Anti-Aging Celebrity Beauty Secrets

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Why do some celebrities seem to age slower than the rest of the world, or not seem to age at all? Are their age-defying looks pure luck or are there certain things they do to slow their ageing process?

Find out some anti-ageing celebrity beauty secrets that might surprisingly work…

Staying Hydrated

Woman drinking from water bottle in exercise clothes.

Woman drinking water.

Drink plenty of water. This is well-known but I suppose it’s more convincing when you know it works for celebrities who look half their age. Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston both share that they make sure to drink plenty of water to stay healthy. A hydrated body contributes to hydrated skin that appears soft and supple. Conversely, not drinking enough water can result in dry skin that ages earlier. Now you might be thinking ‘thanks J. Lo and Aniston, but that one’s well known. What other anti-ageing hacks do you do to stay looking fabulous in your forties?’ Because there must be more…

Positive Thinking And Mediation

More than one celebrity has shared that practising positive thinking has changed their life. Our mental state can have a huge impact on our physical state. According to a study by Olay, a positive mental attitude is one of three main external factors that determine skin ageing. Thinking positively and stressing less can make you look and feel younger.

Staying Fit

Close up of woman trying sneaker laces.

Woman tying laces on her sneakers.

Many celebrities swear by their daily workout routines. Working out regularly keeps you fit and young. Exercising raises your energy levels, and the endorphins your body releases when you exercise boost your mood, meaning that routinely working out can make you look and feel great!


It’s no secret that Botox is popular in Hollywood. When the social pressure to be ageless is on, celebrities can turn to all sorts of solutions, and injecting their face does deliver results even if it’s only temporary. However, not every celebrity turns to Botox as a solution. One example is Jennifer Aniston who claims to stay away from Botox. Instead, she gets laser and led light therapy treatments to externally tighten her face muscles. So, Botox is one anti-ageing celebrity not-so-secret beauty secret, but we don’t recommend going that route.


It’s cool to suntan unprotected when you’re young, but you pay for it when your skin starts to age prematurely. Celebrities like J. Lo, Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Garner, and Eva Longoria who look younger than their age claim that they wear daily SPF to prevent their skin from ageing. The trick is to start wearing sunscreen when you’re young and enjoy the payoff when you get older and your skin stays soft and supple.

Removing Makeup Every Night

Woman with hair in towel wiping face with cotton pad.

Woman removing makeup.

More than one ageless celebrity lives by the cardinal rule: never ever go to sleep with makeup on – no matter what! Removing makeup every night cleans the pores and allows the skin to breathe, keeping it smooth and radiant.


It’s common for celebrities to get luxurious facials on a regular basis or to spend enormous amounts of money on high-end skin care products. Most of us don’t have the budget, time or patience to compete with celebrity skin care rituals. However, investing in good, affordable skin care products and cleansing and moisturizing skin every day certainly helps to keep wrinkles at bay.


Less is more when applying makeup. It might be tempting to pile on the makeup as you age, but usually, this just draws attention to lines and creases. You might notice older celebrities wearing more natural-looking makeup. Going lighter on the makeup makes them look younger.

Healthy Diet

Mason jars filled with vegetables and fruit for meal prep.

Meal-prepped mason jars.

Adopting a diet that consists of plenty of fruits, vegetables, protein and healthy fats keeps skin clear and dewy. It’s okay to indulge now and then as long as most of the food you eat is healthy. Supermodel Heidi Klum says she follows the 80/20 rule. She eats clean 80 per cent of the time and allows herself to indulge 20 per cent of the time.

Good Genes

Let’s face it, there’s a reason why some celebrities stay in the limelight for years. Often, they’ll openly admit that good genes are at play. Yes, they’re usually strict with their diet and invest more money and time in skin treatments than the average person, but they’ll also credit good looks and good genes. They seem to age a little slower than the rest of us and their close relatives may have been the same.


It can be tempting to go to extreme length to slow the natural ageing process, but you really shouldn’t need to do anything more than staying fit, healthy, and adopting a reasonable skin care regimen to look and feel great. You don’t have to look like a celebrity whose age seems frozen in time – when looking good is your full-time profession you have no choice but to invest more money, time, and energy in beauty than the average person can compete with. Instead focus on taking care of yourself, enjoying life, and ageing gracefully!