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Winter Skin Care: Product Swaps For Dry, Itchy Winter Skin

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You’ve probably noticed that your winter skin is not the same as your summer skin, and it ain’t just about the cute, rosy, cheeks either. While in the summer you may have enjoyed normal skin, all of a sudden it’s dry, chapped or cracked skin. Lack of moisture in the outside air and dry, harsh winds, not to mention friction from your scarf and hat rubbing against your skin, can cause dryness, flakiness and/or breakouts. So what’s a girl to do? Luckily, there are a few really easy ways to change around your beauty routine and look your best, even in the colder months. Winter skincare is the key.


Woman with healthy skin.

Using a hydrating cleanser for glowing skin.

If you’ve used a foaming cleanser up ‘til now, it may be time to think about switching over to a creamy one for the next few months. Creams are generally heavier and therefore work to better protect your skin and trap in moisture. They maintain the moisture balance in your skin, which is vital for ensuring that your skin is not dried out, but not too oily, either.


If you’re a strict no-waterproof-mascara girl, you may want to break your rule for winter skin care. While waterproof mascara can feel heavier and take that little bit more effort to remove at the end of the day, running outside in the rain or walking against the cold winds (meaning that your eyes start tearing) with regular mascara often leads to that less-than-attractive raccoon eyes look. But unlike our furry friends, on us humans, it isn’t so cute. Some beauty experts don’t recommend using waterproof mascara for everyday use, so if you’re concerned, make sure to remove all your makeup at the end of each day, and condition your eyelashes so they stay healthy and hydrated.


Woman smiling.

Tinted moisturizers.

If your skin is already dry, adding foundation on top – especially powdered foundation – can dry it out further and accentuate the flakiness. (Trust me on this. I know.) Try using a tinted moisturizer instead of foundation – you can go a half shade darker than your natural skin tone if you want to really dress it up.

Lip Balm

There’s nothing like a lip balm that keeps your lips super-moisturized, doubles as a tinted gloss and tastes and smells delicious! Sorry to burst your balm bubble but, unfortunately, you aren’t too likely to find one. If your lips get really chapped in the winter, raise your hand and say “aye” with me.  Now go out and buy yourself a super-hydrating, unscented, clear lip balm. The tinted, scented versions are mainly targeting those of you who want something to wear as a gloss and who enjoy the smell. But the unscented, clear lip balms are focusing solely on the hydrating stuff. Less frills, more effectiveness. Lip balm, as always, is winter skin care 101.

Body Care

If you’ve been using a liquid body lotion until now, great. But it’s time to put your fave lotion at the back of your beauty closet and take out the cream instead. This will give you a stronger moisturizing treatment, and help you combat that dryness. Whilst a lotion might be more refreshing in summer, the soothing effect of body cream is your best friend in the colder months.


Winter does not have to mean bad skin, black mascara streaks and cracked, peeling, bleeding lips. Sure, it can mean that. But it’s only a matter of finding the right things for winter skin care – even if it means swapping some of your favorite summer products for more cold-weather appropriate ones.

The good news is that with time, these new products will grow on you, and you’ll likely come to favor them just as much as your summer picks. Just like you’ll need new clothes (and layers!) for winter, it’s also time to update your skin and beauty wardrobe. And which girl says no to new beauty products? Go on and treat yourself this winter to some serious winter skin care. You know you deserve it!