oats next to spoon.

A bowl of oats.

An oatmeal shampoo? Yes, indeed. Perfect for dogs with sensitive skin, and for owners who want to make sure their doggy is getting the best. First of all, be aware that this shampoo may not look and feel like an ordinary pet shampoo. That’s okay. Remember that it is not meant to be a regular shampoo! It delivers results, but if you find that it doesn’t, there are other recipes you can use which include oats.

Take ½ cup of oatmeal, and grind it into powder in a processor. Take ½ cup of baking soda, plus 2 cups of warm water. Mix together, and use immediately. Leave it in for several minutes for maximum effect. Rinse thoroughly, and let her shake it off before getting her out of the tub.

Be careful not to get any of the shampoo in your doggy’s eyes, nostrils, mouth, and any other cavity. Remember that dogs are sensitive to irritants, just like we are. Make sure that you use any and all precautions necessary. It isn’t worth going through the trouble of using natural ingredients if you will end up harming your dog in the process. But, on the other hand, don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t go precisely as planned on the first try. You may need to tweak this DIY oatmeal shampoo for dogs recipe, or find another one altogether.

Before & After DIY Oatmeal Shampoo For Dogs Results

Dog laying in lavender field.

A clean dog is happy dog.

So, as I said earlier, with my doggy the differences were not so dramatic, since she is relatively clean and has short fur to begin with. I will say this: the food that she has been eating recently has not been as high quality as I would like, and this caused a bit of dandruff to appear on her coat. It is not a serious condition by any means, but I did want it to be, well, gone. Once I used the oat shampoo on her, this contributed to the dandruff vanishing. It left her coat looking sleek and positively glowing.

So, even though there was no pre-existing medical or hygienic condition, I still felt the results of this shampoo. And if it did this with a small min-pin with short hair, I can only imagine how great it will be for doggies which are larger and which are in need of more frequent baths. The end result is something I am very happy with.

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Granted, the connection between natural ingredients and dogs is not an immediate one, in this over-industrialized world we live in. But, once you make it, you may find that it’s precisely what you were looking for.

We all know that taking good care of your pet is something which can be very expensive at times. The ability to provide your pooch with a better and healthier lifestyle, and save your hard-earned money in the process – not to mention the fact that you can also enjoy this mild shampoo on your scalp and hair! – is a great thing, and is a solution which you should definitely look into.