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Coffee For Hair: How To Color Hair Naturally With Coffee

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The best thing about makeup is its ability to cover blemishes. Personally speaking, makeup has single-handedly saved my life. Not to sound overly dramatic, but filling in my eyebrows and masking my pimples feels lifesaving at times! These quick fixes are great, but what about the insecurities that we can’t cover with a quick dab of concealer, like overgrown roots? When dealing with issues like these, the key is opening your mind and thinking creatively. Hence, coffee hair dye may be just the solution you’re searching for! 

We all know what it’s like waiting for an open appointment at the hair salon. Shamefully burying your two-inch roots into a baseball cap or hiding your split ends in a messy bun – believe me, we have all been there. Using store-bought hair dye at home may seem like a viable solution, but it can often be expensive, produce underwhelming results, and damage your hair in the process. Stick around to learn about the benefits of coffee for hair health and how to dye your hair with coffee! 

Coffee For Hair Growth: Coffee Benefits For Hair Explained

Woman with wavy hair smiling in the mirror.

Coffee can aid hair growth.

Everyone is familiar with the benefits of coffee in the morning, but are you familiar with the benefits of coffee for hair? Let’s take a look at how coffee can stimulate hair growth, prevent hair loss, and leave your hair looking shiny and polished!

Coffee For Hair Growth

Keratin is a protein produced by skin cells in your scalp. It works with various amino acids in your body to thicken and strengthen your hair follicles, making it essential for hair growth. When the body is lacking keratin for long periods of time, your hair follicles will weaken. This may result in hair thinning and eventually hair loss if the follicles become weak enough to break. Using coffee for hair growth is effective because it stimulates the production of keratin in your scalp. 

Coffee can also be used to prevent hair loss because it prevents the effects of DHT: a sex hormone that produces testosterone. Studies show that elevated DHT levels can result in baldness and the thinning of hair follicles. Although men have higher levels of DHT, the hormone is present in both men and women. Washing your hair with coffee strengthens follicles, thus reducing the chances of hair loss. Coffee can also help with improving your hair texture!

Coffee For Hair Texture 

The average pH of hair cuticles ranges between 4 and 5.5 on the pH scale. Many hair products, claiming to promote healthy hair, contain chemicals with elevated pH levels that disturb the pH balance of your hair. This causes hair follicles to open up and appear less smooth and polished. Additionally, the average pH of water ranges from 6.5 to 8.5, meaning that the combination of harmful hair products with a daily shower may be a hidden contributor to your hair struggles. Coffee grounds are less acidic than water, generally ranging from a pH of 6.5 to 6.8. Rinsing your hair with coffee helps maintain the pH balance of your hair and flatten the cuticles. This helps to make hair appear softer, shinier, and more manageable. 

How To Dye Hair With Coffee

cup of coffee

Make your hair darker with coffee.

Now for the part that you have all been waiting for: how to darken your hair with coffee. Dying your hair with coffee is a great way to achieve that dark rich shade of brown. It is a natural, inexpensive method of hair coloring that only requires one ingredient: coffee!

The key to making coffee hair dye is to use really strong coffee. A higher saturation of coffee makes for a darker and more effective hair dye. Your ratio should equate to two cups of water for every cup of coffee grounds. Generally speaking, the amount of coffee you make should depend on how much hair you have – brew enough to soak all of your hair from root to tip!  

After making your coffee, dump it into a large bowl and soak your hair for a few minutes. Then put on a shower cap and let your coffee-soaked hair sit for an hour. If you don’t have a shower cap, try wrapping your hair in saran wrap. This is equally effective, just a bit messier! Lastly, rinse your hair with cold water and finish with a blowdryer. Let’s take a closer look at some before and after tips you can do to maximize the effects of your coffee hair dye.  

Coffee Hair Dye Before And After  

There are a couple of things you can do before and after dying your hair with coffee to make the process more effective. The most important thing to do before soaking your hair is to take a shower. The coffee hair dye works best on clean hair. Also, make sure to prep an area of your house prior to soaking your hair. The bathroom is a good choice because you can lean over your sink or bathtub to avoid a messy cleanup. 

After blow drying your hair, avoid using shampoo unless absolutely necessary. Coffee lacks the strength of typical hair dye because it is chemical-free. On average, coffee hair dye fades after two or three washes. When you shampoo, try to limit the use of hot water. Hot water is harsher than cold water and fades your color quicker. You may also want to invest in a water filter for your shower. Most showers elicit hard water which contains minerals like chlorine and magnesium that diminish the effects of hair dye.

DIY Coffee Hair Mask Recipe & Guide

Brunette applying a hair mask.

Woman applying a hair mask.

DIY hair masks are a fun way to ensure that your hair is getting the best treatment! As we mentioned, it is hard to avoid chemicals that hide in everyday hair products. This coffee hair mask is super easy to make and only contains three natural ingredients. 


  • 1 tablespoon of raw honey
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil
  • 2 teaspoons of coffee grounds

In this recipe, the raw honey and olive oil enhance the effect of the coffee grounds on your hair. The olive oil and raw honey contain a variety of vitamins that moisturize your hair, soothe your scalp, and reduce scalp irritation. Additionally, these ingredients have low pH levels; with olive oil ranging between a pH of one and two, and raw honey ranging between a pH of 3.4 and 3.9. 


In a small bowl, combine raw honey, olive oil, and coffee grounds. Mix together until ingredients form a paste. Massage into dry hair and let sit for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water and finish with a PH balanced shampoo and conditioner


It goes without saying that real hair dye lasts longer than coffee hair dye. Real hair dye is made of chemical compounds that are designed to stay in your hair for months at a time. Many argue that the downfall of dying your hair with coffee is its short-term effects. Ironically, I feel that the short-term effects of coffee hair dye are what make it fun and light-hearted!

Dying your hair with coffee gives you a stress-free hair coloring experience. Oftentimes, changing your hair color can be scary because the results are unknown. If you are unhappy with the result of chemically-based hair dye, you’re stuck with it for months. Coffee hair dye provides a stress-free approach to coloring your hair. Best case scenario, you love the color and got some healthy hair benefits from the coffee grounds. Worst case scenario, you still get the hair benefits, and you shampoo until the color is gone. All in all, there isn’t really a downside to dying your hair with coffee!