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I Heart Keenwah Snacks Review: Keen For Quinoa!

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Ten years ago, I had never even heard of quinoa. Neither had most of the people I knew. Fast forward a few years, and it’s now a staple in practically every home. Nearly every function I go to has some sort of quinoa dish, and it’s a popular product in every supermarket and store. As people have become more aware of how their diet affects their body and which foods are better diet choices, quinoa has really had its turn in the sun – and for very good reason! So what are Keenwah Snacks all about?

What Is Quinoa?

Quinoa plant in a field.

Quinoa growing in a field.

Contrary to popular belief, quinoa isn’t actually a grain – it’s a seed. Still, it’s referred to as a ‘pseudo grain’ because it is similar to other grains in the way it’s prepared and eaten, and it also has similar nutrients. What makes quinoa unique as a protein is that unlike most plant proteins, quinoa is a complete protein. The phrase ‘complete protein’ refers to a protein that contains all nine amino acids, which are important for repair and growth within our bodies.

Some of the nutrients found in this ‘grain’ include magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, and iron. There are many other vitamins and minerals as well, which makes it a healthy choice of carbohydrates. It’s also gluten free and low in calories, so it’s no wonder that it’s being heralded as a supergrain these days!

Top 10 Health Benefits Of Quinoa Explained

Quinoa in pan with fruits and vegetables.

Quinoa delivers tons of nutrients.

1. It’s A Fiber Powerhouse 

The fiber content in quinoa is higher than that of many other grains, especially insoluble fiber. Insoluble fiber is what helps to soften your stool, preventing constipation and keeping your gut working. There’s also a decent amount of soluble fiber in quinoa, which helps to keep your blood sugar levels even and lowers your cholesterol levels. It’s also ideal for dieting, because it helps you feel full for longer periods of time.

2. It’s High In Protein

As I mentioned earlier, quinoa is a complete protein, which is unusual for a plant-based protein. It also doesn’t have the drawbacks that animal-based proteins do, like being high in cholesterol.

3. It Contains The Flavonoids Quercetin And Kaempferol

Three jars of quinoa with vegetables.

Quinoa is a healthy meal option.

These flavonoids are powerful antioxidants which protect all areas of the body including organs, blood, and tissue. They fight against bacteria and viruses, keeping the body healthy and functioning optimally. These flavonoids also contain anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties, and they help reduce allergy symptoms.

4. It Has A High Magnesium Content

A cup of cooked quinoa contains about 118 mg of magnesium – which is equal to 30% of the recommended dietary allowance. Magnesium is essential for healthy heart, brain and muscle function, so it’s important to be getting enough of this mineral in your diet.

5. It’s A Great Source Of Iron

Magnesium isn’t the only mineral in quinoa – there’s a fair amount of iron in there, too. Iron is important for keeping your blood cells healthy and ensuring that your body has sufficient oxygen.

6. It’s Got Loads Of Potassium

Sure, bananas are known for their high potassium content, but they don’t have a monopoly over this mineral. Quinoa is also a great source of potassium, which is necessary for nerve and muscle health. It can also help to lower your blood pressure and even protect you against kidney stones.

7. It Contains Lysine

Woman smiling and pointing.

Lysine can reduce anxiety and make you feel happier.

Lysine is a particularly important amino acid. It’s used to form collagen, which is found in many parts of the body – bones, skin, cartilage and tissue. Lysine is also said to help reduce anxiety, and it’s important for the health of many organs and body parts, including the heart.

8. It’s Anti-Inflammatory

Since chronic inflammation is one of the main causes of many life-threatening diseases, it’s important to be getting enough anti-inflammatory foods in your diet. This keeps your body as healthy and strong as possible. Due to the high antioxidant and fiber content, quinoa is the perfect addition to an anti-inflammatory diet.

9. It Has A Low Glycemic Index

Low-GI foods are absorbed by the body slowly, which means that they don’t cause your blood sugar levels to spike suddenly (think ‘sugar rush’). This makes quinoa especially perfect for diabetics, who need to make sure that their blood sugar levels are under control at all times.

10. It’s Rich In Riboflavin/Vitamin B2

Aside from being an antioxidant, riboflavin is also needed to help your body use the fats, proteins and carbs that you eat.

I Heart Keenwah Product Overview

I Heart Keenwah logo with quinoa heart.

I Heart Keenwah.

