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Lush Bath Bombs Review 2019: Bathtastic Bombs!

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When I was a child, I wasn’t a big fan of bath time. That is, unless bubbles were involved – nothing sold me on the idea of a bath like knowing that it would be a bubble bath! I couldn’t get enough of the stuff – sitting in a bubble-filled bath was just about the most fun thing in the world to me at the time.

This was a favorite tactic of my mother’s to get me to cooperate with the whole bathing thing, and while I did eventually see the merit to bathing in its own right, I never really warmed up to the extent that I favored bathing over showering. To me, the idea of bathing just had too many downsides to warrant any serious consideration over showering.

For starters, it takes time to draw a bath and fill the tub to capacity, time which adults like myself generally do not care to lose! Secondly, the idea of sitting in the same water for the entirety of a bath has never seemed like the most efficient manner of cleaning to me. In a somewhat poetic twist, however, I’ve recently experienced something of a bathing renaissance.

Not unlike when bubble bath changed my feelings about bathing as a kid, a new kind of bath time supplement has helped me view baths in a different light – a fun, relaxing, and therapeutic one. I speak, of course, of the downright addictive bath bombs being produced by Lush!

What Is A Bath Bomb?

Bath bombs sorted by color.

Bath bomb display.

Even if you don’t know full well what a bath bomb is, I have a hard time believing you haven’t seen them posted about or referenced on various social media sites like Tumblr or Instagram, or at the least on different health sites. These bath bombs have been blowing up in the mainstream recently – epic pun intended – and anyone who has experienced a bath bomb will have no trouble understanding why.

What bath bombs do is transform bath time in a way that is similar to, but oh so much more comprehensive than bubble bath. A bath bomb is essentially a solid, packed combination of various oils, minerals, and acids designed to make bath time an even more soothing, relaxing, and enjoyable experience.

Generally coming in sphere form, bath bombs are available in different shapes, sizes, and colors, and react with the water when contact is made to cause a fizzy effect as the contents of the bomb release in the bath. This makes for a colorful, scented experience that is both soothing and effective as the bombs generally contain ingredients designed to soften and smooth your skin.

In this way, bath bombs have the same effect that bubble bath did for me as a kid, but on an entirely different level. By making baths fun, exciting, and soothing, as opposed to just mundane, bath bombs have made me appreciate baths all over again – and I’m sure they can do the same for you!

History Of Lush Bath Bombs

Bath bombs sorted by type.

Lush bath bombs in store.

The creator of the bath bomb is Mo Constantine, spouse of Lush co-founder Mark Constantine. Ever since the bath bomb was first created and introduced to the market in 1989, Lush has been the leading driver, innovator and purveyor of these bath time delights – really, the bath bomb and Lush have become synonymous.

It’s hard to think of bath bombs without thinking of Lush, and vice versa – the bath bomb has become the trademark product of Lush, and Lush the trademark bath bomb creator.

Lush even writes the rules when it comes to bath bombs – the company has perpetuated the known standards and trends of bath bombs, including the idea that there is a correlation between freshness and fizziness. In recent years, Lush has even introduced bath bombs which include petals, butters, glitters, and other exciting elements to create different bath time experiences and sensations.

How To Use Lush Bath Bombs

What a bath bomb looks like when reacting in water.

Lush bath bomb in action.

Bath bombs are pretty straightforward, but there are some good rules of thumb to follow when using them in order to get the most out of your bath bomb and your bath experience. For starters, as previously mentioned, freshness counts! Bath bombs make a great gift, but many folks who receive them for the first time aren’t aware of the fact that the sooner you use your bath bomb, the more effective it will be in terms of scent, fizz, therapeutic benefits, and more.

Time dulls the effects of the bath bomb, so try to use them as close to the date that it was purchased as you can. After dropping your bath bomb into the water, I highly recommend waiting until the fizzing has ceased to enter the bath.

Not only will this give you a great sensation when you first enter the water, as opposed to feeling the water slowly react to the bath bomb while sitting in it, most bath bombs create some really gorgeous color when their ingredients are released.

Waiting to enter the water will allow you to really enjoy the full effect of this, as opposed to sitting in the water while the colors are released which will diminish this effect. Lastly, always take note of the intended effects of your bath bomb before purchasing! Some bombs are great for relaxation and some are good for pumping you up, and there’s plenty in between as well.

Make sure your bomb can achieve the effect that you want most before purchasing. Lush has an enormous range of bath bombs available and is developing more all the time, so no matter what it is that you’re going for, Lush assuredly has you covered.

