What Is Lemon Water? Top 5 Benefits Of Lemon Water Explained

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Lemon has about a million uses. Undoubtedly, you’ve seen it used as a garnish, as an adjective, as flavoring, or a floor cleaner, and even as a cartoon drawing on a slot machine! It’s one of the most useful fruits we have on this earth. One of its most popular uses is adding it to H2O. In this post, we will be going over some of the benefits of lemon water. Nevertheless, this is by no means a definitive list of good lemony vibes. Fruits are healthy in general, and that’s worth keeping in mind.

Next, let’s come to an agreement that water in and of itself is awesome. The planet is mostly water, our bodies are mostly water, and it is a liquid which is closely tied into our inherent biology and even more so into our physiology and day-to-day living. To this day, I don’t fully understand how some people don’t enjoy consuming plain water. That’s  almost like saying you don’t enjoy the feeling of oxygen as you inhale.

What Is Lemon Water?

hydrating lemons

Lemon’s in water.

Lemon water is exactly what it sounds like – a combination of water and lemon. In other words, it is water to which lemon has been added. Take a glass or bottle of water, squeeze fresh lemon juice into it, and bam, you’ve got yourself lemon water. Or take a jug of water, and drop a slice or three of lemon in there, even without squeezing it. Congratulations, you just made lemon water!

It is not the hardest thing to concoct, and it sure adds a lot of flavor to what is otherwise mundane and rather ordinary. But there is much more to it beyond the satisfying taste. There are many bottled products of flavored water, but I feel lemon water is probably the healthier option.

Is Lemon Water Good For You?

Pretty much anything natural can be good for you, when consumed in moderation. It is mostly a question of quantity and frequency, and the same is true here. When it comes to lemon water, there are those who say drinking it is a myth, while others swear by it. Now, I am not going to treat lemon water as some sort of miracle savior and cure-all, but it certainly does have some benefits when compared to plain water.

We know from research that citrus fruit have a host of positive attributes. Sure, it makes a difference how you consume it and when, but by and large, lemons are wonderful for you. Whether it’s in the form of essential oil or of straight up lemon juice, this yellow fruit packs a serious punch.

Lemons are loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants, and when eaten or drunk regularly, these translate into many healthy advantages. Many people choose to drink a lemon-infused glass of water first thing in the morning, warm, cold, or room temperature. Coming up are the top five benefits of drinking lemon water. More research is necessary. So far, there is no strong clinical evidence to suggest that lemon water does something spectacularly outside the norm at regular quantities.

Top 5 Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water

Regardless of their combination with water or any other beverage, lemons are a tried and true natural remedy. When added to water, the juice of the lemon mix with the precious nectar of life to produce what is truly a unique, albeit simple, drink. It can have some great effects on mood and health.

1. Lemon Water For Weight Loss

Woman runner drinking water.

Drinking lemon water for weight loss.

So many of us are looking to shed some pounds. When it comes to weight loss, there is no getting around eating right and exercising. However, there are ways of aiding the body in this process, and helping it along with what it’s already doing.

By boosting metabolism – thanks to its high acidity and high content of antioxidants – lemon water is considered a drink which can help you on the way to your dream bod. It won’t do the work for you, but it can help you walk down the hard road to health. If anything, it will help you drinking more, which brings us to….

2. Lemon Water For Proper Hydration

I say “proper”, since technically speaking you can stay hydrated by consuming healthy amounts of ordinary run-of-the-mill dihydrogen monoxide (aka water). But lemon water will provide it with an extra kick of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. These nutrients can do a lot for you throughout the whole day, and they are not found in regular drinking water.

Staying hydrated is the name of the game. It will keep your appetite under control, increase your energy levels, and help to lube your joints and adequately work your muscles, plus it helps your body regulate its temperature and its moods. 

3. Lemon Water For Skin Health

Woman smiling in the mirror.

Woman admiring clear skin in mirror.

Once again, the lemonic (totally just made that word up) vitamins and antioxidants arrive on the scene. Not only can these help you on the inside, they can be of great service on those external insulating layers of protection outside your body, which we call skin. Consuming lemon water can help your skin stay younger, softer, smoother, and it also works together with your immune system to stave off infections of the skin.

I am all for aging gracefully and all that, but I have nothing against using a product of nature to counter the effects of our body’s own temporal nature. Over time, age will become a factor no matter what you do, but until that time comes, drinking lemon water can help your body look and feel younger, one sip at a time.

4. Lemon Water For Kidney Health

And since we are talking about the immune system and infections, here comes a real whopper of a lemon water benefit: aiding your natural filtration and waste-management systems – your liver and kidneys. The citric acid which is abundant in lemons (and other citrus fruits) can help to prevent stones from developing in your kidneys. It can also reduce the size of stones which may already be forming, and break them up. 

You don’t want to mess with your kidneys, people. They are so very important for our healthy function and daily survival. Keeping the kidneys operating smoothly is something you should be actively shooting for. It’s one of those things where when the organ is doing its job, you don’t notice a thing. But when something fails – look out, because it can get real bad, real fast.

5. Lemon Water For Proper Digestion

Bad Stomach Snipped

Stomach issues.