The main ingredient in all I Heart Keenwah Snacks is – yup, you guessed it – quinoa. The company produces all kinds of healthy and delicious quinoa snacks, including quinoa puffs in all different flavors, quinoa clusters, toasted quinoa and even hot cereal. You can also buy tote bags on their website in a range of colorful designs.

I Heart Keenwah Quinoa Snacks Review    

Bag of I Heart Keenwah quinoa clusters.

I Heart Keenwah quinoa clusters.

There are three kinds of quinoa snacks you can buy from I Heart Keenwah – chocolate puffs, quinoa puffs, and quinoa clusters. Let’s start with the chocolate puffs, because I always start with dessert – and hey, chocolate deserves to be first!

According to the I Heart Keenwah Snacks website, people describe these little puffs of joy as tasting like healthy malt balls. There are 2 flavors available: Dark Chocolate Himalayan Pink Salt, which is reminiscent of a chocolate-covered potato chip, and Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter. The snacks are delicious and satisfy that sweet craving without having a ton of sugar and calories. Since they’re made from a grain, they keep you feeling fuller than a few malt balls would.

There are also savory quinoa puffs, which come in four tasty flavors: Sea Salt Truffle, Aged Cheddar, Sweet Chilli, and Herbes de Provence. If you’re a fan of cheese balls, you’ll probably love these healthy versions! They’re crunchy, full of flavor, and sure to be a family favorite. The Sea Salt truffle has a prominent truffle flavor, which is definitely a thumbs up in my book!

Then there are the I Heart Keenwah quinoa clusters. Like the quinoa puffs, these also come in four flavors – Chocolate Sea Salt, Cashew Cranberry, Peanut Butter Cacao, and Almond. I love that the flavors are so diverse. If you’re a dried fruit person, there’s a cranberry option; if you’re a nut person, there’s an almond option; and if you have a sweet tooth, there’s a chocolate option. Personally, I’m a big fan of clusters. They’re loaded with crunchy goodness, and they make for filling and guilt-free snacks. Bring along a packet to your next outing and believe me – they will disappear in no time!

I Heart Keenwah Organic Toasted Quinoa Review

Two bags of I Heart Keenwah toasted quinoa.

I Heart Keenwah toasted quinoa.

I Heart Keenwah’s toasted quinoa is prepared exactly like you’ve always prepared quinoa – but it tastes so much better! Because it’s already been pre-toasted, there’s this nutty flavor that you don’t get when you use regular quinoa. It’s super fluffy, which makes it more enjoyable to eat and also makes you feel like you’re getting more for your money. Plus, it’s already been rinsed, so there’s literally no prep time – simply cook and serve!

You can use this quinoa in stews, salads, stir-fry – anywhere that you would ordinarily use rice, pasta, couscous, or regular quinoa. It’s healthy, delicious, and a great option for your entire family. There are 2 options for the toasted quinoa: white or tricolor. White is probably the option that most people are familiar with, so if you’re having company, you might want to stick with traditional. If you want to spruce up a dish and you’re game to try the tricolor quinoa, go for it! Red and black quinoa are actually more nutritious than regular white quinoa, so you’ll be getting a delicious and super-healthy dish that looks fabulous!

I Heart Keenwah Quinoa Hot Cereal Review   

packages of I Heart Keenwah hot cereal.

I Heart Keenwah hot cereal.

Most people think I’m nuts when I say that hot cereal is one of my favorite foods – I can eat it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The last time we went out to eat, my husband shook his head and asked, “Who orders porridge at a café?!” If you’re a hot cereal person, then you’ll really appreciate I Heart Keenwah’s hot cereal. There’s the regular flavor, which is unsweetened, and the oats and lucuma fruit flavor.

Both are delicious, and a great replacement for regular farina or oatmeal. Get creative with toppings: fresh fruit, dried fruit bits, nuts, and honey are all great additions. Quinoa hot cereal is the perfect breakfast, leaving you feeling full and satisfied and starting your day off right.


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If anyone is a quinoa expert, I’d have to say it’s the folks over at I Heart Keenwah. Not only have they managed to take quinoa and turn it into so many delicious variants, they’re also teaching the masses the correct pronunciation of the grain! Jokes aside, they are really going places. Quinoa is fast-growing in popularity, so it’s great to be able to enjoy it in so many different ways and at all times of the day – whether as a meal, a side dish or snack.

All their products use non-GMO ingredients. They’re also soy-free, gluten-free, kosher, and mostly dairy-free and vegan, so they suit people with all different dietary needs. Companies like I Heart Keenwah make it easier for us to live healthy lives without compromising on flavor. Tasty and good for you: definitely the way to go!