One Simple Secret To Keep Looking Young!

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Ageing prematurely is perhaps the biggest, most prevalent, fear humanity shares. Getting old is scary enough, but ageing early? Pretty dire prognosis for anybody. So, you want to know, what IS the secret to stay looking young? Unfortunately, there are no magic potions that will stop you from ageing. Sorry to burst your bubble. There aren’t any medical or cosmetic procedures that are guaranteed to keep you looking young forever either.

But there is one anti-ageing secret that you may not be privy to. The most foolproof way to stay looking young is emotionally tied.

Happy people stay looking young for longer. It’s true. If you love life, you are telling your body ‘I want to live!’ and you know what? Your body listens to your mind and your physical ageing symptoms will be slowed. Conversely, if you live life like a character in an apocalyptic film, your brain will be sending signals to your body that you are tired of living and want to get out of here – your body will be quite helpful with that, starting the ageing process early.

Your Body And Mind Relationship

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Mind-body relationship.

It all comes down to the relationship between your mind and body. There is a reason why wrinkles on the forehead are often referred to as ‘worry line.’ If you constantly worry and stress, you are most probably frowning as well, which eventually leads to wrinkles and premature ageing symptoms.

Running yourself down with stress and worry does not only make you look older, it also takes its toll on your body’s overall physical health. Many premature ageing symptoms and health problems are psychosomatic, which means that they are emotionally rooted.

How To Stay Calm In Stressful Situations

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Remain calm.

If you are one of those people who goes through your daily routine anticipating doom, you can change that. There are ways to train yourself to stay calm in stressful situations; it all comes down to your mindset:

  1. If your couch is your best friend, it’s time to say goodbye, or to at least put limitations on the relationship. Sitting around doing nothing leads to despair. It can be tempting to block everything out and take the escape route when the goings get tough, but that’s not going to help you stay looking young. Tackle difficulties head on, only then will you be able to get over the humps.
  2. Now that you’ve said goodbye to your couch, it is time to come back for a visit. Take some time to rest and unwind every day. Make sure to give yourself a break. Just don’t rest the entire day.
  3. Meditate. This is an excellent way to relax tight nerves and get over your worries. Repeat mantras to yourself such as, ‘It will be okay. I can do it.’ Eventually it will infiltrate.


Staying calm is a way of living. It is almost impossible to never stress, but we can train ourselves to worry less once we realize that often our minds exaggerate situations and things are not as bad as they seem. I know this will sound cliched, but: be happy – that is your secret to staying young.