Timeless Haircut Ideas: What’s Old Is New Again

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There are certain perks to getting a timeless haircut. You don’t have to be concerned about your haircut going out of style next season and needing to return to the hairdresser or barber. And if a style lasted so long, there’s usually a reason why – it probably looks darn good on most people, and it might be comfortable to wear and easy to maintain too.

If you’re like me, you stick to the same hairstyle for several years. I’m a little scared of cutting off my locks, a fear that is probably overly magnified because hair does grow back. Perhaps I am afraid because I am reluctant to change and adapting to a new haircut. Either way, it always felt liberating whenever I dared to make that change, to get The Cut. A new cut can bring with it a boost of confidence, and a fresh start.
Here are some timeless haircut ideas for the next time you visit the salon…

Pixie Haircut

Woman with short, healthy hair

Woman with short, pixie haircut.

Actor Audrey Hepburn in the 1950s, fashion model Twiggy, more recently Kristin Stewart, and other famous personalities popularized the pixie cut. It seems that almost every celebrity sported a pixie at some point in their career. You need to be bold and brave to try a pixie. It can look amazing and feel super light and comfy, but if you do choose to get a pixie be aware that it will take a while for your hair to grow out. Think before making the bold move if you’re attached to your long tresses. There are no regrets right after, well at least not for the next year or so!

Bob Haircut

fresh short hair

Woman with bob haircut.

The bob is one haircut that has rocked through the ages – it’s been around for over 100 years! Hairdresser Antoine de Paris invented the bob in France. Most people didn’t embrace the style at first. In fact, the bob invited quite some controversy in its early days. Many were distressed by women cutting off their long tresses in favor of a short cut. Some men even divorced their wives when they came home with a newly cut bob. And mothers complained that they cannot tell their son from their daughter. When female hairdressers refused to cut a bob for their clients, women flocked to barbers to get their desired cut.

What people once viewed as a rebellious cut soon took over the fashion world and is no doubt still in today. Women initially wore bobs straight or waved. Today women wear bobs in countless different ways, with bangs, side bangs, sleek straight, beach waves, curls, and longer hair on one side. The great thing about bobs is that they suit almost every face shape. Plus, there are so many variations of the bob to choose from. The bob is one cut to consider if you’re searching for a timeless and unique hairstyle.

Permed Hair Or Natural Curls

Woman with curly hair in field with eyes closed.

Woman with curly hair.

If you love voluminous hair, curls will certainly give you that! .Carefree, dramatic, and fun, curls are one hairstyle that’s never quite died out. True, we’ve had the sleek, straight-haired days more recently, but it wasn’t long before waves and the 80’s wild curls trend snuck their way back into style.
More and more women are embracing their natural curls in all their glory, and many straight-haired girls are experimenting with waving or curling their hair. If you’re after a dramatic makeover, you can achieve corkscrew curls, loose curls, or tousled waves with a curling iron or by getting a perm at a salon. Be sure you want curls every single day because a perm will stay until it grows out. Otherwise, old fashioned curlers, a blow dryer, or a curling iron can transform your hair temporarily whenever you fancy some volume and bounce in your hair.


We hope you gained some hair inspiration for your next trip to the salon. Don’t fret if none of these haircuts appeal to you, there are many other hairstyles to experiment with. Fashion leaders introduce new variations of old hairstyles regularly. Whatever hairstyle you choose, remember to wear it with confidence!