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Top 5 Absolute Oils For Your Health: The Absolute Truth

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In recent times there has been a shift towards more holistic treatments for a variety of different health issues. From more serious issues like treating cancer to everyday common health ailments such as the common cold or flu.

This is largely due to the negative reaction that many have had towards the approach that modern medicine takes for treating most ailments as well as the rising costs associated with conventional medical treatments.

While most would agree that it’s generally a better idea to treat serious health issues with conventional medicine, the truth is that in most cases the same results can be achieved with natural products and techniques when they are utilized correctly and the ailment is treated early enough.

However, when it comes to homeopathic treatments, therapy, or medicine, it is imperative that you know what you’re dealing with and how to use them. While it’s true that the same applies to conventional medicine, the difference is that with homeopathic treatments, people often try out remedies in their own homes based on information found online. Basically, just experimenting.  

This is why we’re here! We always recommend seeing a homeopath or alternative healer face to face, but we understand how pricey and time-consuming that can be. Either way, it’s important to stay as informed as possible on the subject to help you get positive results and the clean bill of health you deserve.

In this article, we will be touching on absolute oils specifically. I’ll be pointing out which are the most effective for treating certain health issues, as well as how to use them and when. I hope to shed some light on these potent natural products and hopefully encourage their use a little more in the common household.

Absolute Oils Explained

Small vials of oil.

Absolute Oils.

Firstly, it’s important that I stress that absolute oils are not essential oils. There is a vast difference between the two, even though it’s easy to forget that from time to time, as they look and often even smell quite similar.

The difference between these natural products lies largely in the methods in which they are created. Essential oils are distilled through the ancient method of steam distillation, which is both the oldest and safest means of producing essential oils to date.

The organic matter is subjected to high temperatures in a vat of water, which helps to evaporate the essential oils from the organic material and gathers them in a separate cooling chamber where the vapor condenses to form the final product: essential oil.

With absolute oils, the organic material source is often too sensitive for the traditional steam treatment and is therefore subjected to a series of chemical baths which help to break down the organic material into its various natural states.

This process produces at least two products from the organic material. The first one is a thick waxy resin-like substance that is used in creating candles and as an aromatic agent in the creation of fragrances and soaps. The second being absolute oils, which are produced by extracting oil from the wax.

It is important to note that it generally still contains anywhere from 5% – 40% of the alcohol-based substances that are used to extract it. This is why many prefer an essential oil to absolute oils, as they are free of chemical additives or impurities and are therefore safer to use for medicinal purposes.

That being said, absolute oils still have their place in homeopathic treatments and when used correctly, (diluted properly and used in small amounts) can provide a list of highly effective health benefits.

Rose Absolute Oil Health Benefits Explained

Small bottle of oil surrounded by pink petals and a rose.

Rose Absolute Oil.

Everyone knows about roses and I’m quite sure that we’ve all seen at least one type of rose over the course of our lifetime.

While they may seem commonplace today, roses still have the power to move us, relieve stress and simply brighten up our day with their natural beauty and aroma. At heart of legacies, myths, legends and stories for centuries, they are powerful symbols of love.

However, beyond being a romantic token of love or a pleasant decoration, roses pack a serious punch in terms of their use as a natural medicine. This may come as a surprise to some, but the mysteries of nature will be sure to perplex us for many years to come.

Firstly, rose absolute oil has tremendous power as an anti-inflammatory agent and can be used to help treat issues such as a high fever and microbial infection.

The oil also helps to boost one’s immune system. It can, therefore, be used as a shield to help prevent the onset of infection in the first place, without threatening to enable viral mutation in diseases and bacteria like pharmaceutical products.

One of my favorite ways to use rose absolute oil is on the surface of my skin as it helps to clean it and prevent the buildup of potentially harmful germs and bacteria. This makes it particularly effective at treating oily, acne prone skin as well as helping to prevent the formation of pimples and acne.

The cicatrisant properties of absolute oils also lend themselves in healing signs of acne and other skin blemishes. The oil can be used to help keep minor wounds clean and clear, speed up the healing process, and aid in the regeneration of new skin cells which ultimately helps to replace old, scarred skin tissue thereby reducing the signs of scarring overall.

Rose absolute oil, when diluted correctly (1 drop absolute: 3-4 drops carrier oil) can help to flush toxins from the liver and flush out excess bile and acids, and treat ulcers. The cherry on top is that rose absolute oil also works as a rather potent natural aphrodisiac which can help to stimulate your love life, and having a good sex-life is one of the easiest ways to stay happy and healthy naturally.

