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The Perfect Bubble Bath For Relaxation

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Bubble baths are one of the best inventions of the 20th century. There’s nothing better than coming home after a long day and taking a bath to soak your skin and relax. Bubble baths soothe the senses, alleviate sore muscles and do wonders for your mental health. While a bubble bath can’t solve everything, taking time to submerge in warm water helps your mind and body heal from general exhaustion and fatigue. 

Below we will detail the benefits of taking a bubble bath and the best ways to maximize your relaxation.

Bubble Bath Benefits

Scented Candles And Essential Oils For Relaxation

Not only does a bubble bath feel great and increase relaxation, but it also has numerous other health benefits. These benefits include alleviating joint stiffness, promoting muscle healing, detoxifying your skin and promoting general self-care and wellbeing.

1. Relax Your Mind, Body And Spirit

Having a bath cleanses your body, and assists you in letting go of life’s daily pressures. Taking the time to pamper yourself helps to reduce your stress and anxiety, while also allowing the hot water to calm your nerves. 

Moreover, studies have shown that the warm water from baths can help with serotonin production, the chemical in our brains responsible for happiness. The reason for this is that lying horizontally in a warm bath could possibly mimic the conditions in the womb. This state of vulnerability and absolute relaxation instinctively helps your sense of security. It provides a feeling of comfort and allows your mind and body to fully relax while having a good soak.

2. Cleanse And Nourish Your Skin

Hand holding a bubble.

A Quality Body Wash Can Do Wonders For Your Skin

The warm water from the bath is actually a great way to clean your skin and remove dead skin cells. The heat opens your pores, which hydrates your skin and allows your dermis to relax for a thorough cleanse. It is therefore recommended that you use a bubble bath mixture with more natural ingredients so that you can properly nourish your body. Bubble baths like these also help to detoxify your skin as the heat from the water causes you to sweat out toxins. This leaves your skin feeling dewy and supple after having a relaxing bath.

3. Soothe Sore Joints And Muscles

When your muscles or joints have become inflamed or sore, taking a bubble bath increases the blood flow to these areas and promotes wellbeing. Likewise, the heat from the water helps your heart beat faster which is like having a light workout. This increase in blood flow and oxygen coursing through your system is incredible for circulation. Furthermore, this increased blood flow is beneficial to your cardiovascular health as well. 

To get the most benefit from a bath, make sure you breathe deeply to promote blood flow and oxygen. Additionally, you could add Epsom salts to your bubble bath to further soothe your joints and muscles.

Relaxing Bubble Bath Ideas

Relaxing Bubble Bath With Scented Candles

Bubble baths are for everyone and some of the best ways to maximize your relaxation is to:

1. Create A Relaxing Ambiance

One of the best ways to take a tranquil and luxurious bubble bath is to simply create a relaxing environment. This is achieved by turning off your phone, locking the door, pouring a glass of wine and lighting a scented candle for some aromatherapy. In particular, we recommend using candles scented with lavender, sage, eucalyptus, mint, vanilla, rosemary, lemongrass, or cedarwood. Any of these scents will help soothe your mind while amplifying the restfulness of your bubble bath.

Another way to set the ambiance is to put on some relaxing music. We advise against death metal or hard rock (although each to their own), and instead, listen to soothing music. Joni Mitchell’s album Blue is always a hit, as are Taylor Swift’s Folklore and Evermore albums. Alternatively, Adele’s 30 album or any of Bon Iver’s albums are always great soundtracks to your bubble bath. Plus, let’s not discount classical music!

2. Use Essential Oils In Your Bubble Bath

Hand dropping oil into bottle with row of bottles in background.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are distilled or cold-pressed extracts taken from plants to capture the unique aroma and attributes of that particular flower, herb or fruit, etc. These oils have highly beneficial properties and their scents are extensively used in aromatherapy. Moreover, they can be used for holistic wellbeing as a complementary practice alongside more mainstream medicine.

Therefore, to enhance your bubble bath, soothe your muscles and reduce your anxiety, we recommend using chamomile or frankincense to calm your nerves and boost your mood. Meanwhile, if you deal with headaches, peppermint essential oil has been known to reduce tension in your temporal lobe. Finally, if you have insomnia, the properties in lavender essential oil help promote better nights when used as aromatherapy.

All of these essential oils are an excellent way to treat yourself to some luxury. Likewise, they can assist with alleviating tension in your mind or body. The way to use them would be to add 3-6 drops of essential oil to 2 teaspoons carrier oil. Mix it together and add it to the water in your bath. Try this out, and bathe in the aromatherapeutic glory of your essential oil-infused bath.

3. Use A Meditation App

Woman Relaxing In Bath

To get the full benefit of your relaxing bath, you can use this time when your whole body is relaxed to do some guided meditation. Pour yourself a glass of wine, take some deep breaths and allow yourself to be guided into pure bliss with your favorite meditation app. The best meditation apps that we recommend are Headspace and MyLife Meditation.

Meditating in the bath can really help you get the full mental health benefits of the experience. This is because you can immerse yourself in completely looking after your mind and body, thereby ensuring you are fully rejuvenated for the following day.

4. Choose The Right Bubble Bath Product

It is recommended that you use a bubble bath mixture without any harsh chemicals that tend to irritate and dry out your skin. Bubble baths are the height of indulgence and should leave you feeling refreshed with silky smooth skin. Therefore, it’s recommended to use a bubble bath with a short list of ingredients, as well as with natural and hydrating products that moisturize dry skin. Ideally, search for products with jojoba or coconut oil, as well as essential oils like chamomile, frankincense, and citrus.

If you have skin concerns, it is also best for you to choose products that are labeled for sensitive skin. Alternatively, you can make your own bubble bath mixture! Making your own means you can guarantee that you’re using premium products that are nourishing and hydrating for your skin.

Homemade Bubble Bath Recipe

Hands holding bubbles.

Bubble Bath Suds

When taking a relaxing bubble bath, you want to make sure that whatever you are using is safe and that it can provide results. A simple solution to knowing what you are using is to opt for homemade formulas. This is particularly useful if you have allergies or sensitive skin.

Below we have detailed a recipe for your own homemade bubble bath mixture:


  • ½ cup distilled water
  • ¼ cup vegetable glycerine or coconut oil
  • ½ cup liquid soap or shampoo
  • 10 drops of an essential oil of your choice 


  • Mixing bowl
  • Sterilized 16 oz glass bottle with a tight-fitting cap or lid


First, pour the distilled water into a bowl and slowly incorporate the vegetable glycerine making sure it’s properly mixed. Then add the soap and essential oil to the mixture. Gently swish the ingredients to combine them properly. Be sure not to mix it too vigorously so as not to create bubbles. 

Put anything from a few tablespoons to ½ a cup of this mixture into your bath for the perfect bubble bath. Then sit back and enjoy your sweet-smelling, chemical-free, and soothing homemade bubble bath!


A bubble bath is a great way to unwind and relax after a long and stressful day. It is the perfect solution to finding some tranquility in your busy life. Moreover, it is an excellent excuse to indulge in a simple luxury which so often we seem to go without in our busy world. Sometimes all you need is an hour away from everyday life to simply take a few moments of pleasure and bathe in some soapy suds.

There is a lot to say about the power of doing nothing, and ensuring that you have adequate relaxation time. Having a bath is a great way to rejuvenate your senses, improve your mental health. In doing so you are taking the time for yourself to restore your mind, your body, and your spirit.