Top 5 Natural Remedies For Focus And Concentration

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We all have different types of personality traits and proclivities, and these come into play heavily in our daily life. One thing which makes humans different from many of our fellow Earthlings is our ability to focus and concentrate as a choice and not an animal instinct. But this ability is not always a given or granted situation. For some, it takes practice and dedication to “turn on” that tendency. In an attempt to make the process easier and more convenient for those who need help, here are our top 5 natural remedies for focus and concentration.

You may have issues, you may not. But even if your ability to focus is not impaired, you can also improve your cognitive skills and increase their effects. In other words, even if you feel you don’t require a remedy of any kind, it is a great way to stay ahead of the curve, emotionally and physically. What you do with your brain today could count not only for the here and now, but for many years to come.

How To Stay Focused In The 21st Century

Grand central station.

People are always rushing in our fast-paced society.

This world of screens, information technology, and Big Data which we live in can be overwhelming. Never before has the human species undergone such a profound shift, and on a global scale no less. Our old paradigms seem to be crumbling, in some ways, as technology and digital reality change everything around us. And as certain things and achievements are gained, other elements of everyday life are at risk of being lost.

The 21st century offers plenty of comforts and conveniences, but at what cost? Are there old-world things which we can afford to give up? Probably, and this becomes more and more true as we advance. But the ability to focus and concentrate is something which is being eroded, and that could have potentially-devastating consequences down the road.

So, the question is asked: how do we maintain? Where is the balance? How do we stay focused in this multi-screen, multi-tasking, multi-everything world which we inhabit?

Like I said: practice and dedication. Depending on your age, your genes, and your experiences, you may actually have to rewire parts of your brain. And even if that is not literally true, certainly there is a figurative truth to that statement. It can be a real challenge to increase focus in the 21st century, and some are turning to various drugs or substances in an attempt to up their game. But there are other ways, ones which are much more natural and which feel less “forced”, so to speak.

Here are a few of the ways in which one can increase the power of their brain.

Top 5 Natural Remedies To Boost Brain Power

The human brain is the largest and most advanced in the entire animal kingdom, and it’s what gives us the power to concentrate on tasks and jobs we need to do. Certain things in our life are automated or semi-automated, but others require our utmost attention and care. This is where we might all need something to help us out, and provide our brain with a healthy boost.

1. Games To Improve Memory And Concentration

Hands holding rubiks cube on blue background.

Rubik’s cube for focus.

From the classic 52-card Memory to modern-day Rubik’s cubes and brain-teasing exercises — there are many games that are geared towards improving our memory and concentration abilities. Whether you play it on your favorite console or set it up on the dining table (old-school style), games of that nature can do a lot to benefit your cognitive processes. 

Incidentally, it might be a good idea to have both old school games and digital games, since you want to have the option of using different methods. If nothing else, it is a way to keep your brain on its toes. There is something about screens which is a lot more passive, inactive. While you can increase memory and attain greater focus through them, screens are not always the best way of going about it.

Iron sharpens iron, they say. Pushing and teasing and challenging your brain will help it grow stronger and more resilient.

2. Brain Boosting Foods

Four mason jars filled with fruit juice.

Brain-power fruit drinks.

As I keep telling anyone who will give an ear and listen, the ancient adage of “let thy food be thy medicine” is one of the most important things ever uttered. It is quite literally the head cornerstone of health, wellness, and vitality of the mind and body.

So many adults are asking themselves: what can help my child focus naturally? Is there anything that can make it happen? And they often mean this not as a shortcut, but as a viable way to get through to the kid. Something like a brain-boosting smoothie can be just what the doctor ordered.

Likewise, we are all familiar with the term “brain food”. Supposedly, there are certain foods whose nutritional values have been linked to improved cerebral function. Some foods are just trends, but even those will often have some nugget of truth.

3. Improve Sleep Quality

Woman covering half her face with blanket with eyes closed sleeping.

