Why Bubble Baths Shouldn’t Just Be For Kids

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Water is probably one of the most vital elements of life. It’s also taken for granted and underappreciated. We go through days dehydrated (by choice), and curse water when it falls from the sky. We definitely don’t show it as much love as it deserves. Water is good for the mind, body, and soul. For me, the foundation of self-care starts with a good bath. There’s an episode of Friends that shows truly how wonderful baths can be. In the episode, Chandler (played by the funny Matthew Perry) becomes hooked on taking bubble baths. He is at first completely embarrassed by how much he enjoys it since it’s quite a shift from his normal shower-taking self, but he really enjoys it! The show may have ended, but the legend lives on. Both men and women today can appreciate a nice, relaxing bath.

The key to a good bath is the ingredients you put in it. The whole experience can awaken most of your senses. Your smell, sight, touch, and hearing can all be ignited. Whether it be the music you play, the candles you light, or the scented bath bombs you use, each bath can be personalized to your likes and needs. Everyone deserves a relaxing bath experience. Granted, not many have the time or energy to put forth the effort necessary to draw a bath that gets the job done. However, if you are ever in the mood to pamper yourself, you can turn your ordinary bathroom into an at-home spa with a few simple additions.

Do Not Disturb!

Bath running with window in background.

Having peace and quiet is very important.

First – privacy. Nothing is worse than people knocking on the door, asking questions, and disturbing the peace. Those of you without kids have it easier, but even so, it is of the utmost importance. If you want to relax – and that, my friends, is exactly what you should be shooting for – then bubble baths are the place to start. Once you have made the decision to take some time out just for yourself – make it count. No interruptions, period.

Using bath salts (not talking about drugs here) and essential oils can make any bath experience 10 times more relaxing and soothing. Ultimately, that is what it’s about- getting some R&R, and nice and squeaky clean. Using the right salts and oils can help relieve the pain of sore muscles or the ache of rusty joints. BUT, and this is the big but, relaxing your body is only half the story.

Mental relaxation is where a quality bath can really shine. Your atmosphere matters. So, dim the lights, put on some music, and maybe drink a glass of wine. As I said, make it count. Using the right essential oils can greatly affect your mental state, especially lavender oil. When done right, you can come out of that bath feeling like a changed individual. Sometimes, all we really need is some time alone to decompress.

How Bubble Baths Changed My Stress Levels

Woman surrounded by sliced citrus fruit floating in water.

A bath can do wonders for your stress levels.

We all know the feeling of dipping into a nice, warm bath – especially when it’s a bubble bath laden with aromatic essential oils. The stress melts right off your body, leaving you feeling weightless and as if the rest of the world doesn’t exist. Taking a bubble bath is considered a form of deep meditation. It can help balance your mind, sweat out toxins and other harmful chemicals, allowing your body to reset itself. Unlike normal sleep or meditation, submerging oneself in warm water helps raise their body’s temperature, which will cause one to sleep into a sort of ‘waking-sleep’ state. This is the same state we try to reach during meditation. It’s a very hard state to reach. Taking a bath is a great way to practice.

The sensations we experience during an aromatic bubble bath cause our brains to release Dopamine – a chemical responsible for feelings of pleasure and happiness. It’s our brain’s way of rewarding and encouraging us to do things that benefit our well being. While there are unhealthy ways of stimulating the release of this chemical in our brains, bath’s are a safe and healthy way to do so. When you step out of a bath and feel a cool breeze it causes your brain to release Melatonin. This chemical is responsible for enabling us to sleep which is why we can usually get a good night’s sleep in after a warm bath. As you know, getting enough sleep is crucial for alleviating the effects of stress and allow our bodies to get ready for the next day.

DIY Bubble Bath Recipe And Guide

Soapy water.

A DIY bubble bath is the way to go!

This is a really simple recipe that’s so easy. It shouldn’t take you more than 30 minutes to mix all of the ingredients together. Plus it yields enough bubble bath to last you around 8 baths – so it’s a great bang for your buck. Natural is always better, which is why you should do more DIY recipes when it comes to skin, hair and beauty treatments as they’re generally a lot safer. The important thing about DIY is that since you are the one in charge, you decide what goes into it and what shouldn’t. It’s especially important for people who have allergies or sensitive skin and need to monitor exactly what comes in contact with their skin.

Simply mix almond oil, honey, natural body soap, lavender essential oil, and vanilla extract all the together in a large mixing bowl. Transfer the mixture into a clean, glass or plastic jar with a sealable lid. To use, simply shake the container so that the ingredients are well-mixed and pour ¼ cup of the liquid under a running tap while you prepare your bath. It’s as easy as that. Almond oil is great for moisturizing dry skin. Not only does lavender oil smell good but it may also help in treating anxiety, insomnia, and depression. Therefore this combination is perfect for a relaxing bath.

Other Ways To Naturally Reduce Stress

In the modern world, we’re so used to running from one task to the next we tend to forget to take time out of our day to rest and catch our breath. Sadly, it’s only once our body finally gives up and starts shutting down, that we tend to listen to it. Stress has been linked to almost every kind of health ailment that we may experience over the course of our lifetime – so if you want to lead a healthier lifestyle, you can start by cutting stress out of your life (or at least keeping it at a reasonable level).

While bathing is a highly effective way of reducing stress, there are many other ways you can treat stress without the need of foreign substances like alcohol or drugs. The first method is probably the most enjoyable and that’s to laugh – a lot! If you’re feeling stressed or angry about something, put on a comedy show or watch a funny movie. Laughter gets oxygen to the brain and helps to release endorphin’s that contribute to our feelings of happiness and positivity. So don’t worry, be happy – literally!

Another great way to reduce stress is to play with a pet. Research has proven that playing with animals can lower blood pressure and ultimately help people de-stress – so if you don’t suffer from any allergies, spend some time with your friendly household critter. You can also try yoga, general exercise and meditation as these are all great ways to stimulate the release of dopamine, lower blood pressure and help us unwind as well as get loads of oxygen straight to the brain (where it’s needed).


We all subconsciously know that water is healing. If someone asks you to think about relaxation, you probably think of something to with water. Whether you’re sitting on a beach, swimming in a lake, or taking a warm bath- you know that water soothes. There are other ways to feel good and relaxed- like food. Good and tasty food helps us feel good on the inside and take our mind off issues that may be causing stress.

Meditation, as you may know, is a great way to relieve stress as well. Since baths take you to that meditative state, they can work just the same in fighting stress. Bathing is a relatively cheap and ultimately a healthier way to reduce stress than pharmaceutical drugs or other substances. It’s definitely worth recommending to anyone who is going through a stressful phase or for yourself during those stressful times. While many of us may struggle to fit this into our daily routine, the truth is that it doesn’t take all that long. Less than an hour is enough for us to bring down our stress levels. After work, tomorrow, instead of collapsing onto your bed, try some of these techniques and see how good they make you feel. Nothing feels better than sinking yourself into a warm, bubbly, aromatic bath and your mind and body will love you for it.