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Top 10 Best Lush Bath Bombs

Whenever I have the opportunity to use a Lush bath bomb, I jump at it, so getting the chance to review an assortment of them for the purposes of this feature was a dream come true! While it’s true that I am a bit of a Lush fan-girl, that doesn’t mean that I don’t view their products fully objectively – Lush body cream was not for me, for example.

However, I’ve been hard pressed to find a Lush bath bomb that I didn’t like. Although some bath bombs from Lush were not quite as wonderful, in my opinion, as others, this really comes down to personal preference from me as far as what I want out of my bath bomb in terms of scent, colors, ingredients, and effect. Every Lush bath bomb is unique, and I suggest trying as many as you can to see which works best for you! Without further ado, I present my Top 10 best Lush bath bombs!

  • 1. Lush Sex Bomb Bath Bomb Review: It’s All In The Name

Lush's pink sex bomb for bath.

Sex bomb.

It’s not just the name that catches people’s attention with Lush’s Sex Bomb, although that was a stroke of marketing genius. Sex Bomb works exactly as advertised, causing an exciting, aphrodisiac-influenced effect that is great for getting you and/or your partner in the mood! Jasmine, clary sage, and ylang ylang all go a long way towards getting the job done in this popular pink bath bomb, which leaves the water a pretty, unique hue of pink as well.

The aroma of Sex Bomb is just as satisfying as the effect that the bomb will have on your skin, and it doesn’t fail to do the trick every time – I’ve been a repeat customer of Lush for Sex Bomb!

  • 2. Lush Big Blue Bath Bomb Review: Big Blue, Big Impact

Lush's big blue bath bomb.

Big blue.

One of the most unique bath bombs in Lush’s extensive catalogue is undoubtedly Big Blue! Containing arame seaweed which slowly releases as the bath bomb breaks down and infuses your bath, big blue transforms the water into a colorful shade of blue which, with the seaweed, invokes thoughts of sunny days at the beach by the ocean. Sea salt is fittingly a part of this winning formula as well, which softens the skin as it removes dead skin cells and satisfyingly exfoliates.

  • 3. Lush Intergalactic Bath Bomb Review: It’s Out of this World!

Lush's multicolored intergalactic bath bomb.


Intergalactic gives you a bath time experience that is truly out of this world. One of the best mood-enhancing bath bombs I have had the pleasure of using, thanks to its mix of peppermint, vetiver, and cedarwood, Intergalactic is perfect for anyone who is looking for an escape or a getaway kind of feeling out of their bath. Best of all, the colors are as vivid and hypnotic as can be – I can’t recommend it highly enough!

  • 4. Lush Twilight Bath Bomb Review: No Vampire’s Allowed

Lush's twilight pink bath bomb.


Don’t let the name fool you: There is nothing vampire-like, werewolf-like, or even glitter-like about the Twilight bath bomb! Featuring a pretty pink design and a therapeutic lavender and tonka based formula, Twilight truly does accomplish the same feeling as the time of day of the same name. The one shortcoming I would point to in Twilight is its mild hue, in contrast to some of the deeper, more exciting colors achieved by other Lush bath bombs.

  • 5. Lush The Experimenter Bath Bomb Review: An Experimental Success!

Lush's the experimentor multicolored bath bomb.

The experimenter.

This is one of the most fun bath bombs I’ve ever used, even if I didn’t feel like it had the greatest therapeutic effect or skin benefits as some of the other offerings from Lush. With an intense pink-blue combination in color and a downright satisfying-to-watch fizzing effect, The Experimenter is a great option for kids who are looking for a vibrant, dynamic bath bomb – less so for adults who are looking for a calm, therapeutic bath.

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  • 6. Lush Butterball Bath Bomb: As Smooth As Butter

Lush's butterball white bath bomb.


In contrast to The Experimenter, Butterball may not be the most exciting fizzer that Lush has to offer, but boy can it help out your skin! Featuring chunks of creamy cocoa butter, Butterball will soften your skin more effectively than any other bath bombs available today – if you’re looking for true relaxation and some smooth, soft skin, look no further than Butterball!

  • 7. Lush Sakura Bath Bomb: From Japan, with Love!

Lush's sakura bath bomb.

Sakura bath bomb.

All Lush bath bombs create a great scent, and I’ll sometimes peek into my Lush store at the mall just to experience the amazing smell of all of the Lush products assembled under one roof. Sakura, however, might just be the best smelling product that Lush has to offer! Mimosa and jasmine help make Sakura one of the freshest, most delicious smelling bath bombs, and one that I cannot recommend highly enough.

