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#HairTok – The Rise of Hair Care Content On TikTok

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The Rise of #HairTok

Without a doubt, Tiktok is fast becoming the world’s favorite form of social media. HairTok is the ever-growing number of hair care influencers and their video hacks, tutorials, and sometimes comedic hair-related content. The hashtag has very quickly toppled the ranks of the beauty TikTok space. #HairTok has accumulated over 15.4 billion views amongst its countless videos.

The emergence of this community has shown us that TikTok is not only about 15 second laughs (or cries), but it also has some educational offerings to its users. Let’s take a look at how #HairTok is influencing the hair care industry in 2023. 

What Exactly Is #HairTok? 

woman brushing her hair

What exactly is #HairTok?

By searching for #HairTok you can begin exploring the magical world of celebrity hair care hacks and at-home tutorials. There is a plethura of beneficial content that shows you how to style your hair using everyday items. You’ll be able to find tutorials from a wide range of influencers who offer step-by-step guides for implementing the latest hair care hacks.

On #HairTok you will find the latest hair care products in the market. You’ll also have access to multiple reviews on these products from a variety of sources. You may also find many transformation videos where HairTokers reveal their before-and-after styles.

This kind of content can be extremely beneficial as it focuses on hair care education by offering tips to fight dandruff, increase your scalp health, and which ingredients to avoid. You can find a lot of beneficial information within this community. So what sort of beneficial content will you find on TikTok? 

The Latest #HairTok Trends 

woman at a hair salon

Hair care trends on #HairTok

We scrolled through hours of content promising healthier-looking hair to find the best trends on #HairTok just for you! Additionally, we saved you some time by warning you which hacks to avoid. Take a look at these hair care hacks on TikTok that we found to be beneficial. 

Rosemary Tea Hair Rinse


This is my secret to a cute hairline!! Hope this helps! #tutorials #hairgrowth #hairgrowthtips #hairgrowthjourney #VideoSnapChallenge

♬ Lofi – Domknowz

Above all, this new hack helps to promote hair growth, aids in cleansing your hair and scalp and leads to hair that appears healthier and stronger overall. You’ll need to add fresh rosemary to boiling water and let it steep for 10-15 minutes. Next you’ll strain the rosemary from the water which should leave you with a mixture that appears brown in color.

After the water has cooled, you may pour it into a spray bottle and apply it to your scalp and hairline. Massage the mixture into your hair for effective treatment. Store the remainder of the mixture in the fridge for up to 5 days. 

The Claw Clip


the only way i keep my hair up #clawclip #hairtutorial #beautyhacks #hairhacks

♬ More Than A Woman – SG’s Paradise Edit – Bee Gees & SG Lewis

It’s the perfect look for a night out or even for a simple Netflix-and-chill kind of evening. This 90s-influenced hack offers a low-maintenance hairstyle and gives us major Rachel from Friends vibes! This hack shows you how to effectively maintain your hair using the claw clip, which is easy and hassle free. An added bonus is that there are multiple styles in which you can use the claw clip look. For instance, the mermaid style which is an easy half-up, half-down style to achieve. 

Start by using a curling iron to create beachy waves and secure the top half with the claw clip for a simple DIY look. The easiest and quickest way to utilize the claw clip is by gathering all your hair into your hands, twisting it in one direction until tight and then securing it with a claw clip. 

Braided Bun


Ok but how cute is this!!! Let me know if you try! #updo #hairtutorial #hairtok #braidedhair #braidedupdo #hairtutorialvideo #lowbuntutorial #lowbunupdo

♬ As It Was – Harry Styles

This hack is perfect if you have an upcoming wedding or formal event and don’t have time to get to a salon. TikTok has millions of options on how to easily achieve this style with a bit of practice and time. It’s achieved by styling your hair into a simple, low-hanging bun and leaving the tail hanging out. The braids can be done in a variety of styles, but our favorite is the folded braid french twist.

