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How To Get Shiny Hair Naturally: Tips For Shiny Hair!

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Glossy locks are often seen as a constituent of healthy hair. Although, to be fair, there are times when one’s hair seems to shine only due to excessive amounts of oil or product-related grease. Either way – having dry, brittle, damaged hair doesn’t exactly say “healthy”. I think many people would agree that soft, sleek, shiny hair is the kind of look they’re interested in adopting and maintaining, generally speaking.

There are different ways to achieve that sought-after appearance. Some of these methods are more popular than others, some are healthier than others. In this post, we’re going to take a look at a few ways to get your hair looking shiny. Being able to stare in the mirror and see the light bouncing off of those luminous locks – it’s truly a wonderful feeling. And sometimes, as many will attest to, a good hair day is precisely what’s needed to turn things around and give you a boost of confidence.

Some people can enter a room, and immediately their shiny hair will catch the attention of anyone who happens to glance in that person’s direction. It’s not even about attraction or attention-seeking. When hair looks good, when it positively shines, admiring it – if only for a few seconds – is an almost-involuntary action. It’s a highly-coveted position to be in, since we humans are such visual creatures.

So, how is it done? Can anyone get their hair to shine?

How To Make Hair Shiny

Close up of hair in braid.

Woman with silky hair.

Making hair shine can mean a couple of things. First, there is getting it to look shiny on the outside, and this can be achieved in a number of ways. That’s a kind of insta-shine, if you will. Second, there is the natural shine that comes from hair which is adequately nourished and properly maintained. That second type of shine – the longer-lasting and overall more natural one – is the kind of gloss and sheen which many hair-owners are interested in acquiring.

It takes dedication (and perhaps the right kinds of products) to get your hair looking shiny on a regular basis. Once you get into a healthy routine, you’ll find that it isn’t as difficult to maintain that shine and keep it up. They say that beauty is pain, and that is undoubtedly true to a degree. Keeping hair shiny is about giving it kind attention on a regular basis, which makes the hair lie down and reflect light. That’s the technical part of it.

Getting your hair to shine regularly is a direct result of the way you treat your hair and body. Eat right, live right, don’t over-style or over-manage your hair – and it will be ever so thankful. I mean that in a general sense, since there are always exceptions to the rule. Using the right nourishing products can make a big difference.

Think of it this way: ideally, you don’t make the hair shine. You take good care of it, be nice to it, and the shine factor may very well appear on its own. That’s the thought behind hair that shines in the long run, without having to constantly invest in extra products and processes.

How To Make Hair Shiny Instantly 

Hair shines due to light being reflected off its cuticles, not because it has its own luminous power source or light-emitting diodes in its roots. The cuticle is the outermost layer of the hair strand, in the same way that the epidermis is the skin’s outermost layer. A hair strand shines when the cuticle is lying down against the hair shaft, and therefore the light can bounce off of it. Hair which has cuticles that are raised up is the type of hair that looks duller and rather unhealthy, if only by comparison.

Your hair doesn’t have to be in very poor condition in order to look lifeless. It’s not an “either-or” type of situation. It could be that the roots are fine, but the cuticles are raised. Just because the hair may appear lifeless, doesn’t necessarily mean that it actually is. You can make hair shine instantly – or at the very least get it looking shinier than its current state. Here are just a few examples of how that can be done.

1. Cold Water

Woman washing her hair.

Woman showering.

Finishing your shower or bath with a healthy rinse of cold water seals and smooths the cuticles, effectively causing them to lie down and be more lustrous. Cold, but not freezing. You don’t want to cause any damage.

2. Hair Gloss Products

Different instant gloss treatments are available from a variety of reputable hair care companies. These products can help your hair look shiny and smooth for days at a time. Apply within measure, since overdoing it may bring unwanted results.

3. Leave-In Conditioner

Woman with leave-in conditioner in her hair.

Leave-in conditioner.

Using an overnight leave-in conditioner is another way of helping your hair get what it needs in order to shine. Apply it before bedtime, wake up in the morning, and you are good to go. While this option is not as “instant” as the others, it has merit and is used by many people every day (or night).

How To Make Gray Hair Smooth And Shiny

Top view of woman with gray hair.

Woman with gray hair.

