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101: Cypress Essential Oil Benefits And Cypress Essential Oil Uses

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I’ve been using natural products and essential oils for quite some time now, having made the shift to a more holistic lifestyle sometime ago. That being the case, I’m always keeping my ears to the ground for any new products, recipes, or techniques and have admitted to myself that there’s always something to be learned while living this lifestyle. Cypress oil is something I only really discovered recently and have only had wonderful results since using it.

I use essential oils, in general, to help treat my skin, hair, and a wide variety of health issues. They’re affordable and effective alternatives to the countless pharmaceutical products that are available on the market and are much better for your health overall.

Ever since I made the shift to a more a holistic lifestyle, I’ve never looked back and have replaced most of the conventional medications, shampoos, and skin treatments in my home with DIY recipes, essential oils, and other herbal products. If you’re interested in making the shift and want to know how Cypress oil can be used to lead a more balanced and natural lifestyle, then this is for you.

What Is Cypress Essential Oil And How Is It Made?

Trees in swamp.

Cypress Trees in a Swamp.

The Cypress is a conifer tree that generally grows in the northern regions of the world, however different species of the tree grow all over the world. They tend to grow more in the northern parts of the world because they favor cooler, wet climates or soils and tend to grow close to swamps, lakes or springs.

Cypress oil is well known for its medicinal qualities and has been used to treat various health issues over time. The oil contains a wide variety of naturally occurring phytochemicals and bioactive compounds which lend themselves to the oil’s immense healing properties. These include terpenes, sesquiterpenes, bornyl acetate, Linalool, and camphene amongst others.

These are often extracted from natural sources and used in various pharmaceutical products/medications or are utilized in the manufacture of conventional skin and hair care products. So by using them in their raw, organic form, you can harness their full healing potential without the chemical additives that usually contaminate conventional medications and products.

The oil has strong, natural antiseptic properties and is often used to treat minor wounds, burns, and insect bites. It can help the healing process (it’s also an effective astringent) and can kill off any harmful bacteria and germs that may cause infection. The oil is also used to help relieve those affected by bad coughs and other respiratory issues such as asthma and bronchitis when inhaled or used in a steam treatment.

The high levels of camphene contained in the oil also help to kill off internal bacteria and yeast infections and can be ingested to help relieve your body of candida (one of the most common yeast infections that leads to leaky gut syndrome) and treat general infections such as the flu. It’s really an amazing natural cure-all that’s an important addition to any collector of natural products and holistic treatments.

Close up of leaves in tree.

Cypress Leaves.

The oil is produced through a process called steam distillation. This age-old process is still regarded as the best means of producing essential oils, as it creates a chemical free, high-grade oil that’s suitable for medicinal use. The needle-like leaves of the cypress tree are used to extract the phytochemicals through the process of evaporation.

The steam, now containing the essential phytochemicals of the organic matter, passes into a cooling chamber where it gathers and condenses. The final liquid that remains is the essential oil – essential because it shares the same ‘essence’ as that of the organic matter from which it originates.

Cypress Essential Oil For Hair Use

Like most essential oils, Cypress essential oil is perfectly suited for use in your hair on its own, or when added to a regular herbal shampoo to help boost its qualities. The oil can be massaged into your scalp (preferably after wetting your hair) to help stimulate the flow of blood to your scalp. This will help to pass vital nutrients and minerals to your hair follicles, allowing you to strengthen and nourish your hair from within, as well as slow (and ultimately prevent) hair loss.

The oil also has strong natural antiseptic properties, so can help to keep your hair and scalp clean and bacteria-free. This will help to ease and prevent any inflammation that may occur on the surface of your scalp and cause dandruff to form. By using the oil to treat your dandruff, instead of conventional shampoos, you can help to balance the natural oils in your hair without stripping them completely.

This means your hair will retain its moisture for longer as well as feel lighter, without becoming oily or greasy. With extended use, the oil can also help to tighten the pores on your scalp allowing your hair follicles to have a tighter grip and thus become stronger.

The oil is also rich in natural antioxidants, so it can be used to help relieve your scalp of any free-radical molecules that may occur with excessive use of chemical treatments. Little is known about free radicals, but what is known is that they bond with the cells in our body and even our DNA.

Once triggered, they can cause chain-reaction like damage to the cells in our body (cancer-like damage) and even lead to cell degeneration, thus speeding up the aging process quite drastically. So by effectively removing them before they can do any damage, you can help to slow the aging process, or at least the signs of the aging process, quite a bit.

