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PopCorners Snacks Review: Tasty… And Healthy?

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Who doesn’t love popcorn? Anyone? I know I do! For anyone looking for an easy health kick, popcorn makes a great alternative to your typical crunchy snacks. Most snack foods that have that addictive, give-me-more quality also contain a bunch of salt and oil to satisfy your cravings. Popcorn is different in the sense that it’s got the snack factor but it’s an air-popped, natural, whole grain that’s rich in fiber.

When PopCorners first hit the market, you know I was on it! The first time I saw them, I bought ‘em. It was my first semester in my college dorms, and I don’t know why I’m admitting this to you, but I would sometimes buy a large bag of white cheddar flavored PopCorners for dinner. I devoured them! The white cheddar flavor sort of leaves a coating on your fingers, but I actually really enjoyed that. I would buy them from this little market that was close to my part-time job, and let’s just say that the market’s employees could pick me out of a lineup. Let’s dive into what makes PopCorners unique.

PopCorners Company Background Explained

Corn field.

PopCorners uses non-GMO corn in its products.

Let’s start by taking a look at the PopCorners’ company background. PopCorners snacks are manufactured by “Better For You Brands”, aka “BFY Brands.” BFY Brands is a healthy snack manufacturer. The company prides itself on efficiency and creating quality products. PopCorners foods is just one of the lines that BFY Brands manufactures. They take pride in their premium, delicious, and high-quality products. BFY Brands patented their own proprietary popping equipment, which is why PopCorners snacks are so unique in their texture, shape, and taste.

PopCorners took your love of popcorn and chips and combined it into one yummy snack. They’ve recently added some new words to their packaging- “Do one better.” They believe as a company that “doing one better” in the ingredients they choose and whom they partner with and support make their products that much better. PopCorners snacks are popped and not fried. They also only use non-GMO corn. PopCorners is more than just its ingredients, it’s the end result of a belief system. The creators of PopCorners believe that providing a healthy product that makes you feel good and happy can change you, and even the world.

To go with their new slogan, they’ve partnered with 59 family farmers in what they call “Farm2Future”. These 59 family farmers have grown a fresh new crop of non-GMO corn for their products. They hope that this non-GMO corn will create a business model for family farmers that is sustainable and passed on from generation to generation.

Are PopCorners Snacks Healthy?

So, are PopCorners snacks healthy? These foods are definitely a healthier alternative to other snacks (which is why I didn’t feel that bad about eating them for dinner some nights). For example, the medium-size popcorn at your movie theater contains as many as 1,200 calories before toppings, according to a report by CSPI. Meanwhile, Popcorners are sold in snack-size bags, which range from 110-130 calories, depending on the flavor you buy. The “Sea Salt” flavor has the least amount of calories out of the bunch. “White Cheddar” and “Jalapeno Cheddar” come in with the highest calorie count at 130. There isn’t much of a difference in calories for their “healthiest” flavor versus their least. If you can snag a snack under 150 calories, you’re doing pretty good in my opinion. The smaller bags are great because you won’t overdo it, which is definitely a possibility since they are that GOOD!

PopCorners treats don’t contain as much fiber as classic popcorn since they are mostly made up of ground yellow corn that isn’t whole grain and sunflower oil. You would get about 4 grams of fiber from 1 ounce of popcorn, but only get about 1 gram of fiber from the same amount of PopCorners. The flavors that contain dairy have some protein as well! Compared to chips, PopCorners has half the amount of fat and less sodium. If you’re looking for a healthier alternative for your favorite savory snack, this is a great pick!

PopCorners Ingredients Breakdown

Bowl with sunflowers and measuring cup with oil.

Sunflower oil is one of the base ingredients in PopCorners snacks.

There are currently 7 different PopCorners flavors. And they all contain the same two base ingredients, non-GMO yellow corn and sunflower oil – basically all you need to make popcorn. All of their products are gluten-free, non-GMO, contain no artificial flavors or trans fat, and are kosher! The “Sea Salt” and “Kettle Corn” flavors are extra special because they only contain 3 and 4 ingredients, respectively. “Sea Salt” obviously just adds sea salt to the ingredients, and “Kettle Corn” has sea salt and evaporated cane sugar – taking you right back to your childhood.