Women sleeping.

This one is a kind of obvious – yet often overlooked or pushed back – element of wellness. We humans are beasts of burden, and as such we are able to get by with fewer hours of slumber and low quality of sleep. However, if you are interested in not just getting by, but in actively increasing your brain’s power and abilities – up the quality of your sleep, and watch as things get a lot easier.

Good sleep means setting yourself up properly: eating and sleeping at the right times; giving your eyes a rest from screens and blue lights; sleeping in the dark and in silence whenever possible; plus, meditation or yoga before bed doesn’t hurt either. Heck, some of these techniques and poses can even be done when you are already in bed.

Sleeptime is when your brain, body, and mind get to relax, recharge, and experiment. They slip into that “in-between” state of being, into the place of dreams and altered consciousness. There is a ton of maintenance and growth that takes place then, in the physical brain. This is why sleep – particularly quality sleep – is such an important part of healthy living.

4. Reduce Stress

Speaking of yoga and meditation, stress is a strong component that may hinder the ability to focus and pay attention. When we are stressed, our brain is preoccupied with that which is stressing us out. Learning how to reduce this element of being is paramount because it interferes with day-to-day life. To be clear, this is not only a problem for those who suffer from chronic stress and anxiety.

When you are stressed, your body and mind devote a certain amount of resources to that end – to feel stress. Stress used to be something that was reserved for times of great necessity, emergency, and danger. But nowadays, people may become stressed and emotionally-triggered by the most seemingly-trivial of things. You never know what is going on inside a person’s mind. 

By reducing levels of stress, your mind will find more power at its disposal. It’s not even about increasing brainpower, but about using the power and abilities your brain already possesses and taking steps to allocate them appropriately. Some situations are unavoidably stressful, and some can be helped or alleviated. Take action and reduce unnecessary stress in your life, and your mind will be that much sharper.

5. Less Screen Time For Kids

Girl looking at tablet at the kitchen table.

Girl enjoying screen-time.

We all know just how valuable and near-irreplaceable screens and tech are to us at this point. We use them for work, we use them for play, we use them for self-improvement, and for many other things. Limiting your kids’ screen time is highly recommended, though, because without other stimulation their brain could become underdeveloped in some areas.

Let’s get real here: will these kids be using screens in the future? Most likely. Chances are that the digital world we currently live in is the most basic it’s ever going to be. Time waits for no one, and tech is advancing at a phenomenal and unprecedented rate. Things will get more digital as time goes on. Nevertheless, your kids should have limited screen time, and these limits can passively contribute to the brain’s improved functionality and strength.

There is no doubt that screens have many advantages, but when it comes to kids – whose brains are still incredibly fragile, highly elastic, and in relatively early stages of development – there should be a limit on screen time. This limit allows the brain to enjoy the best of both worlds – digital and physical. Wouldn’t it be great if your kid could have the cake and eat it too?


The word “natural” is thrown around so much, it’s become almost meaningless. And yet when it is true, it holds all meaning. We are human, we are a part of nature, and we can use our nature and our human curiosity to our advantage. We also have some knowledge and awareness regarding the future (as we see it), and this is why it is important to boost your brain’s power, even if it isn’t deficient in any specific way.

As we get older, our bodies and minds begin to betray us. Talk to any senior citizen or even someone younger (like in their 40’s), and they will probably be able to tell you that things are not running as smoothly as they once did. So how do you counter that? And how do you go about it naturally? Well, the earlier you start, the better off you’ll be.

Our brain is a powerful tool, but it is on us to maintain it, to properly nourish it, and to exercise it – just like you would do for any other organ or muscle. The thing is, the mind is an elusive and tricky thing. It’s not exactly like a bicep or an abdominal muscle, so we tend to treat it differently. Out of sight, out of mind – literally.

Take the time today to care for your tomorrow. And when it comes to your brain’s functionality and abilities – it can be one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. Train your brain, and be kind to your mind.