10 Cute Winter Hairstyles For Short Hair!

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I must confess, I’m one of those people known for my hairstyle. It’s literally tied back in the same way, every day, except for a wedding or other occasion. But there’s really no need to be so, well, boring. It can be harder to come up with an original hairstyle for short hair, but shorter haircuts mean less work and more comfort. Here are ten haircut and hairstyle ideas for this winter if you have short hair or are looking to cut your hair. Short hair can look great on every face shape, curly hair, wavy hair, or straight hair. You just need to know how to cut and style it.

A Pixie Haircut

Side view of woman with dyed colored hair.

Woman with pixie haircut.

Short on the sides, long bangs in the front make for a super-cute hairstyle with minimal fuss. This style makes your facial features stand out and works best for people with oval-shaped faces.

A Page Boy

Stop wishing that your fine, straight hair was thick and wavy! A page boy haircut looks awesome with straight, thin hair, and is so comfortable. This cut is ear-length (just under your ears) in the front and slightly longer and closer to your head at the back, with long front bangs. It works best for people with a rounder face.

A Modern Bob

Unlike the layered, perfectly straight bob with flat baby bangs that you had when you were three years old, this bob totally works with wavy hair. It’s cut about halfway between your chin and shoulders and has no layers or bangs. Yes, this is why they call it the modern bob. Definitely not kindergarten worthy.

A Lob

Side view of woman with short hair laughing.

Woman with lob hairstyle.

The abbreviated term for a “long bob”, this haircut is made for those of you with wavy hair, and works well with straight hair, too. Cut a couple of inches underneath your collarbone with plenty of fun layers, this style takes hardly any time to work with in the morning rush and works well with any face shape. Plus, it allows you to wait a little longer between your hairdresser appointments. It’s also easy to grow out when you eventually get sick of it.

Messy Hairstyle With A Colorful Scarf Or Tie

Girl with back to camera and pink bow in hair.

Girl with ribbon in her hair.

Messy hair gives a relaxed, natural vibe, and is the easiest to style. If your hair is a bit longer, you can tie it in a low, messy bun near your neck. Then dress it up with a colored scarf knotted above your head. This style works best for people with wavy or curly hair. It also looks good on people with either round or oval-shaped faces.

Mini Braids

If you have chin or shoulder-length hair, try parting it to the side. Take a handful of hair close to your eyebrow on the side with more hair, and braid it towards the back of your head. This style not only keeps the hair from falling into your face but completely changes your hairstyle from “meh” to “cute!”. You can try this with more than one braid, and it works with both wavy and straight hair types.

Party Style

You likely have a couple of parties over the holiday season, but there’s no need to worry about how to style your shorter ‘do. Whether you have straight or wavy hair, pin it up messily at the back of your head using a mini claw clip, and part your hair in the middle. Pull out a strand of hair from each side of the part in the top of your forehead and allow them to hang near your face. If you have straight hair, just give those front pieces a slight curl and you’re good to go. Classy, simple, and super comfy.

Side Bangs

Not exactly a hairstyle or haircut per se, but if you want to add a bit of pizazz to your usual hairstyle, side bangs suit many face types, especially when they’re longer (sweeping over your eye). Maybe not the most comfortable style but hey, we all suffer for beauty sometimes, right? If you don’t want to commit, try a hairband with faux bangs attached to see how the style suits you.

Half Up

Back view of woman in field holding her hair up.

Woman with hair half up.

Another hairstyle you wore as a kid, only redone. Pull back the top of your hair with your hands to achieve that messy look. Then pin it at the back of your head with bobby pins or a cuff for a new take on an old style. It’ll look best on you if you have curly or wavy hair.

A Blunt Bob

Straight hair is the only thing that’ll work for this. A blunt bob is exactly as it sounds – no layers, just a sharp edge cut. You can add thick and long front bangs too, if you really want a statement cut.


There’s no need to wish for long locks! While longer hair has its perks, short hair can look awesome when done right with your face shape and hair type in mind. Don’t be afraid to take the leap and try a new hairstyle to spice up your winter.