Absolute Oils And Their Health Benefits Explained – Absolutely!

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When it comes to holistic healing and alternative medicine, it’s best to get a good grasp of what you’re doing well before experimenting or even trying certain treatments out.

This may sound like common knowledge – and in part, it is, but the truth is that we’re often convinced that organic medicines, natural products and homeopathy is totally safe which may often cause some to overlook the fact that it requires at least some knowledge and know-how in order to utilize correctly and avoid any health complications.

While many argue that natural products are a lot safer than most conventional pharmaceutical products, and in general I would tend to agree – one has to consider that natural products are still pretty potent and should be handled with care.

One such example of this is absolute oils. In this article, I hope to give you a brief overview of what absolute oils are and not only how to use them to benefit your health, but also to ensure that you don’t risk harming yourself while doing so.

They’re simple, affordable and quite useful – given that you know how to use them correctly and therefore taking the time out to have a fair understanding of how they work can really help to unlock a new avenue of alternative treatments for a variety of common health ailments.

Absolute Oils Explained

Unlike essential oils – which happen to be one of my favourite forms of natural medicine and generally tend to consume most of the time I spend doing research because of their incredible abilities – absolute oils have and probably always will be something that I handle with caution.

Why might you ask? It’s simple. The nature of an absolute oil is different to the that of an essential oil largely because of the way in which absolute oils are manufactured. One can argue the same about a great-deal of medicines (both alternative and conventional) – but that’s a different article for another day.
Absolute oils are the product of plants, flowers and other natural products that are too sensitive for the high levels of heat that conventional steam-based methods of distillation that are used to create essential oils.

Because of this, the natural products are processed through a series of chemical baths that are made-up of different alcohol-based chemical solvents which is more effective at extracting the essential oils contained within the organic matter without the risk of breaking the plant matter down and losing the vital essential oils before they can be separated.

While this might be the only way to remove the essential oils on a large scale at the moment (due to the cost-effectiveness of the process and the benefit of garnering two separate products from the extraction process) – many have often avoided absolute oils because of the fact that they tend to retain a small (and in some cases a much larger) percentage of the harmful chemicals that were used in the solvent extraction method.

So instead of getting the pure extract like you do through the process of steam distillation (and a product that is largely free of any chemical or bacterial contaminants), you get a potent chemical hybrid that, if not used in the correct doses and with suitable carrier oils to dilute it in, could be quite a volatile substance.

Here are a few tips and guidelines that you can use to help get a better idea of how absolute oils can be used correctly as well as how they can be used to treat certain ailments and health conditions in a more natural and holistic way.

Absolute Oils As Antidepressants

Hands holding up 'smile' sign.

Absolute Oils as an alternative for antidepressants.

Everyone these days seem to be suffering from stress. It doesn’t matter whether you’re wealthy or poor, positive or negative or even if you’re trying to avoid stress as much as possible – it is a simple function of nature and will always be there to affect us in a modern day world.

However, the key to understanding stress lies in how you deal with it and this is something that is often overlooked when dealing with illness and disease in modern society.

Stress is at the heart of a great-deal of our health issues (if not almost all of them) and should be avoided or treated as quickly and often as possible. Prolonged bouts of stress can wreak havoc on our emotional well-being and can physically change the makeup of our brains and bodies leading to hormone imbalances and long-term emotional disorders such as depression.

In relieving stress, we can help to promote a healthy and well-balanced frame of view that ultimately enables us to make better choices for ourselves that reinforce positive habits and thoughts.

This is fundamental for helping to alleviate depression and while depression is a serious mental issue that requires serious treatment – natural products such as essential oils and absolute oils can be used in a more healthy way than pharmaceutical drugs which tend to come with a wide variety of side effects that often worsen the symptoms of the disorder you may be trying to deal with.

I would recommend taking a weekly bath with essential oils and (diluted) absolute oils as a great way of unwinding, or simply add some boiled water to a sink, mix in some Ylang Ylang, Jasmine and Lavender oil and breathe in the steam while you meditate on what may be causing you to feel down or focus on how to fix the problem.

If you are suffering from depression, it’s important that you talk to the ones you love or the people who are close to you about it as well as seeking psychological help in the form of a therapist. It’s a serious issue and should never be treated with only medicine (whether natural or pharmaceutical in nature). The sooner you start taking action over your depression, the sooner you can heal and move on.