  • 8. Lush Avobath Bath Bomb Review: For the Avocado Lover in Your Life

Lush's avobath green bath bomb.

Avobath bomb.

If you love avocado, it’s hard to imagine that you wouldn’t absolutely love the Avobath bath bomb from Lush. The Avobath incorporates fresh avocado and olive oil in order to soften skin and brighten complexion, and it does an undoubtedly great job at accomplishing this.

However, the sad truth is that I personally do not like Avocado! I hate to admit it, but it’s true, and thus the aroma and vibe from Avobath was just not on point for me. Basically, if you like avocado, you should love Avobath – if not, I’d keep looking.

  • 9. Lush Dragon’s Egg Bath Bomb Review: Good Enough For Any Khaleesi!

Lush's dragon's egg bath bomb.

Dragon’s egg bomb.

Being a big Game of Thrones fan, I must say that I was greatly intrigued by the Dragon’s Egg Bath Bomb – and it did not disappoint! Creating, as Lush aptly describes, “sizzling color… and scents”, Dragon’s Egg uses citrus oils to invigorate and excite the senses, making for a bath bomb which is, quite simply, one of the most stimulating you will find.

  • 10. Lush Pink Bath Bomb Review: Thanks, Audrey!

Lush's pink bath bomb in water.

Pink bath bomb.

Another delightful pink bath bomb from Lush is named, quite aptly, “Pink”. Inspired by Audrey Hepburn (and it isn’t hard to make the connection when seeing/experiencing it), Pink by Lush contains tonka bean, neroli, vanilla absolute, and pink heart confetti which makes for an intense and satisfying pink bath that will leave you feeling refreshed and energized.

I have to say, I have yet to experience a bath bomb of any kind that fizzed as much as Pink did, which I enjoyed. Obviously your results may vary slightly when it comes to fizziness, but being a repeat user of Pink, I can confirm that this is definitely one of the fizzier bath bombs available.

Check back for more on natural bath time products – like our DIY Bath Bombs! – here at Maple Holistics!

New For 2018: Monsters’ Ball, Ectoplasm and Secret Arts Bath Bomb Review

Monsters’ Ball

This is easily one of my favorite additions to the Lush Bath Bomb Collection this year because I’m such a fan of the Classic Horror genre. But besides being a sucker for anything ghoulish, this is a really great addition to your bathing routine and is a decidedly delectable delight for those times when you just want to soak in a nice warm bath.

It has a nice, fresh lime scent that it derived from the Citric acid, lime essential oil and neroli essential oil that is contained int he recipe. Not only do these smell amazing, but they’re incredibly beneficial for your skin and nervous system.

The Monsters’ Ball Bath Bomb also contains Himalayan Rock Salt and Organic Cocoa Butter and Dark Chocolate all of which are vegan-friendly and incredibly good for our skin. They help to nourish the epidermis from within and topically and ultimately contribute to an amazing bath time experience.

So drop one in, take a nice long, warm and relaxing bath and then snuggle up with a warm blanket and watch one of your favorite horror flicks! Muhahaha!


While the Monsters’ Ball bath bomb is better suited at helping you relax and unwind, the Ectoplasm bath bomb will help to invigorate your senses and liven your skin. Of course, you’ll still feel relaxed – it’s just a different kind of unwinding.

The Ectoplasm bath bomb is rich in Tangerine oil and Grapefruit oil which are great for rejuvenating the surface of the skin and getting rid of any toxins that may be lingering on the surface of the skin. If you’re feeling a bit flu-ish or rundown (as we ghouls tend to get around winter and autumn times), then drop one of these in your bath and breath in all that goodness.

The steam will help to clear out your sinuses, you’ll sweat out all the bad funky slime that’s making you feel ill. It’s a sure shot flu and cold treatment that I would highly recommend to anyone who wishes to avoid the pharmaceutical treatments that cost so much and don’t always garner much in terms of results. Save a buck, have a bath!


If baths are your thing, you will absolutely love Lush’s Bath Bombs, and if they aren’t your thing, Lush’s Bath Bombs will make them your thing! With a wide variety of different kinds of bath bombs that offer various colors, smells, and sensations, Lush is sure to have a bath bomb that will excite and satisfy you – give one a try today to see what all of the fuss has been about! You’ll be a loyal Lush Lover in no time!