In the early 2010’s, a new hair trend emerged – Granny Gray. Some attribute the gray hair trend to world-famous designer Jean-Paul Gaultier. The idea was rather simple: instead of choosing to cover up your gray, older women decided to embrace their natural grayness, while the younger ones opted for coloring their hair in shades of gray. But then, for both groups, the question which immediately presented itself was: how does one keep their gray hair looking shiny? 

Many women seek to avoid lifeless and dull-looking locks, no matter what color they are. For those with gray hair, this presents an even larger problem because gray, white, and silver have – for the most part – been associated with old age and (perhaps) even with a kind of absence of beauty. Over the many years, there were women who had chosen to hide or color their gray hairs rather than flaunt them. That’s why maintaining a luxurious head of gray hair was something comparatively scarce.

But no; as it turns out, you can look good in gray. The caveat is that in order to avoid the detriments of this seemingly more-aged look, the hair ought to be in its healthiest and shiniest state. To help gray hair look and feel great, you can use serums, masks, and even proper clothing to your advantage. Make sure to use products which don’t alter the color or tone of your hair. This could lead to blue or green hair, and that is not what you’re going for.

Helpful products (and proper applications of said products), healthy brushing or combing technique, and avoidance of certain colors of clothing – these can all contribute to your gray being smooth and luminous.

Hair trends come and go, but gray hair is something that many people contend with regardless of fashion. The older we get and the more stress we experience, the greater chances there are of our hair losing its colored pigments. Some embrace it and let it run its course, some dye it and attempt to hide it, and – as it happens – seek it out.

Protein Treatment For Hair Explained

The fact that your hair is made up of protein, means that your tresses just can’t get enough of this vital nutrient. Actually, it’s more likely that your hair is lacking in protein, than getting too much of it. That’s where protein treatments come in. Before we get into the treatment itself, let’s first understand how to know that our hair needs a treatment in the first place. Common signs that your hair might need some extra TLC include split ends, weak or brittle strands, or hair that looks particularly dull and lackluster.

If you’re looking at your hair and growing more concerned by the minute, listen up because a protein treatment might be for you. Most protein treatments are keratin. There are light treatments, protein packs, and deep penetrating treatments. Yet there’s one thing they all have in common: they are a temporary fix. This is actually why knowing ingredients can be more useful than just any old solution. When you know that silk amino acids are proteins that can nourish your hair, you can get lasting products to revive your hair, rather than going for a treatment that provides temporary relief for your strands.

Nevertheless, protein treatments aren’t a complete waste of time, especially if your hair needs immediate extra attention. Natural protein treatments are usually the most lasting course of action. And silk amino acids aren’t the only protein out there. Yogurt, avocados, and even oats, all contain proteins that are nourishing for your hair strands. When people speak of protein treatments, they’re often referring to a professional keratin treatment. However, that doesn’t mean that more natural solutions don’t have their place in the conversation.

Home Remedies For Shiny Hair

Womans hands pouring essential oil on cotton pad.

DIY hair treatment.

DIY hair masks are probably the best home remedy for shiny hair. You can experiment and see which elements work best for your hair type. Popular masks include ingredients like honey, avocado, eggs, olive oil, white vinegar, and apple cider vinegar. These are not necessarily only for keeping hair shiny. They are staples of many DIY masks which aim to keep the hair clean and strong. The resulting shine and luster are simply an expression of the hair’s overall vitality and health. 

Other than masks which you can make at home, you can also use essential oil treatments, serums which include various vitamins, olive oil, coconut oil, and more. Brushing your hair properly can also seriously help your natural shine present itself. You can also opt for prevention, by avoiding conditions or situations which make your hair frizz up. Frizzy hair is a sign that the strands are dry and in need of moisture. This is precisely the kind of hair which does not reflect light. So, take care to prevent it to keep your hair looking good.

Sometimes it’s not about what to do, but what not to do. Avoid over-washing, over-styling, and over-maintaining in general. Too many cooks spoil the broth, as they say. Similarly, too many products could have a potentially-adverse effect on your otherwise-healthy strands. Hair requires nutrients, so diet and healthy living are the building blocks of any proper hair care routine. By getting enough of what the hair physically needs and not messing with it too much, you can end up with hair which looks glamorous and behaves its best.

Shiny Hair Products Breakdown

Do you actually need products in order to make your hair shiny? Not necessarily, but many find that it helps to achieve and maintain the look. Theoretically, if you give the hair what it needs and don’t over-do your ‘do, your hair can shine without any special assistance. However, this is becoming more difficult, due to our environment and the prevalence of unhealthy daily habits. Things like pollution, smoking, over-exposure to sunlight, poor dieting, and similar day-to-day things can all contribute to the lackluster state of one’s hair.