Black Pepper Essential Oil vs. Cajeput Essential Oil

Absolute Oils As Antiseptics

Thankfully both essential oils and absolute oils are tremendously effective natural antiseptic treatments and can be used quite easily to help prevent the onset of infection or the spread of harmful bacteria ultimately allowing for better protection and a smoother recovery process.

Absolute oils have been used as natural antiseptic treatments for centuries and even in today’s modern world, these ancient forms of homoeopathic medicine are quite effective at getting the job done – not to mention being cheaper and safer than certain antibacterial ointments, lotions, creams or solutions.

I would personally recommend keeping a vial of Tea Tree or Eucalyptus essential oil at home and on hand for minor emergencies, but if you can’t get your hands on any for some reason, absolute oils such as Rose or Jasmine oil are also a good idea as they have pretty potent natural antibacterial properties and can be used in according ways.

However, I’ll probably be mentioning this quite a few times over the course of this article, but it’s always important to ensure that you dilute an absolute oil carefully before using them on you body at all.

The aim is to limit the amount of chemical contaminants that come into contact with your skin as they’re likely to cause damage or irritation. So I would recommend that you mix 1 drop of absolute oil to at least 2 or three drops of carrier oil such as olive, almond or castor oil before applying to your skin to avoid any irritation or health issues.

I always keep a vial or two of essential oils in my medicine cabinet for in case of emergency and find that they’re still useful in other aspects of my life – even when there isn’t an emergency (although that’s becoming more and more of a luxury). So they’re always a worthwhile investment!

Absolute Oils As An Astringent

An astringent is basically a substance that helps to promote the flow of red blood cells which in turn, help to encourage the growth of new skin cells and tighten the surface of the skin at the same time. There are many natural variations of astringents and they’re most commonly found in both essential and absolute oils.

These astringent properties make certain absolute oils ideal for speeding up the recovery process of minor wounds, sores, bites and scars and can also be quite effective at relieving or easing the signs of aging that affect all of us at some point or another in our lives.

I would personally recommend using either lotus or rose absolute oils for the aging process as they’re both quite effective at lifting and tightening the skin, thus helping to close pores and reduce the appearance of wrinkles without costing you an arm and a leg like most anti-aging creams or formulas do.

While it is always better to use an essential oil for any form of skin treatment, both rose and lotus absolute oil have very distinctive and delightful odors that make it more effective as an anti-aging product than Eucalyptus oil (which is actually more efficient).

It can be added to regular facial creams and moisturisers and applied as part of your daily cleansing and beauty routine to ensure that your skin is lifted and more radiant over the course of the day and as you grow older (with repeated use of course).

While aging is inevitable, natural aging (and aging beautifully) is possible – so long as you take care of yourself and start using the right natural products on your skin earlier enough. Your skin is the largest organ you have – so it’s important to take care of it.

Absolute Oils As A Deodorant

Two blue bottles labeled as Tea Tree Deodorant.

Absolute oils as a deodorant.

If you’ve ever bothered turning that can of deodorant around to see what’s on the back of the bottle and stared at the long list of seemingly unpronounceable terms otherwise known as ‘ingredients’ that appear there, then you probably know the feeling I’m trying to describe.

It’s hard for us to imagine why or how a manufacturer could put such a large amount of toxic and potentially harmful ingredients in such a common and everyday household item – but in truth, fiction often struggles to compare with reality in many cases.

So if the ingredients are what you brought you here – then you’ll be glad to know that there are healthier, simpler and more cost-effective alternatives out there which can most certainly be used to help you deal with your body odor – better yet, to help eliminate the bacteria that causes the odor in the first place.

The best way to utilize absolute oils as deodorants is to dilute them in a suitable carrier oil or essential oil (such as Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Petit Grain, Bergamot or Chamomile) and simply dab a few drops around the affected area.

Not only will the oils help to relieve any foul odors, but they’ll actively work to try and get rid of the germs and bacteria that cause the odors in the first place. This means you’ll get longer lasting scent and less odor – whilst avoiding any of irritations, rashes, stains or dryness that tends to occur when using conventional deodorants for a long period of time.

They’re cheaper, healthier and simply better alternative in my opinion and should definitely be in any athlete’s or gym-bug’s bag or car for those post-workout odors.

