Carnation Absolute Essential Oil Benefits

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When it comes to trying natural products, you may find that some work for you and some simply don’t. This is true for almost any type of product. And as consumers, it’s our job to find the ones that suit us and our lifestyle best.

I’d recommend doing your research first. This will make your life easier and let you spend fewer resources on products that don’t work for you. Holistic products in general are usually a lot healthier than conventional ones, which is why many people turn to them. In fact, the market has grown so much so that there’s basically a natural alternative for almost every product on the market these days.

The irony is that many of these natural products are targeted at making our lives healthier. Yet in reality, they often come with a long list of side effects. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t work, but rather, that they might cause other health-related issues.

Absolute oils are often viewed with a great deal of skepticism. This is because they’re produced through a chemical process of extraction. However, not all absolutes are created equal, and some are simply better than others.

We often encounter absolute oils when trying to find a specific essential oil. I’ll explain more about this in the next section of the article. But the fact is that certain plants or flowers cannot be used in a conventional steam extraction process. They’re too delicate for the intense heat involved.

Carnation absolute oil has certain advantages and disadvantages. I hope that this article gives you a clearer idea of whether it’s good for you or not. It should also shed some light on exactly what carnation oil actually is.

What Is Carnation Absolute Essential Oil?

Pink carnation flowers growing.

The carnation flower is where we get carnation absolute oil from.

Carnation absolute oil is produced from the carnation flower through chemical extraction. Unlike essential oils, absolutes are created by introducing organic matter to a solvent mixture (consisting of a variety of hydrogenated or petro-based chemicals). This extracts the essential oils of the organic matter as it ‘stews’.

After this initial solvent bath, the remaining product is a thick, waxy substance. It goes through another chemical rinse, usually involving ethanol or pure alcohol. This separates the essential oils from the wax. The step last step simply involves allowing the ethanol to evaporate over time. What’s left is known as absolute.

The reason for this method is that the flowers of carnations are too sensitive for the intense heat of the steam extraction method for essential oils. The heat often breaks down the organic matter long before the essential oils are released. So less oil is produced and it’s of lower quality.

It’s easy to see why many would prefer using essential oils over absolutes.  Essential oils don’t have any harmful chemicals or hydrogenated additives. So they’re generally a lot healthier and cleaner than absolute oils. While absolutes are still appropriate for use in aromatherapy and various other processes, essential oils are a safer and more practical choice.

But don’t let that discourage you from trying an absolute! Some are cleaner and purer than others. So it’s a good idea to do some research before selecting a brand. But most absolutes are still suitable for general use as a fragrance or in aromatherapy treatments.

Carnation oil in specific is renowned for stimulating our creative side. It’s even been used as a rather potent, natural aphrodisiac. For other uses of this oil, keep reading!

Carnation Absolute Oil As An Antiseptic

Woman in towel applying eye cream.

Using carnation absolute oil can help with skin blemishes.

The oil of the carnation flower is well-known for its strong antiseptic and antioxidant properties. It’s ideal for treating minor wounds, aiding the recovery process, and even treating skin disorders such as acne.

Most conventional disinfectant creams or ointments contain a large amount of chemical ingredients as their base. Yet carnation absolute only contains a small amount of leftover chemical additives, which can differ depending on the quality of the product. The better the quality, the lower the contamination level. So it’s always a good idea to shop around and find the best value for your money.

Using carnation oil as a topical treatment is quite simple and easy. All you have to do is apply a small amount of the oil to a dab of cotton wool and gently rub the wool over the affected area. Carnation oil also works better at treating the aforementioned ailments when blended with other oils such as jasmine, ylang ylang, lavender, and grapefruit.

By diluting the oil, you can reduce the effects of any contaminants that remain in the solution and increase the healing effects that the oil has on your skin and overall health.  I would highly recommend blending/diluting any essential oil, but definitely absolute oils, as this makes them more suitable for medicinal use.

Carnation Absolute As A Sedative And Treatment For Anxiety And Depression


Woman smelling a flower.

Smelling flowers can help induce sedation by causing the release of melatonin.