Pull your hair back into a low-hanging pony and secure it with a hair tie. Next you’ll need to create a three-strand plait with the tail and tie it off at the end. Once you have your braid you can gently pull on it to loosen it up and make it appear fuller. The final step is to tuck your finger at the base of your ponytail to hold it in place and flip the ponytail up onto the back of your head. Press the fold against your head and use clips to secure it in place. 

Harmful #HairTok Trends 

Unfortunately not everything you’ll find being attempted on #HairTok will benefit your hair. When new trends appear on social media, you should always be wary of whether they are safe to try. Let’s take a look at some of the most harmful trends on #HairTok at the moment. 

#HairTok Scalp Popping


♬ suono originale – ASMR Barber

This is a trend that you really should be giving the side eye. It’s one of those internet trends where you sit back and wonder what drives people to do the things they do. To break it down for you, scalp popping involves taking a small piece of your hair and twisting it. Then with as much force as possible pulling your hair upwards to make a popping sound. Ridiculous right?

The popping noise is the Galea Aponeurotica ( a tough fibrous sheet of connective tissue that forms the middle layer of the scalp) actually popping off of your scalp. This is extremely bad for your scalp as it can cause internal bleeding of the scalp which is as painful as it sounds. “That don’t even SOUND attractive!”- Katt Williams. 

#HairTok “No-Shampoo” Trend

This trend has survived on TikTok for longer than it probably should have. People are ditching the shampoo and conditioner and looking to experiment with home-based kitchen remedies. The aim is to cut costs, but the question needs to be asked whether this good for your scalp health in the long run? The answer is probably not.

Natural remedies like egg-yolk, mayonaise and vinegar typically don’t completely wash out of your hair. This leads to issues such as skin build-up on the scalp and clogged hair follicles. A clean scalp is absolutely essential for hair growth and therefore we recommend sticking to shampoos and conditioners. These products are clinically proven to outperform homemade remedies and lead to healthier appearing hair. 

Cutting Your Own Hair


This is why you shouldn’t cut your hair. #reallifeathome

♬ Cut It (feat. Young Dolph) [Challenge Version] – O.T. Genasis

There’s no doubt that curtain bangs are in right now and there is a rising trend of people choosing to cut their own hair. Cutting your own hair could lead to mistakes, unflattering looks and even damage to your hair. There is a reason that hair care professionals go through training before they begin cutting hair. This is because hairdressing is not as simple as a few snips here and there. Many people who do decide to cut their own hair often use blunt scissors which can lead to split ends, and nobody wants to encourage split ends. Almost every hair care professional will tell you that cutting your own hair is a bad idea. 

Is #HairTok Content Really Beneficial? 

woman doing research

Is #HairTok content beneficial?

It can be challenging to take care of your hair when there are so many varying voices of reason, particularly when these sources of information have conflicting opinions. If you’re looking for content on HairTok that is educational, it really depends on who you are following. Seeing that the #HairTok space has over 1.4 billion views, there’s no doubt that it has loads of beneficial content to consume. However you should always approach any content on social media with a healthy amount of skepticism.

By doing some homework you should be able to judge for yourself what content is going to benefit you and your unique hair care needs. We suggest avoiding any trends that encourage applying extreme heat to your hair, as intense heat is seriously bad for your hair. Be wary of any product reviews that promote harsh chemicals and stay away from content that involves any dangerous circumstances. 

Who To Follow On #HairTok 

Influencer’s on HairTok come from a variety of different backgrounds: from qualified, established hair care professionals to the everyday mom who considers herself a hair care enthusiast. Here are our top 10 #HairTok influencers that we think are worthy of the follow button. 

Calynna Sorrels (@curlycalynna)


I always use a custard with a stronger hold to help define my curls & ensure they last #3chairtutorial #naturalhairtips #blackhaircare #curlyhairtok #naturalhaircare #naturalhairtok #naturalhairtutorial

♬ original sound – Curlycalynna

While Calynna has a small following of roughly 22 000, we recommend Calynna for people who are interested in hair care routines that are natural and formulated for people with curly hair. Calynna made our top 10 because her videos are thorough and offer an educational layer as she reveals her routines in much detail. 