Absolute Oils As Insecticides

I’m a keen camper and outdoors-man – I simply cannot get enough of being out in the wild for short periods of time. There’s something deeply humbling and gratifying of being surrounded by nature and realizing how far away you are from society and the stresses that come with it all.

However, for all of nature’s awe-inspiring beauty – your trip into the unknown can go from being a peaceful walk with family and friends into a serious emergency situation and it’s because of this that you should always be prepared for as many eventualities as you can be before venturing out into nowhere.

Something as small as a mosquito, insect or arachnid can make your trip a really hazardous experience and therefore it’s important that you take a strong enough insect repellent with you regardless of where you are in the wild.

Traditionally, oils such as Lemongrass, Eucalyptus and Tea Tree oil have been used as rather effective natural insect repellents and are still used today. I would also recommend adding Lavender, Ylang Ylang or Jasmine oil to the mix, as these further help to ward off pesky insects and will also help to kill off bacteria on your skin whilst eliminating body odors at the same time.

I would always recommend that you find out about any general precautions that may be listed regarding a specific destination so that you know what to bring.

Mosquito nets, a healthy amount of repellent and shots/medication all need to be considered before venturing off into the wild and the importance of this can’t be stressed more.

Your life, let alone your camping trip, may all depend on this – so don’t take something so small, lightly.

Absolute Oils As Fungicides


Absolute Oils as Fungicides.

The same chemical compounds that make absolute oils such as Rose and Jasmine oil effective at treating and controlling bacteria on the surface of the skin, also make them highly effective at treating and controlling fungal infections.

If you’re a regular at the gym or enjoy jogging, hiking or basically doing any form of exercise that makes you sweat on a regular basis you’re likely to have experienced some kind of fungal infection at some point in your life.

Even the most hygiene-conscious of us can be susceptible to a fungal infection for a number of reasons – but thankfully absolute oils and essential oils can be used to help treat most forms of fungal infection quite easily.

Some of the most common forms of fungal infection are athlete’s foot and ‘jock itch’ which generally occur from reusing shoes, socks or underwear during a workout routine. The warm, moist environment helps to allow the athlete’s foot bacteria which occurs on dead skin cells and if left untreated (in this case cleaned) it can cause the infection to spread on your feet. This generally results in an itch and skin irritation but the long-term effects are generally quite minor.

However, for pet owners, there’s always the risk that you may wind up contracting a more serious infection such as a ringworm. These are tiny parasites that can be contracted through the skin by coming into contact with your pet.

They can result in painful, boil-like sores where the parasite grows and are best treated with a hot bath and essential oils and absolute oils such as lemon balm, eucalyptus, rose and ylang ylang oil to name a few. The sooner you treat a ringworm infection, the better as they can spread and become cystic over time. You may want to consult a doctor if you think you have the symptoms of an infection.

Finally, yeast infections are most common in areas such as the armpits, groin and even on the surface of the skin and are caused by a specific bacteria known as cutaneous candidiasis. When the yeast grows too actively on the surface of the skin, it can result in swelling, scaly skin, itchiness, pain and even cystic discharge.

A yeast infection is best treated with a combination of tea tree, lavender and coconut oil which should be applied to the affected area after a warm bath or shower (after the skin has been dried). You can also add rose oil to the mixture for added effectiveness.

Absolute Oils As A Bath Enhancer

It’s one of the few luxuries I rarely allow myself to enjoy and it’s a lot more simple than you’d think – some don’t even consider them a luxury. I’m referring to the age-old process of taking a bath and while many may argue that it’s a gross waste of water when compared to the effectiveness of showers in terms of saving water.

However, taking a bath every now and then is both incredibly relaxing and can be very beneficial to your health in general.

The warm water helps us to sweat out toxins and clear out our pores and the steam helps to clear out sinuses and can even help to reduce stress as our muscles tend to relax when we’re bathing and this helps to stimulate the release of a chemical known as dopamine.

This enables us to feel more positive as it’s the hormone that is used by our brain as part of a ‘reward system’ so to speak. When we do things that our brain recognises as being positive – it releases dopamine as a way of encouraging us to do more of that thing.

By including absolute oils and essential oils in our bathing routine (along with aromatic salts and other natural products), we can increase our brain’s ability to release this chemical and therefore induce stronger feelings of calm, happiness and generally increase our well-being.