Here too, plain water can also be sufficient for this task and probably just as good. But, if you want to give your digestive system a hand beyond ordinary water, and weigh in on this debate, lemon water may be what you are looking for. Give it a shot.

As mentioned earlier, there are those who claim it is a myth, while others swear by it. Let’s just say that unless you are drinking a LOT of it, you may not notice a difference in your digestion at all. At least, nothing that couldn’t be gained by drinking regular water. It is a question of quantity and other factors, but most people will probably not gain anything extra in this region. 

Lemon Water Detox Cleanse Explained

I dislike the word “detox” for two main reasons. First, it implies that our body doesn’t detox enough on its own, which is preposterous. That isn’t the case, not in the least.

Second, the word “detox” has been used and abused by seemingly every two-bit health-and-wellness hustler trying to make a quick buck off the backs of those who are looking to lose weight, or who fall for the current fad diet or quick fix. So, let’s clear the air here: your body detoxes just fine on its own, providing you are treating it right and you aren’t ill. And if you are NOT treating it right, you may not notice that big a difference from the addition of lemon water.

As for the word “cleanse”, that is one I am more inclined to use. Every day and every hour, your body works hard to flush out many enemies and would-be evil-doers from your system. The idea behind a lemon water cleanse is that for a period of 7-14 days, you consume a concoction of lemon water, cayenne pepper, along with some type of sweet substance like maple syrup or agave.

There are different degrees to this cleanse. It is never all or nothing. You can choose to continue eating a single meal, like breakfast or lunch, while you are cleansing. You can choose to avoid solid foods altogether (not for first-timers, I feel). Also, you can work with your dietitian or physician to come up with a personalized plan which incorporates this sweet-lemon-water-pepper drink into your routine.

Incidentally, if you consume more than just the juice of the lemon, then you have something more tangible to work with. The lemon itself is an amazing fruit. All of its components are worthy of inclusion and use – the peels, rinds, skins, juices. Everything. This provides your body with more substances to work with. It can be more effective overall in providing you with all of the aforementioned benefits of lemon water.

I Started Drinking Lemon Water And Here’s What Happened

Woman biting into a lemon.

Using lemons in diet.

Generally speaking, I take my health seriously. I try to work out, I don’t ordinarily over-indulge in anything too bad. And, I get my blood tested regularly to keep tabs. I wanted to give this a shot the way people say it ought to be done. That is to say, fresh lemon juice in water.

Let me cut to the chase: this didn’t change anything too dramatically, but then again there wasn’t much that required changing. So, what did I notice?

  • Drinking lemon water got me into a better water-drinking habit at large. Mostly because I was consuming the lemon water first thing in the AM, and on an empty stomach.
  • It freshened my breath, which was a nice surprise – although I probably could have called that one.
  • I also drank it hot more than a few times, which is oddly satisfying. I could see how this could even replace tea or coffee on cold days and nights.
  • More frequent bathroom trips, which is only natural, and that my pee was looking pretty healthy to me. I could tell that something in my diet had changed.

I don’t mind the taste of ordinary tap water, but by adding an actual flavor to the water, I found I was reaching for the bottle more, and consuming higher quantities of it throughout the day. This would probably be true whether I added mint, cucumber, or any other supplement, but who knows? With lemon this was definitely a factor. 

There basically wasn’t a time when I was thinking to myself that “hey, it’s been a long while, I should probably drink something!” since I was already drinking enough. Obviously, you need to pay attention not to overdo it. Even positive elements and ingredients can turn on you when you mistreat them or over-consume.

As for the other attributes, maybe they will be better demonstrated on someone with a different set of circumstances or deficiencies. In fact, you can count on it having a different effect from one individual to the next. It is a “your mileage may vary” kind of situation, to be sure.


Like I said, give this a shot and see how it affects you and your body. Definitely try it if you feel you’re not drinking enough water on a daily basis. This could get you back on a regular drinking schedule. That counts for a lot in the short and long term. Getting enough liquid oxygen in your system is paramount, and I think the data shows that most of us don’t drink enough throughout the day.

As for the benefits of lemon water? I feel you can attribute much of them to the water itself, first and foremost. Sure, the lemon does have some truly fantastic nutrients, but in many cases the amounts are almost negligible. Case in point – in order to get a serious and definitive boost of vitamin C, you’d have to consume a lot more than half a lemon’s worth of juice in your morning water.

Likewise, in order for your kidneys and digestive system to benefit specifically from the lemon, you need to make it part of a daily long-term plan. You don’t necessarily know how change will affect you in the long run, so there is some merit to lemon water on several levels. You just need to stick to it.

I am sure many people’s bodies and minds are getting help from lemon water. But if you are going to do it, you should probably commit for a while and keep tabs. However you choose to look at it, it could be beneficial to your health and vitality. Again, it is one of the most popular citrus fruits in the world, and with good reason.

With skin, there is the possibility of seeing some actual results sooner. This is because the results appear right there on the surface, and since the skin is always regenerating. The skin is pretty quick to react to ongoing changes in the body. It may express them when the rest of the body isn’t yet. Like I said, worth a shot. Grab a lemon, grab some water, find out what this combo can do, and what it has in store for you!