Violet Absolute Oil Health Benefits Explained

Purple flowers.

Violet is probably one of my favorite flowers out there.

Aside from the rose, the violet is probably one of my favorite flowers out there. Its amazing smell is only a side-dish of delight compared to the amazing healing properties of this little flower. They say that dynamite comes in small packages, and the violet is no exception.

One of the best uses of violet absolute oil that I’ve encountered so far (and it tends to be why I use absolute oils most of the time) is being great for general topical skin care. When you consider how much money we spend on products to help treat dry and irritable skin, as well as medical issues such as cuts, scars and inflammation, the idea of a natural product that can help with all of that is quite a relief.

In addition, violet absolute oil is highly effective at treating inflammation on the surface of the skin which is a characteristic of rashes, allergies and skin disorders such as psoriasis and eczema.It can go as far as reducing the signs of redness and swelling soon after being applied to the skin.

The oil also penetrates the surface of the skin and can help to heal and rejuvenate broken capillaries under the skin tissue which helps to increase circulation and ultimately allow for faster healing and more luscious looking skin.

The same anti-inflammatory properties that make the oil so effective at treating the surface of the skin also make it highly effective at relieving joint and muscle inflammation. The best way to do this is by taking a warm bath and add a few drops of the oil into the water. After drying yourself, rub some of the violet absolute oil, along with a suitable carrier oil such as eucalyptus or lavender oil, into the affected area and leave it there overnight.

Repeat this once a day with or without the bath (A warm wet towel works just as well) until the pain has dissipated. This is a lot cheaper and safer than taking tranquilizers.  Keep in mind that it’ll work a whole lot better with an aroma-therapeutic massage. These strong analgesic qualities of violet absolute oil also help to relieve the symptoms of headaches and general pain which makes it perfect for runners, cyclists, hikers or people who enjoy exercising in general.

I love using this absolute oil largely because it has the effects of a whole lot of different conventional medications without the additional side-effects that come with conventional drugs. It is, therefore, a great deal safer to use in and around the home.

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Jasmine Absolute Oil Health Benefits Explained

I’m quite sure that we’ve all encountered jasmine at some point in our lives, whether in it’s raw form, as an essential oil or even as a perfume. It is a flower that many regard as being quite famous and as you may have learned from Aladdin, is a widely used name in the Middle East. The flower has a strong yet sweet and pleasing fragrance, which is common for flowers that blossom at night.

However, jasmine has a lot more to offer than its delightful scent and can be used in a variety of different ways to help treat various health ailments. This is why I would recommend that everyone keep a vial of jasmine absolute oil in their homes throughout the year so that they’re prepared for any kind of emergency if it should arise.

One of the main aspects of jasmine absolute oil that I love so much in regard to its healing properties is its ability to act as a natural antiseptic and disinfectant. This makes the oil highly effective at treating open wounds (and preventing the formation of infection), as well as helping to treat various fungal and bacteria on the surface of the skin.

When inhaled through a steam bath or vaporizer, these same antiseptic properties help to reduce infections in the respiratory system. It can also help to prevent the formation of serious ailments such as bronchitis or pneumonia as well as the more common symptoms of a cold cough and sore throat.

This oil is also particularly helpful at increasing a woman’s ability to produce milk during pregnancy. I must add that it’s imperative that you use a very small amount and dilute it with a suitable carrier oil, as essential oils and absolute oils can have a negative effect on young children due to their rich natural chemical content. While that might sound a bit nerve-wracking, the added benefit of using jasmine oil, for this reason, is that it works to prevent the formation of breast tumors and cancer in the breast.

Finally, one of my favorite uses of jasmine essential oil is that it helps me get to sleep on those night’s where I simply can’t slip into my dreams. As we now know, many of the common and more serious health ailments that affect us are linked to high-stress levels and a lack of sleep. This is because they eventually weaken our bodies immune system and can cause serious hormone imbalances.

To help me sleep at night or to simply unwind, I generally add 3-4 drops of jasmine oil with 3-4 drops of lavender or ylang-ylang oil to a sink filled with boiled water and drape a towel over my head to breathe in the steam. After 5 minutes, I rested, relaxed and ready for a full night’s sleep.

Lavender Absolute Oil Health Benefits Explained

Small brown bottle next to lavender.

Lavender Absolute Oil.