The addition of jasmine or rose oil in your bathing routine can also help to increase our skin’s ability to shed dead skin cells and flush out toxins. This means that it can speed up the healing process with regards to sores, rashes or minor wounds and leave your skin feeling hydrated, softer and smoother for longer.

Absolute Oils For Muscle Relief

Topless woman with back to camera holding up arms to show muscles.

Absolute Oils for muscle relief.

Having a muscle spasm or general ache can really put a damper in your day to day routine. Especially if you exercise regularly! In cases, the pain can be so bad that we struggle to move and in these cases, you’re probably bound to be prescribed a serious painkiller or two.

However, for more minor aches or spasms, holistic techniques can be used to help alleviate the pain in a more natural and healthy way – before it becomes a serious issue that requires the use of painkillers and other forms of medication.

The sooner you act, the better. Depending on the area of the affected muscle, you can treat it yourself by simply mixing rose, eucalyptus and coconut oil together and rubbing it into the affected area.

The oils can penetrate the surface of the skin and reach deep down to the affected muscle, helping to relax the muscle and ultimately relieve the pain.

However, it’s important to note that this is part of a process and will not necessarily cause the pain to disappear completely after only one try. You will most likely have to massage the oils into the affected area at least 2-3 times a day to really help treat the issue more completely.

If the spasm or cramp (general pain for that matter) is in an area that hard to reach by yourself, I’d recommend having either your partner, friend or family member massage the oil blend into the affected area regularly as they will be able to do a more effective job at relieving the pain than you can by yourself.

If you have the money though, I would definitely recommend seeing a licensed holistic masseuse to get the job done as they have a very good understanding of how to treat specific muscle spasms or cramps and can do so using only natural products.

While this may be more expensive than the DIY approach, it’s the best way to ensure that the issue is resolved more completely and doesn’t result in recurring problems over time. A damaged muscle must be treated very seriously as they tend to result in long-term pain when left untreated or when treated incorrectly.

Absolute Oils as an Aphrodisiac

Sometimes, even a romantic gesture can help get things going again and by running a nice warm bath for your partner with rose petals and rose oil in the mix, you can say ‘hello’, ‘how are you’ and ‘you know what time it is’ without having to say anything at all.

Sex is a great stress reliever and can really help to brighten up your view of the world, not to mention stimulate the blood flow and balance out your hormones. So long as you’re not an addict, it’s a healthy and normal coping mechanism that couples and people in general use to deal with their everyday issues.

So if things have taken a bit of a lull in the bedroom, try rose and jasmine absolute oil to help spice things up again. Chocolate also works wonders here and can be used to get the appetite going again.

Absolute Oils as a Cicatrisant

Floating red blood cells.

Blood Cells.

In short, a cicatrisant is a medicinal agent that can be found in both natural and pharmaceutical products that helps to increase the amount of red blood cells that flow towards a wound or scar and ultimately enables a faster and smoother healing process.

Red blood cells are important for allowing the clotting process to take place and it is this clotting that helps to seal the wound and ultimately provide the conditions for the healing process to begin. I would highly recommend using violet or jasmine oil for this as they’re best suited to a natural cicatrisant agent and should be used in conjunction with bergamot, lavender or tea tree oil as well as coconut or almond oil as a diffuser (carrier oil).

Not only will this blend of essential oils help to speed up the healing process, but they are also tremendously beneficial in terms of controlling and preventing the spread of harmful bacteria and germs that can lead to infection on the surface of the skin.

I would recommend mixing up a blend of some of these oils and keeping them in a secure vial in a medkit or in your medicine cabinet at home or on the road so that in case of a minor emergency (or a more serious one for that matter), you always have something on hand to help stop infection and increase your bodies natural ability to heal.

A bleeding wound is always a nuisance and can pose a more serious threat to your overall health so the sooner you get to treat it – the better.


Ultimately, absolute oils are very useful to have around the home for a wide number of reasons and I’ve only really given you a brief summary of the many uses for these amazing natural products.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the specific uses of individual absolute oils and essential oils, I would recommend you check out our blog or simply type the name of the oil you’re interested in in the search bar at the top of our landing page.

Absolute oils have been used throughout the ages and can really help to treat a wide variety of health ailments both internally and topically.

So I would definitely recommend keeping a vial or two of your favourites in your essential oil collection or even using them as a starting point from which you build your collection up. You can never have too many healthy natural products around the home.