Olay Face Creams Review: Which Is The Best Olay Face Cream?

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Complexion is the name of the game. Some people are born with it, some people need to use a ton of products to achieve it – and then there are those who are anywhere in between on that spectrum. Sometimes you need a little help to look your best, this is no secret. Humans have been using face creams for a very very long time. 

What Is Face Cream?

Woman checking facial skin in mirror.

Face cream application.

The very dry, very ‘Webster Dictionary’ definition of face cream is: “cosmetic cream applied to the face to improve the complexion.” Many cosmetics and beauty companies all around the world have their own version of various creams which are meant to be applied to the face and improve the way that it feels, the way it looks, and the way it reacts to makeup, weather, and other everyday elements.

There are day creams and night creams. Each has their own purpose and more or less unique ingredients. During the day, there is a lot more to contend with: weather, makeup, pollution, and things like hands and phones which are always touching our face. At night, the body is at rest, and the skin has the time to regenerate at a faster pace. There are fewer interruptions, and this means that night cream utilizes ingredients which are more suitable for your body’s downtime. This is partly why you should keep your creams separate, and use each in its appropriate time.

The Importance Of Using Face Cream Explained

The face is one of our most prominent areas. Your face is usually one area which is more or less always in view, even if the rest of your body is hidden. It’s how we present and express ourselves to the world (to some degree). It plays a large role in interpersonal communication. Because of this, it’s important to keep the face looking well. And one of the best ways to achieve that is by using face cream.

There is a lot to be said for aging gracefully, but even those of us who are inclined to go down that road – well, sometimes we want to slow time down, if only a little. Sometimes we want to look better. And then there are times when it has little or nothing to do with aging, and everything to do with the way we look, period. A face which is reddened, inflamed, peeling, or acne-ridden, well, it’s probably not the look you are going for. There are times where such a condition is nearly unavoidable – like when it’s the result of some illness or genetic issue – but more often than not there are ways of dealing with such situations.

There are a wide range of Olay face creams available, and we will be going over a few of them. Now, it’s important to note that this ranking is purely subjective. What works for one person may not work for another. As I said, it has to do with genetics, diet, and your beauty regimen overall, among other things. And let’s not forget the budget issue!

Also, there are times when Olay will discontinue a product, only to have it pop-up under a different name as part of a different line sometime later. I don’t get it, but it has happened. I understand the need for rejuvenation, but honestly, it makes it difficult for some consumers to keep enjoying the products they have gotten used to.

Top 5 Olay Face Creams Ranked

1. Olay Active Hydrating Cream

Bottle of olay active hydrating face cream.

Olay active hydrating face cream.

This is what many people consider to be the original Olay face cream. However, there is a good chance that Olay themselves have made changes to the formula over the years. It certainly resembles the original cream introduced in the ’50s, and it gets the job done. This cream assists the body in keeping the face young-looking and helps to prevent the appearance of wrinkles, lines, etc.

The cream is rich, and at times it can appear oily, but it doesn’t clog the pores or dry out your skin. If you have sensitive skin you may want to avoid this one. It’s not formulated for sensitive skin, and may aggravate an existing condition.

2. Olay Face Moisturizer Cream, Regenerist

Bottle of Olay regenerist face moisturizer cream.

Olay regenerist face moisturizer cream.

The ‘Regenerist’ series is all about anti-aging. In other words, it’s engineered to aid the body in getting rid of the dead and dry skin and works to introduce newer skin at a faster pace. This Olay face cream leaves newer skin is naturally smoother, and its arrival helps to decrease the overall amount of lines, wrinkles, and blemishes which appear on your face. It helps the skin regain its elasticity and plumpness at the surface level. This makes it look that much younger and well-hydrated.

3. Olay Complete All Day Moisture Face Cream, Sensitive

Bottle of Olay complete all day moisture face cream, sensitive play.

Olay complete all day moisture face cream, sensitive play.

As the name suggests, this is a product made for those of us with sensitive skin. It has a rich consistency, but it absorbs fairly quickly and helps the skin receive a large portion of the moisture which it may be lacking and craving. Sensitive skin does not react well to many products. And like I said, this one – sensitive though it may be – may also cause some people to break out or redden. With sensitive skin, it’s always trial and error. This face cream hydrates and keeps you hydrated throughout the day.

4. Olay Age Defying Classic Daily Renewal Cream

Bottle of Olay Age Defying Classic Daily Renewal Cream.

Olay age defying classic daily renewal cream.

Generally speaking, all face creams have the same goal – to help your face retain its youthfulness and regain its elasticity. The thing is, they go about it in different ways, or use different ingredients. This Olay face cream is more for daily use, a run-of-the-mill, hydration cream. If you want a better-looking complexion, this a great product. The renewal cream works on the surface level, mainly, and it rejuvenates dull-looking skin in no time. It has no oils, so your pores are not in danger of getting clogged (something which would be highly counterproductive).

5. Olay Luminous Tone Perfecting Cream

Bottle of Olay Luminous Tone Perfecting Cream.

Olay luminous tone perfecting cream.

Some creams claim to work from day 1. This is not one of them. With this cream, the idea is to be using it in the long run, and over time it works to decrease the presence of spots and blemishes, and even out the skin’s tones. It’s titled “luminous” because it’s meant to help the skin look brighter and healthier by fading out uneven areas and tones.

Things like sun spots, age spots, and other discolorations can be mended with the help of this unique cream. It’s not just about hydrating and nourishing, but about working to make the weaker areas less visible. You should be able to see results in 8 weeks but experiences may vary. 

DIY Natural Face Cream Recipe And Guide

Woman floating in water.

The DIY method may be best for you because it’s completely customizable.

Alongside the commercial products and treatments, there is also the option of going DIY. The do-it-yourself method has proven most effective when it comes to cosmetics because, through the process of trying different ingredients, you can really get a sense of what your skin likes, and what it reacts best to. Basically, the DIY guide for face cream is not that difficult. Anything from ingredients such as mud, clay and shea butter, to veggies, beeswax, honey, and essential oils. It’s all about what works best for you.

Here is a quick and easy recipe for a DIY day cream. It consists of 2 ingredients only:

  • Shea butter and olive oil.
  • Use about 2 tablespoons of olive oil per 4 ounces of shea.

The shea should be raw, and the olive oil should be extra virgin.

Melt the shea butter in a double boiler (alternatively, use a small pot and an oven-safe type of bowl), and add the olive oil. Stir them together, and then let the mixture refrigerate for 30 minutes or so. Once the mixture is half solidified, take it out and mix it using a mixer. Add some essential oil to make it have a certain scent. Don’t overdo it – essential oils are highly potent, and you don’t want the formula to be thrown off by them.

This is a face cream which has a very different texture and consistency than commercial products, mainly due to the fact that there is no water added to it. The adding of water or another thinning liquid would necessitate the addition of preservatives to the formula, and that is a whole other ballgame. This was just an example of a quick and easy DIY formula.


Face creams are a near-inseparable part of a healthy beauty regimen for men and women alike. You don’t necessarily have to use them every day, even if it’s a daily-use type of formula. The general idea is to use as needed, when some extra moisture is necessary or when you feel like your skin is becoming uneven and/or spotty. Whether you are using the cream as a preventive measure or a reactive one, you need to pay attention to the way that it affects your skin. If you are not getting the results you want, you may need a different kind of cream entirely.

Other people’s recommendations are always welcome, but face creams – like many other cosmetics – are a personal thing. Also, remember that oftentimes you get what you pay for. There is no need to pay through the nose for face cream, but you should probably avoid the very cheap options. In that sense, Olay is a bit pricier but is usually worth every penny.