Next to roses, I would say that lavender is probably one of the most common plants that we come into contact with on a regular basis. It has become a popular addition to western culture through its use in everything from soaps, shampoos and perfumes, to food products, decorations and as a medicine. While that last one may come as a surprise to some, truth is that most of the conventional drugs that we consume on a regular basis are made up of the phytochemicals and nutrients that are originally contained in organic plant matter such as lavender.

Generally speaking, lavender oil is available as an essential oil, which is always the preferred option. It is so because it’s cleaner, safer and more effective, but if you can’t get your hands on a vial of the ‘original’ stuff, then absolute oils should work just fine (so long as you dilute them correctly). That being said, lavender absolute oil is highly effective at treating issues on the surface of the skin due to its strong antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial properties.

This means that you can use the oil (preferably on a clean cotton swab) to help remove any germs, dirt and bacteria that may gather on the surface of your skin and lead to infections or inflammation. You can also use absolute oils such as this to help treat minor wounds from becoming infected as well as treating infections such as athlete’s foot and ringworms.

It’s also very useful as a natural toner and will help to get rid of excess sebum oil and dead skin cells which may help to prevent the spread of acne. Because the oil has natural analgesic properties, it helps to relieve pain associated with cystic pimples and acne wounds, ultimately allowing for a smoother healing process.

The lavender absolute oil is a strong natural immune booster and preemptively can help to prevent the formation of disease and illness from occurring. One of the ways it works is by actively improving blood circulation, which means that your body is better prepared to deal with wounds, infections and disease in general.

Finally, lavender oil’s delightful scent can also help you to relax and unwind with after a long day or during those stressful periods which is a great way to ensure that your body is always prepared to deal with these issues and balance out your hormones so that you’re always at your peak potential.

Neroli Absolute Oil Health Benefits Explained

Orange marmalade in open glass jar with spoon next to orange segments.

Seville Marmalade.

Neroli absolute oil is distilled from the flowers of the bitter orange tree which are cultivated in areas such as Northern Africa, France and particularly Florida, but are also native to parts of India (close to the Himalayas) and parts of East Africa too. This particular orange garners its name from the bitter taste it produces which is caused by the high amount of limonin and limonoids that make the fruit less suitable for raw consumption and juice production than it’s cousin – the sweet orange.

However, bitter oranges are commonly used to make the famous ‘Seville Marmalade’ that you might have heard of as it helps to stimulate your appetite and tastes quite nice too.

Neroli oil acts as a natural antiseptic and antimicrobial agent due to the high linalool, linalyl acetate, geraniol and camphene content of the oil.

This makes it quite effective in treating hair and scalp infections such as lice and mites as well as killing off any bacteria that may cause irritation on the surface of your scalp as well removing dead skin cells and excess oil that generally gathers on your scalp over the course of the day.

The same chemical compounds that make Neroli oil such an amazing antibacterial agent, also lend themselves to the oils natural cicatrisant properties. This means that absolute oils can be used to increase cell stimulation and help to heal wounds and scars faster and better.

This makes it suitable for treating acne scars as it’s soft on the skin, kills off any bacteria that may cause infection and has a low comedogenic rating – so won’t clog your pores and worsen your blemishes.

By inhaling a mixture of Neroli, Ylang Ylang essential oil and Lavender essential oil on a regular basis, you can actively reduce your blood-pressure levels by suppressing the amount of cortisol your body releases. The blend of oils is also known to reduce your stress and anger levels which also contributes to your blood pressure levels.

To conclude, Neroli oil, although somewhat more expensive than most essential oils, is well worth the price. It’s highly regarded as one of the most effective natural treatments for lowering blood pressure, as well as a list of other ailments and works incredibly well as a natural alternative to most skin or hair treatments and can also work as a natural deodorant. One of the most useful essential oils you’ll find without a doubt.


Ultimately, using natural products to help treat your various health ailments is a very good idea – and one that’s gaining steady momentum in popular culture.

The choice of using natural products over conventional forms of medication is something that should be thought out well before any serious decisions are made and a doctor should always be consulted before experimenting with any forms of natural or alternative medicine.

While it is true that in many cases, alternative forms of medicine are a lot safer than conventional medicines, using them incorrectly or in conjunction with other medications (or natural products that may have conflicting results) could prove to be hazardous to your health. So it’s best to make sure that you don’t suffer from any allergies before trying a natural product out and use them sparingly at first to be on the safe side.

Otherwise, they’re a safe, natural and effective form of medication that can be cheap and healthy alternatives to the conventional treatments we are so used to using.