Cypress Essential Oil For Veins

Ensuring that your veins are in the best working condition is vital to maintaining a healthy, balanced life and preventing heart disease later in your life. Varicose veins are quite a common ailment that affects men and women at various points of their life and there are many causes for this issue including obesity, pregnancy, hormone imbalance, and even standing still for long periods of time.

Varicose veins are basically caused by a buildup of blood in the vein due to a failing/failed valve. This means that the blood does not pass through to the heart, but rather remains stagnant.

The good news is that Cypress essential oil can effectively treat the issue quickly by allowing your loosening the blood in the vein and allowing it to pass through more easily, as well as preventing excess blood flow in the vein. The oil also helps to constrict the blood vessel, making it easier for the blood to be channeled through the vein. To treat the issue simply rub 5-8 drops of the oil directly onto the problematic area twice daily until the vein starts to recede.

To help treat the issue, avoid coffee, sugar, fatty foods, and processed foods during the treatment process (or in general for that matter) as these tend to worsen the effects of varicose veins and can render the effects of the oil useless when consumed over the course of the treatment.

Cypress Essential Oil For Cough Treatment

Man coughing.


As winter approaches, most of us are liable to develop a cough, a cold, or the flu at some, all of which are easily treatable with natural remedies. The problem is that many of us still rely on traditional medicines which can have adverse effects.

Cypress essential oil is great for ridding the body of bacteria that lead to infections, so can be ingested to help treat your cold or the flu, whilst aiding your body’s overall functionality. At the same time, the oil can be used to help treat a cough you may have, as it’s considered a natural antispasmodic and respiratory tonic.

The oil can be inhaled directly from the container or included in a steam treatment to help soothe whooping cough, as well as help to clear the throat and nasal area of any congestion that may worsen the effects of your flu symptoms.  Cypress essential oil is so effective that it’s even used in treating more serious respiratory issues such as bronchitis, as is a much safer and healthier alternative to antibiotics.

Cypress Essential Oil For Bedwetting

The technical term for ‘bedwetting’ is enuresis and it’s something that affects many children of different ages. There are many causes for enuresis and it’s important to note that it is not something a child does voluntarily.  The disorder has been linked to emotional issues such as stress and anxiety as well as urinary tract infections.

These are the more common reasons for why a child wets the bed, but it could also be an indication of a more serious disorder such as diabetes, anemia, or a possible allergic reaction – so it’s important to get it checked out if it recurs regularly.

However, in most common cases – the best way to try and prevent the issue (at least in my opinion) is to utilize Cypress essential oil. It has been known to be very effective in treating enuresis and is easy to use. Simply rub 4-5 drops of the oil onto the child’s chest and back before going to sleep – and they should wake up to a dry bed.

If the problem continues for an extended period time after using the oil (more than a week or two), then it’s advisable to get the issue checked out by a doctor, as it could be something more serious.

Cypress Essential Oil For Hemorrhoids

Labeled diagram of hemorrhoids.


Hemorrhoids are a very common ailment which affects millions of people around the world – in fact, more than half the population are bound to experience this issue at some point in their lives. So don’t worry, it’s nothing new. Most people are able to treat hemorrhoids with natural and holistic remedies – so don’t rush off to the pharmacy just yet!

There are many reasons why you could develop hemorrhoids, but some of the most common reasons are high-stress levels, poor fiber content in your diet leading to constipation and consuming too much spicy food and alcohol.

Other than using Cypress essential oil to help treat this issue, you can try avoiding alcohol and spicy foods for a while, drink lots of water, increase your fiber content, and eat lots of yogurt (or fermented foods like sauerkraut with lots of probiotics).

Cypress oil is great for treating hemorrhoids as it can help to stop excess blood flow and contract the blood vessels. This mean that it can help to stop the hemorrhoids from swelling and help to contract the tissues. To use Cypress essential oil, simply dab a few drops (5 should do) with a clean cotton swab, and apply it to the affected area.


In conclusion, it’s important to remember that there’s an essential oil out there for nearly every disorder, ailment, illness, disease, and infection so it’s well worth it to get a good stock at home in case of emergencies. There are so many benefits to using natural products and essential oils in your day to day life, that trying to sum them up in a short article would be nearly impossible.

If you’re serious about your health, and want to lead a more natural, healthy lifestyle, without the woes of making doctors appointments, expensive treatments and medications and of course the adverse side-effects that generally come with them, then I highly recommend starting, growing or increasing your own collection of natural products at home. And what better to start with or add then Cypress essential oil.