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DIY Natural Bath Bombs Recipe & Guide: Bombastic Bath Bombs!

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Taking a bath can be hugely beneficial to your skin and health in general. Bathing is a great way to relax and detoxify your skin, and helps sweat and flush out toxins that occur in your body. Bathing is also a luxury of sorts, given the amount of water it requires. As such, it make sense to make each bath you take as beneficial to your skin and health as possible – so that you can make the most out of each bath. Enter: Bath Bombs.

There are a few basic DIY recipes you can follow to maximize the healing benefits of your baths, but the one I’m going to focus on today is the most fun to experiment with. Bath bombs can add a heap of natural ingredients and oils to your bath, making them foamy, smell fantastic and help to detoxify your skin more effectively in general.

One of the main reasons I think we all enjoy taking baths as well, is because they help us to relax and unwind. By adding essential oils and other nutrients to your bath, the healing properties can penetrate more deeply, allowing you to relax your muscles. This is a great way to feel better and relieve stress – one of the main factors in making us feel sick or unwell in general. So if you’re interested in experimenting with your own bath bomb recipes, and getting ridding of that mid-week stress build-up, then keep reading!

What Is A Bath Bomb?

Hand holding bath bomb.

DIY bath bomb.

I’m quite sure that we’ve all used or at least seen bath bombs before, but if you haven’t, keep an eye out for your nearest health and beauty store the next time you’re shopping. You can even view our selection in the products page of our website.

To give you a basic description of these amazing little wonders of health and beauty, they’re tightly packed little balls which are effervescent (this means that they dissolve in water) and contain a variety of essential oils, citric acid and fatty acids (among others).

They generally smell amazing and come in all manner of shapes, sizes, colors and scents. Different ingredients can be added to create different effects and adding a bath bomb to your bath is always a sight worth beholding – they’ll change your boring old bubble bath into something that resembles a Monet artwork.

On top of this, they can really help to nourish and revitalize your skin, adding a natural radiance and sheen to the surface of your skin and helping to keep it moisturized for longer. So by adding a bath bomb to your bath, you can cut down on the amount of moisturizing creams and lotions you apply to your skin. This will reduce the buildup of oils on your skin that often lead to greasiness. Not to mention, they’re a wonderfully easy to use form of aromatherapy and are quite affordable, too!

Lush Bath Bombs Review 2018

Pile of bath bombs.

Lush bath bombs.

If you’re too busy to make time to actually create your own bath bombs at home, as is the case with most of us these days and our demanding jobs and lifestyles in general, then I highly recommend using Lush Bath Bombs as an alternative to making your own. Although making your own bath bombs can save you money over time (plus give you that rewarding feeling of having made something yourself), Lush’s wide selection of bath bombs are relatively cheap.

Lush is a brand that we’ve supported for some time and Lush products are produced in a ethical and holistic manner. They contain the best ingredients and are specially formulated for sensitive skin – so that won’t cause any irritation, dryness or itchiness after using them. This makes them suitable for regular use and on a variety of skin types. You can check out some of our articles that we’ve written on Lush here at Maple Holistics. That should give you a fair amount of insight into how much we value their products!

We scrutinize the market to ensure that we only stock, sell and promote the best products that are as healthy, ethical or natural as possible and Lush are definitely one of those brands. They’re a leader in skin, health and beauty products and take aromatherapy quite seriously too. They’ve blown up on the internet in recent times, with videos and pictures of their bath bombs in particular being posted on various social media platforms because of their wonderful aesthetic properties.

If you don’t believe me, just search the #BathBombing tag on your Instagram or Twitter feed and you’ll see what I mean (most of those videos are made with either DIY recipes or Lush products). This is one of the rare times that I’d recommend hopping on the band wagon with both hands gripping tightly.

DIY Bath Bomb Recipe & Guide

Hand holding bath bomb over bowl of pink soap.

DIY bath bomb.

If you’re like me, then you love a challenge and anything that has anything to do with DIY immediately pique your interest! DIY projects are a great way to productively spend your time, save money and have fun without breaking the bank. Not to mention that feeling of being able to stand back and look at something you’ve made with your own hands – there’s nothing quite like it.

Luckily, making bath bombs is actually quite an easy process to get right, and mastering it will take a few tries. However, getting a product that you can use on the first try isn’t all that difficult. You just need to follow the recipe.

The added bonus of creating your own bath bombs is that they’re a great way to make use of any leftover essential oils that you have lying around at home, so be sure to keep all of your oils. Don’t throw anything away that hasn’t expired yet, there’s always a way to do something with them.

The recipe is quite easy to follow, so here’s a list of things you’ll need to get started. Like I said, they’re cheap and readily available (in fact, you’ll probably have most of them lying around your kitchen) so no need to bust the bank on this.

Also note that this is a pretty generic recipe, so it’s more suitable to your first experiment. Once you get the hang of what you’re doing, you can change up the recipe a bit more and search more more complex mixtures – but that’s really up to you. The ingredients you’ll need are as follows:

  • 1 Cup Cornflour Or Baking Soda.
  • ½ Cup Citric acid.
  • ½ cup Epsom Salt.
  • 1 Tsp Water.
  • 2 Tsp Essential Oils. Lavender Essential Oil and Jasmine Essential Oil are recommended.
  • 3 Tsp Carrier Oil. For this recipe, Olive, Canola or Castor Oil is recommended.
  • 1 Mixing Bowl.
  • 1 Whisk.
  • 1 Glass Mason Jar.
  • 1 Mold For Your Bath Bomb.
  • Food Coloring – Optional.


Pour the dry ingredients (baking soda/cornflour, citric acid, epsom salt) into a bowl and mix them together. In your separate glass jar, add the liquid ingredients together and stir well (water, essential oils, carrier oil and food coloring).

Once the liquid ingredients are stirred, add them to your dry ingredients teaspoon by teaspoon and whisk them together. Once they’re properly mixed together, scoop the powder into your mold and press the powder tightly so that it bonds together.

Make sure that the mold or container that the powder is in is tightly sealed, as the bomb will loose it’s effectiveness after being left out in the open for too long. Place the mixture in a cool dry place, or even a refrigerator for roughly 4-5 hours to make sure that the mixture becomes solid. After the time has elapsed, take the bath bomb out of the mold. Voila, your own DIY collection has begun!

To store them, wrap them tightly in plastic sandwich wrap and place them in an airtight container. Store them in a cool, dry cupboard or your pantry. It’s as easy as that and you’ll be having decadent and relaxing baths in no time.

Are Bath Bombs Suitable For Children?

Colorful bathtub.

Bath bombs for kids.

The short answer to this is that they are! They’re suitable for all skin types and shouldn’t cause any irritation or negative reactions. I thought that I would be able to find an alternative recipe to the one I know for kids (possibly for more sensitive skin types too), but they’re all basically based on the same recipe and principle as the one I listed above.

However, getting your children involved in actually making the bath bombs could be a great way to spend an afternoon and let them exercise their creative abilities. I would also recommend making two or even three different colored batches and mixing those together when you press the powder into your mold. This is a great way to experience different scents, colors and effects when using bath bombs. You know what they say – variety is the spice to life, so don’t feel afraid to mix things up a bit!


Enjoying your bath is what makes them such great stress relievers, and that’s what we’re all about. Relieving stress is as important as getting your vaccinations or daily vitamin intake in my opinion, as it’s the leading causes of many health issues and ailments. Bath bombs are a great way to make bathing exciting and oh-so relaxing. They’re cheap, easy to make and fun to use – so why not give them a try? You’ll feel the difference after just the first use – they’re bound to blow your mind!