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Massage Tips

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Our daily lives are often filled with the nonstop hustle and bustle of chores, responsibilities and social commitments that we rarely find the time to wind down. Well we’re here to help you relax and embrace self-care! What better way to kick up our feet than through the tranquil experience of massage? This practice not only help you relax, but it can soothe both your body and mind. Massage is considered an art by many, and there are so many tricks and tips you can use to become an expert in no time at all! In this blogpost we’ll break down 8 amazing tips that will guide you through giving (or receiving) the most amazing massage experience ever! 

1. Create A Relaxing Atmosphere And Set The Scene

Hand lighting candles next to leaves.

Setting the scene is just as important as the massage itself.

Massage is not just about getting out those stubborn knots in your shoulders, but it’s about creating a holistic experience. It should not only feel good to the touch, but it should be a peaceful experience for your mind, body and soul. This all starts with setting the scene and creating a relaxing atmosphere. There are many ways to create this serene ambience, starting with the lighting. 

Setting the scene with soft lighting is crucial, consider dimming the lights down low, or use candles to create a soft environment that feels warm and cozy. For bonus points, scented candles such as lavender or chamomile can have a calming effect on our central nervous system and this will heighten the relaxation. Finally, consider playing some soft instrumental music in the background to help set the stage.  

2. How To Choose The Right Massage Oil 

The right massage oil should be chosen based on your personal preferences. These preferences could be anything from your favorite scents, to the right oil for your skin type and even down to the consistency and texture of the massage oil you choose to use. When it comes to scents, you should search for massage oils that use natural scents which are derived from plant-based sources as opposed to synthetic fragrances which can have potentially harmful effects on your skin. 

Some massage oils are made with lightweight formulas using plant-based oils as a base. These bases can be anything from jojoba to coconut to nourishing avocado oil. Other options when it comes to texture include rich and creamy formulas derived from plant-based butters and you also have water-based massage oils. People with dry skin should opt for thicker formulas as they are more moisturizing, while people with oilier skin should opt for formulas that are lightweight, so that their pores don’t become clogged and cause outbreaks. 

3. The Art of Being Present 

Woman with her back to camera meditating.

The art of being present.

Open your mind and listen to your soul with this massage tip! The best way to harness the relaxing benefits of a massage, is to fully immerse yourself in the present moment. Practicing mindfulness helps ground ourselves and allows us to live in the moment so we can let go of the past and not worry about the future. Clear your mind by closing your eyes and focusing on your breath. Breathwork helps you let go of any distractions and allows yourself to really take in your surroundings. During a massage, mindfulness goes a long way in improving relaxation. 

4. DIY Massages With Balls

When it comes to giving or receiving a good massage, you really don’t need complicated tools or fancy massage guns. Innovative and clever solutions are closer than you think. Take, for example, the humble golf ball who can play a big role in muscle relief. It’s perfect for targeting those hard-to-reach knots. You could even use other balls, such as a tennis ball, basketball or a football. Trying to roll the ball under your feet can provide a rejuvenating foot massage and relieve tension. Alternatively, apply gentle pressure while up against a wall and let the ball work its magic on tight muscles. 

5. Massage Hacks Using A Chair 

That trusty old chair in the corner of your room can be more than just a place to sit down. Combining a tennis ball or golf ball with your chair can be a haven for solo relaxation. Position the ball between your back and the chair, focusing on areas of tension. The pressure and movement against the ball act as a DIY masseuse, targeting knots and promoting a sense of relaxation. This ingenious technique can be a game-changer, offering a quick and effective solution to alleviate stress and muscle tightness without the need for expensive equipment.

6. Quick Desk Massages For Relieving Office Stress

Man sitting at desk and typing.

Simple desk massages can help relieve stress at work.

When things are getting too hectic in the office and you feel like you need to find a healthy way to blow off some steam, desk massages may just be your new best friend! There are simple massage techniques you can use from the comfort of your desk that can help relieve tension and increase relaxation. These include neck stretches, shoulder massages and hand exercises which can help ease stress. 

Neck stretches like the neck tilt involves sitting upright and gently tilting the head to each side, holding for 15-30 seconds, it helps release tension in the neck and upper shoulders. Shoulder Rolls involve a circular motion to loosen tight shoulder muscles, and the shoulder squeeze is a self-administered gentle squeeze across the shoulders to release tension in the upper back. Hand exercises such as hand massage can aid those who spend long hours typing. It involves rubbing the palms together briskly and using your thumbs to massage from your palms to your fingertips, enhancing circulation and reducing hand tension.

7. Understanding And Targeting Pressure Points

The best and quickest way to take your massage game to the next level is to understand how your pressure points work and where they are located. Targeting specific pressure points will help you release tension in certain areas and muscles that may be making you feel uncomfortable. Each pressure point corresponds to different bodily functions and emotions, and tapping into this knowledge allows for a more personalized and effective approach to your massage. Whether you’re self-massaging or seeking the expertise of a professional, knowing where to apply pressure can make all the difference in achieving a truly therapeutic experience.

8. Hot And Cold Therapy

Woman getting massaged.

Warm oils help the muscles relax.

Heat therapy involves using items such as hot towels, warm stones and warm oils to help relax the muscles, improve your blood flow and foster a sense of calm. On the flip side of the coin, cold therapy is a massage tip that uses items such as ice packs and cold compresses to help reduce inflammation and soothe your tense muscles. By seamlessly incorporating both hot and cold elements into your massage routine, you create a dynamic and revitalizing experience that goes beyond the traditional. Unleash the power of temperature therapy to invigorate your senses, promote muscle recovery, and elevate your overall relaxation!


The key to a great massage is not just the physical aspects of massage but also the artistry and intention behind every touch. From creating the perfect ambiance to mastering specific techniques, these tips are designed to transform your massage sessions into moments of true rejuvenation. So, take a deep breath, clear your mind, and let the healing touch guide you through the realm of relaxation. It’s time to unlock the secrets to a truly therapeutic and fulfilling massage experience!