Having a corn product be non-GMO is kind of a big deal. This is why PopCorners partnered with 59 farms- so that they can have access to non-GMO corn while also supporting family farmers.

The rest of the flavors vary in what else they contain. All the ingredients are natural, though. Some of the added ingredients include whey, cheddar, blue cheese, and buttermilk – which are great sources of protein. PopCorners also added spices to reach its flavor goals and occasionally extra natural ingredients to add color. The company tries very hard to be as healthy and tasty as it can be, and it’s doing a great job!

Top 5 PopCorners Flavors Reviewed

1. Sea Salt

This classic popcorn flavor is a great canvas to add to recipes or your favorite dips! (Especially hummus and guacamole.) Sea Salt is for people who like things simple and classic. You will not be a fan of this flavor if you aren’t a fan of salty foods. From the moment you bite into it, the salt flavor hits you. Thus flavor can be a great addition to salads that need a little more crunch. I know a lot of people love to add flatbread or chips to their salads, and this is a much healthier alternative- as long as they don’t overdo it!

2. Kettle Corn

If you want to return to the summer state fairs you went to as a child, then you’ll want to try this Kettle Corn flavor. One bite makes you instantly want to go on a Ferris wheel or a hayride. It has everything the kettle corn you had when you were younger had. It’s sweet in the beginning but then finishes with a salty taste, leaving you wanting more. The evaporated cane sugar is what makes this flavor oh so delicious. Unprocessed cane sugar is full of amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, making it a great replacement for processed sugar.

3. White Cheddar

I personally love the flavor of artificial cheeses, but I understand why some people don’t. White Cheddar flavored PopCorners isn’t artificial, though! It contains cheddar and blue cheese.  This is great news seeing as there is a possible link between artificial flavorings and additives and child development, specifically including ADHD, according to a 2010 academic review on the subject. It’s the perfect fix for your cheesy and savory needs. It also leaves a cheesy residue on your fingertips that you either love or hate (you already know how I feel about it). This flavor also packs 2 grams of protein, meaning you won’t feel bad if your children eat it! The cheddar flavor is definitely not overpowering. It’s a perfect cheese-to-chip ratio. However you eat chips, whether it be in one bite, a couple of bites, or licking them and then biting, you’ll definitely find a way to enjoy these.

4. Sweet Chili

The great thing about sweet chili flavor, in general, is that it contains the perfect amount of heat mixed with sweetness, forcing you to want more. When you open this bag, the smell really hits you. It sort of smells like BBQ sauce but a little spicier. You’ll feel a little heat in the back of your throat after that first bite, but the sweetness quickly masks it. This flavor is packed with garlic powder, onion powder, and paprika, making it truly stand out from the other flavors. I personally think this is THE choice for dipping into guacamole.

5. Jalapeño Cheddar

I’m no spicy connoisseur, but these definitely intrigued me. Based on the ingredients, this is the PopCorners white cheddar flavor mixed with jalapeños. If you aren’t used to eating spicy food, like myself, these definitely do have a nice kick. It’s not that strong, but I recommend having a drink close by just in case you can’t handle the heat. It has that perfect savory, spicy flavor you’re craving. They are definitely addicting, though. Invite your friends over for game night and make sure you have these, because they are ‘finger-lickin’ good.


I’ve figured out the kind of people that truly dislike popcorn… dentists! Well, the dentists I know would love PopCorners. The snacks are everything popcorn is and isn’t. PopCorners has taken everything you love about your favorite movie theater snack and put it into a chip form, getting rid of the usual discomfort of having kernels stuck in your teeth. Popcorn is also considered a major choking hazard, especially for children. Kids can now experience the joys of popcorn, but in a much better and safer way! (I hear all the parents cheering!)

Whether you’re looking to satisfy a craving with something that’s salty, sweet, cheesy, or spicy- PopCorners has got you covered! Being natural and gluten-free, the company is definitely “Doing One Better.” It cares about what goes into its products because it cares about you and your effects on the future. PopCorners believes that how you feel affects the world, and the company may actually be on to something. PopCorners treats are not only a healthy alternative to the usual snack but are also extremely addicting. Consider yourself warned! Your friends will thank you when you show up with these at your next “Bachelor” viewing party.