The best products for shiny hair are ones which react well to your hair. Just like any other hair care product, there is no guarantee that what worked for one person will work for another, or in the same way. We have different hair types, different considerations, and different genes which affect the ways in which our hair behaves.

Some of the more popular products are hair serums that contain vitamin E, leave-in conditioners, essential oil treatments (such as argan and rosemary), certain dry shampoos, and hair masks which contain natural ingredients. It doesn’t have to be only natural ingredients. Nevertheless, there are those who have seen success with natural and DIY masks.

Don’t buy into anything just because a company advertises it or a friend recommended it. If possible, try things out and see what yields the best results over time. Your body changes, your routines and/or diet could change, your hormones could be in flux, your stress levels could be affected by this, that, and the other. There is just so much that could interfere with even the healthiest process. This is why shiny hair products can be so beneficial at times.

Just don’t let a commercial dry shampoo or DIY hair mask take the place of adequate cleanliness, good hygiene, and proper brushing. As always, it’s a balance that you’re trying to achieve, a kind of equilibrium. Hitting that sweet spot is not always easy, especially when it can be something of a moving target. The hair doesn’t gain or lose its shine in the course of a day. So, if you feel and see something is working for you – keep it up!

Best Shampoo For Shiny Hair Explained

Woman in shower washing brunette hair.

Using natural hair products keeps your scalp healthy.

Shampoos help to clean the scalp and hair, to remove debris, excess oil, dead skin, and the like. This is the primary function of the product we call shampoo. Any additional task it has is one that comes afterward. If your hair and scalp are not clean after using a certain shampoo, it might not be the right one for you at this time. If you are looking specifically for shiny hair, it may not be enough to simply get it clean. This varies from person to person. 

The best types of shampoo for shiny hair are ones that do not dry it out. This is because moisture is crucial for attaining a healthy, long-lasting sheen. Certain chemicals might clean the hair well, but also strip away the shine-essential ingredients in the process. An example of this is your sebum, which is a major influence on hair shine. On the other hand, shampoos with natural ingredients may not provide you with the results you’re looking for. This is simply because it’s harder to remove debris and dead skin with those kinds of products. Harder, but not impossible.

Ingredients such as biotin, keratin, different types of amino acids, essential oils or carrier oils, healthy fatty acids, and others are almost-always recommended. As such, they have been known to make an appearance in shampoos that are aimed at cleaning the hair, introducing moisture, and keeping humidity and frizz at bay. After some time of using it, you may find that your hair remains shiny with less intervention.

Also, as a side note, a shampoo’s scent can often be helped with a few drops of your favorite essential oils. If you enjoy a shampoo’s effect, but not its smell, try to incorporate some fragrant essential oils to the shampoo. See how it affects you. Depending on the oils you use, it could even act as a way to boost your hair’s shine.


Attaining shiny hair which lasts and which is the result of proper care is usually something which you can’t just spray on or lotion in. When you treat your hair right it will often show you love in return. That is unless there is some specific condition or reaction which is getting in the way. For some people, and with certain hair types, shiny hair is easier to achieve than others.

Some things are under your control, and some are not. This goes way beyond hair care, mind you, since it has to do with healthy living at large. Make it your duty to rid yourself of unnecessary mental stress and anxiety. Try to avoid damage from excessive heat. Get into the habit of sleeping well and eating well. Easier said than done, of course, but these are the best ways to get shiny and healthy hair. Also, attempt to learn what types of products and tools your hair reacts best to.

When attempting to get your hair’s shine on, you ought to view it as a marathon and not a sprint. Using “instant” solutions can be good for a time, and certainly they have their place, but overall there are better ways of achieving that shinier, glossier look, and maintaining it over a long period of time. The best thing about the issue of shiny hair is that it’s pretty straightforward. It will be pretty obvious to see if what you are doing is beneficial: either the hair will have a healthy shine to it, or it will not.

Don’t be discouraged if you can’t get there immediately. Remember that some factors are not always up to you, and that hair health starts on the inside. Beautiful lustrous hair is not something that’s exceedingly difficult to achieve, once you have a proper routine. It’s all about giving your hair the care it needs and being attentive without going overboard. You got this.