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Matt’s Munchies Snacks Review 2023: Got The Munchies?

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It’s hard to find a snack these days that tastes good, is healthy, won’t show up on your waistline, and fits your dietary needs (whether that means vegan, lactose-intolerant, kosher, gluten-free etc). You want it to be delicious enough that you’ll reach for it over those M&M’s. But at the same time, not unhealthy enough that you may as well eat the chocolate.

Sounds almost impossible. And then along came Matt’s Munchies. These fruit leather snacks will definitely have you reaching for more! They’re everything you’re looking for in a snack. Tasty. Healthy. Easy to eat. Mess-free. And they cater to many different diet requirements. Founded in 2008, these Munchies were invented to fill the need for that perfect snack. And they certainly hit the nail on the head!

Who Or What Is Matt’s Munchies?

Orange fruit roll up.

Fruit roll ups might be tasty, but they usually aren’t too healthy. With Matt’s Munchies, though, you get the delicious taste – and they’re good for you!

Robert Mograbi started his company when trying to create a healthy snack for his family. There were a lot of restrictions – he’s a vegetarian and a picky eater, his wife can’t eat gluten, and the family keeps kosher, so there were many snacks that became automatic no-no’s. Fruit seemed like the obvious option, but how to do it?

You’ve probably tasted fruit chips, but those can be dry and, well, boring. Matt’s Munchies (named after Robert’s son, Matt) are more like fruit leather. The difference between these snacks and traditional fruit leather that you buy at the candy store? There are loads of original flavors, each package is less than 100 calories, and there are no unhealthy additives in these snacks. Its fans enjoy the taste, texture, and the fact that you can enjoy these fruit ‘roll-ups’ without any guilt. The snacks are vegan, kosher, organic, dairy-free and gluten-free. And it goes without saying – delicious!

Munchies Nutritional Value – Are The Snacks Healthy?

Of course, when something tastes so good, the cynic inside us whispers, “These just can’t be healthy”. But they are! Matt’s Munchies contain only a few ingredients each. And all those ingredients are healthy. The flavors contain mainly pureed fruit, as well as ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) and sometimes organic fruit flavor concentrate (for example, organic coconut flavor). No added sugars or preservatives necessary, and yet they taste real but yummy!

Matt’s Munchies Flavors Reviewed & Ranked (Top 5):

1. Mango

Most people go gaga over anything mango, so I’d venture to say that this is probably the safest flavor for both kids and adults alike. Matt’s Munchies Mango snacks contain only one ingredient – organic mango puree concentrate – and are equivalent to one and a half servings of fruit. They’re Amazon’s Choice for Matt’s Munchies! That’s probably because the fruit is so popular. While many people turn up their noses at lemons, for instance, there’s not too many people who dislike mango. And in fruit leather form? Even better!

2. Tropical Punch

Matt’s Munchies describes this flavor as “Fruit Punch with subtle notes of Pineapple, Tangerine, Papaya, Mango and Cherries….topped with a healthy sprinkle of Hemp-seeds!” I don’t know about you, but that sounds delicious to me! I wish I had a package of these on me right now, in fact. It’s making me salivate to write about them! I’m not sure if you can buy these in individual packs on Amazon – it appears that the smallest option would be the 12 pack. Don’t worry though, those 12 packs won’t last you long! You’ll have a hard time stopping at just one package.

3. Banana Coconut

Bananas in a circle.


Mmm, banana coconut. What an awesome combination! I love all things banana, and I love all things coconut – so yes, we have a winner here! This snack contains organic banana puree, organic coconut flakes (which you can really feel and taste – delicious!) and organic coconut flavor concentrate. That’s it! Simple, easy, natural and yummy. If you’re crazy about coconut, you’ll definitely love this flavor – the coconut comes through very strong.

4. Mango Acai

This is the Matt’s Munchies snack that may be more for the adults than the kids. The Acai berry flavour is really strong, whilst the mango is more of a complementary afterthought which ties the snack together. Like all Matt’s Munchies snacks, the Mango Acai snacks are made from the bare minimum of ingredients. They contain organic mango puree concentrate, organic acai pulp, and nothin’ else!

5. Apple-licious

Apple flavour is probably the most kid-friendly flavor in any fruit snack. And this name doesn’t lie: it’s really apple, and it’s really delicious! (You know how when you buy something that’s artificially flavored? Like strawberry-flavor chewing gum? You look at it and think “This thing has never seen a strawberry in its life”? But with Matt’s, you can taste that the flavor is seriously real!) These snacks are perfect for your kids’ lunchbox – and for you to grab on your way to work! (Don’t worry, I won’t tell.)

Where To Buy Matt’s Munchies

The easiest way to buy Matt’s Munchies is from Amazon. In fact, the Matt’s Munchies website leads you there. There are a few sellers who stock Matt’s products, so you can find the cheapest option. You can also purchase them off other online stores, like iHerb.com. If you want to check them out ‘in real’, you should be able to find them stocked at your local Target or Walmart.

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Matt’s Munchies are one of those things that just tick all the boxes. I mean: Healthy? Check. Diet-friendly? Check. Kid(and hubby)-friendly? Check. Vegan? Check again! It’s not every snack that’s sweet and tastes delicious, but is great for you too!

Why not just buy regular fruit? For starters, it’s perishable. Ever accidentally left your already-ripe fruit in your bag or glove box overnight? Yeah, it might not look so great in the morning. These Munchies are also a lot easier to grab on the go – no cutting, peeling or washing required.
Plus, Matt’s snacks are a lot less messy than ‘real’ fruit, a lot easier to eat, and a lot easier to convince your kids to eat than those carrot sticks you’re trying to coax them to try. And who am I kidding? They’re just plain delicious!