The smell of carnation flowers is both light and floral, and it’s comparable to that of cloves.  Just as chemical-based sedatives work to release chemicals such as dopamine and melatonin in our brains, and ultimately induce drowsiness and eventually sleep, the olfactory gland in our noses works in much the same way.

This gland is largely responsible for our sense of smell. It converts the molecules that enter our nose into chemical impulses. This stimulates various chemical and hormonal impulses in the brain, which, in turn, has a direct physiological effect on our mind and body.

This means that the things we smell can have an actual change in the neurological functions of our brain – including the release of melatonin. By using the oil in a distiller, vaporizer, or as part of a steam treatment, you can concentrate the effects of the oil and deliver it directly to your brain. This is a much healthier and cleaner method of inducing sedation as opposed to the conventional drugs on offer.

It’s a well-known fact that pharmaceutical sedatives can be highly addictive drugs. They may cause illness or disorders when used over a long period of time or outside of their recommended dosage. They can also affect your hormonal balance and lead to anxiety, depression and even eating disorders. So in my opinion, it’s always a good idea to try a natural alternative.

Anxiety Treatment

Lavender growing.

Add lavender oil to your carnation absolute oil to increase its effectiveness.

I personally suffer from bouts of anxiety, which I suppose is par for the course as a writer. However, I learned early in life that there are healthy ways and unhealthy ways to deal with anxiety. 

The healthier method of anxiety treatment usually requires you to examine your lifestyle and identify what’s causing you to feel anxious in the first place. This is often the hardest part. But once you do it, you can approach the issue more holistically.

I would recommend looking at your diet first. When you eat healthy food, you feel better and have more energy to deal with challenges. Also, getting enough exercise helps deliver oxygen to your brain and can stimulate the release of dopamine – the chemical responsible for the feelings of happiness.

Doing things that are good for you will cause your brain to release the chemical and induce a feeling of happiness. While it’s true that the unhealthy methods also help the release of dopamine, the adverse effects on the rest of your body eventually reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.

Using carnation oil can also help to stimulate the release of dopamine in small amounts. You can also blend carnation oil with other calming oils such as ylang ylang or lavender oil to help increase its effects in treating anxiety. It will have a lasting effect when used on a regular basis.

I’d recommend keeping a blend in your distiller or oil burner so that your home has a fresh and calming smell throughout the day. I would also suggest changing the blend occasionally so that you don’t become tired of one particular smell. Don’t feel shy to try new scents or mixtures – variety is the spice of life.

Depression Treatment

While using natural products can help curb the direct symptoms of depression, it often takes a great deal of emotional work and therapy to truly work through your depression.

Antidepressants do treat the symptoms of depression, but they come with a long list of side effects. These side effects can actually worsen the effects of your depression and induce other symptoms as well.

In truth, the reality of using natural products for depression treatment is that they won’t cure your depression overnight. (The same applies to pharmaceuticals.) However, you can use them in conjunction with other alternative methods of emotional healing and therapy to alleviate the symptoms of your depression and actually make you feel good.

There’s a limitation with antidepressants here, as they don’t actually make you feel happy. They just alleviate the immediate feeling of depression. While this can help in more drastic cases, for general depression or sadness it can actually worsen the effects and draw out negative feelings. Plus, people often need to increase the dosage over time. 

As I said, utilizing natural products, including carnation oil, to treat depression will not alleviate the problem overnight. But like many things in life, there are healthy options and ‘less’ healthy options that we can choose from. Using natural products in conjunction with a healthy diet, regular exercise, and talking to others is the best way to beat depression and take control of your life.


Using natural products to treat physical or emotional ailments or disorders only truly works in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle. This includes both regular exercise and a balanced diet. Trying a holistic product once or twice will have some effect on your mood or skin, but this will be largely superficial at first.

By using natural products, such as carnation oil, regularly, you can let your body adjust to the tempo change- as we’re largely used to the immediate effects of modern pharmaceutical drugs. Natural products take a bit more time to really work their magic, and this means being patient and allowing the effects to take hold.

If your lifestyle is unbalanced or unhealthy at the time that you’re using natural products, the effects will be diminished. So it’s important that you assess your lifestyle and make sure that it’s in-line with holistic and healthy practices or routines. Otherwise, you won’t find the kind of healing that you’re looking for from natural products.