Afsennah (@afsennah) 


Afsennah is a certified hair, scalp and skin care specialist who offers content that is straightforward and easy to follow. Afsennah offers practical solutions to her viewers by giving advice on how to achieve softer hair and by providing genuine product reviews. 

Steph (@stephagram) 


Steph made our list because she offers the unique perspective of a certified hair stylist within the HairTok space. Steph also covers a wide variety of topics, from tips on reducing the rate at which your hair color to her recommendation on the best products that prevent dandruff. If it’s hair inspo you’re looking for, be sure to check out Steph’s amazing hair transformation videos!  

Nicole Fulton (@thehaircloset) 


I’m Toni Child’s and I specialize in SCALP lol! I’m so excited about this full step by step series that’s coming next week! Or should we release it??

♬ original sound – cocojones

Nicole is a licensed cosmetologist who has a large following of over 660k on TikTok. She has been creating hair care content since 2015, and focuses on hair porosity to build an effective hair care routine. 

Micah St. Louis (@therealmicahj)


Micah is a young hair care enthusiast known for her creative styles. Micah encourages her 30k followers to embrace their natural hair, and focuses most of her content on styling and caring for curly hair.  

Jenna Longville (@curlsbyjen) 


braid out ✨ #braidout #braidoutresults #naturalhairtiktok

♬ Rihanna x Burna boy x Last Last xKevin Dave Mashup – Kevindaveprod

Jenna started posting her hair care tips online for fun, but she has now amassed a following of 26k on TikTok and consequently takes her content more seriously. Jenna encourages her followers to be patient, reminding them that it takes time to figure out which styles will work for you and which won’t. 

Anastasia Perrault (@anastasiaperraultt) 


Anastasia posts regular natural hair content that always has a comedic element to it. This makes her videos both entertaining as well as educational. Anastasia documents her own hair journey, the products she uses as well as any tips she has. 

Holly Daigle (@hairbyhollyd) 


Holly is a certified hair care professional who creates hair care videos. They hilariously explain what it’s like to be a hair care stylist. She offers a comedic perspective on hair care and styling. 

Colucci Parruchierrie (@colucci_hairstylist) 


Do you have hair loss problems? anti-hair loss Lotion✌️#hairart2022 #hair2022 #hairloos #cadutacapelli #hairdandruff #lotionviral #colucciparrucchier #colucciparrucchieri

♬ THE LONELIEST – Måneskin

If men’s hair styling is your game then Colucci is a great person to follow on TikTok for hair care advice. Colucci has garnered over 1 million views and this is because he shows inventive ways in which to achieve unique hair styles for men. 

Siiri Parks (@siiriparkss) 


#fyp #fypシ #fypdongggggggg #hair #hairtok #hairhumor #hairstylist #karen #salonhorrorstories #siiriparkss

♬ Wii – Mii Channel – Super Guitar Bros

Siiri is a professional hair stylist whose content revolves around the various hair care nightmares she has experienced from her clients. Siiri’s videos will leave you in stitches, but will also help you avoid any mistakes that her clients have made.

Differentiating Between Promotions and Genuine Reviews 

woman at computer

Sifting through #HairTok content for value

It’s difficult to tell whether an influencer has genuine success with a particular product they’re promoting or whether they are just making a quick buck. The best way to stay away from influencers who are overly promotional is to follow people who post authentic content that is heartfelt and is not always centered on product reviews.

You should be skeptical of content that contains the hashtags #paid, #ad, #promotion, etc. By reading the comments on #HairTok posts you’ll be able to gauge the authenticity of any brand promotions, as people who have tried the products often leave reviews in the comments section. It may be helpful to leave TikTok and search the internet for other reviews on a particular product or hack that you’re unsure of. Everybody loves a good product review every now and then. However you should stay away from influencers who only seem to post marketing content for the brands that pay them. 


#HairTok is growing fast and there are no signs that it’s going to slow down anytime soon. Like any form of social media content, you should be wary in regards to what you decide to consume. With that being said, HairTok has millions of beneficial hair care videos and amazing hacks that you may not find anywhere else on the internet!