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DIY Lipstick and Lipgloss Recipe and Guide: Easy, Natural DIY Lipgloss

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Makeup is used on a regular basis by many people, all over the world. Beauty products have been around for thousands of years, and they come in many forms and configurations. The industrial age brought with it a lot positive innovations, but a few dangers as well. Cosmetics products have become more chemical-laden than ever before. Many of the ones we use on a daily basis can contain harmful ingredients.

It certainly doesn’t look good out there, people. More studies are looking into the various preservatives, chemicals, and artificial ingredients which are being used in the beauty industry. In some cases they find that those ingredients may cause more harm than good in the long run.

Of course, this is still conjecture. Nothing is written in stone. Even science makes mistakes. Remember, there was a time when the brightest minds on earth were convinced that the Sun revolved around our planet. Plus, there is no mistaking the fact that some studies are funded by certain individuals who have an agenda, for better or worse.

The Dangers of Chemicals in Lipstick and Lipgloss

Red lipsticks from above.

Commercial Lipstick Might Be Beautiful, But Are They Harmful?

Chemicals are a part of the beauty and cosmetics industry. There is no escaping it. We have them in anything and everything we use. Now, the thing is, there are different types of chemicals, and different amounts found.

Some brands contain unhealthy amounts of lead and other metals, and those can be very harmful in the long run. It is not uncommon to find metals in cosmetics products – and many other products for that matter.  The question is the levels of those findings. Metals like aluminum, cadmium, and chromium have been linked to cancer. This bares the question: Do you really want to be using products that contain them on a regular basis?

To be upfront and fair, I will say that certain amounts of metals also exist in drinking water (at least in some locations). Exposure to metals and heavy elements is part of our daily life. In some cases the body actually produces those heavy metals on a much smaller scale. The mere existence of metals in our products is not to be feared, but over-exposure to those metals is indeed something to be alarmed about.

For this reason, there are many consumers out there who are cutting commercially available lipgloss and lipstick out of their shopping lists, and going the DIY route. But not just when it comes to lip products, people are are making their own moisturizer, hand soap, and even natural shampoo!

DIY Lipstick with Crayons and Coconut Oil

Assorted crayons with child coloring in background.

Crayons Are Not Just for Coloring.

One way to make your own ‘line’ of lipstick is by using coconut oil and any non-toxic crayons you wish to use.

In order to make the lipstick, you will need a bowl which can withstand heat, a spoon to mix the various ingredients, and a container which can be placed in the freezer.

  1. Take teaspoon of coconut oil, and place it in the bowl(use a spoonful for larger batches).
  2. Next, cut or break your crayon of choice into smaller pieces, and place those in the bowl with the oil.
  3. Boil some water, and let the bowl sit in the hot water. The crayon and oil will begin to melt and mix.
  4. Stir the mixture with a spoon until it is a unified mixture.

Freeze the liquid for approximately 30 minutes, and then your homemade lipstick is ready. Keep in mind that this is homemade lipstick. Is it as good as commercially available products? I would be lying if I said it was exactly the same in terms of quality and effect.  On the other hand, it is different, and certainly leaves your lips colored. Plus, it won’t have the unhealthy amounts of chemicals that many cosmetic products contain, so I’d say it’s a win!

DIY Lipgloss and Lipstick Container Guide

Making your own lip products usually also means making your own containers. You can use any old empty lip balm container, or you can make your own container by using a plastic bottle and two standard bottle caps. Here is how to do it:

  1. Cut the top of a bottle below the base of the cap. Make the cut at the place where the plastic begins to widen. Use caution, since plastic is, well, plastic. The blade could slip and slide, so watch out.
  2. Once you have the base off, clean and smooth the plastic using water and sandpaper, or a nail file.
  3. Take a second bottle cap and adjust it until it fits snugly where the plastic widens. The first bottle cap acts as a lip, while the second one acts as a base. If necessary, use super glue or a strong crafts glue to fit the base and plastic together securely.

After that is done, pour the mixture (lipstick, lipgloss, lip balm, lip butter, etc.) into the base, and let it sit there until it solidifies. Don’t overfill the cap, since it could make it harder to close the lid once the mixture hardens.


Making your own cosmetics is a lot of fun. Regardless of the health and wellness issue, it is quite satisfying to be able to make something on your own. This can help you appreciate the things you have, which is something you should always have in mind.

When you use your own homemade products, it may not be the best quality or consistency, but it is yours, and it is precisely that which makes it that much more awesome. It can be a lot of fun to experiment with products of your own design. To prep your lips for your new lipstick, why not make your own lip scrub and moisturizing lip balm as well. So go ahead, and make something amazing today!