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Buying makeup can be challenging for all of us, but it’s especially so for people who suffer from gluten allergies or Celiac disease and are limited to the ingredients that their body is can handle. Now, buying cosmetics no longer needs be the challenge it once was – whether you are gluten-free or not. Red Apple Lipstick specializes in healthy and safe makeup products that are entirely gluten-free. Didn’t know most makeups contain gluten? You do now……but not Red Apple!

Even if you aren’t allergic to gluten, you’re probably careful about the things you put in your mouth. Is what I’m about to eat healthy/good for me? Or will it affect me negatively? These are the important questions, and if it’s the latter, you probably wouldn’t eat it, would seek out a healthier alternative, or would eat it only on rare occasions. But what you might put less thought into is not what you put in your mouth, but what you put on your mouththat is, your lipstick.

Many cosmetic companies use parabens in their products, preservatives that are believed to be linked to breast cancer. What you put on your lips is super important, because as you eat, drink, lick your lips or rub them together, you end up ingesting the stuff – so you’ll want it to be good for your body, not damaging for it. The solution? Well, Red Apple Lipstick might be the answer! Check out this article all about RAL, whose products are all gluten-, paraben-, and cruelty-free!

Red Apple Lipstick Company Background And History Explained

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Red Apple Lipstick’s Founders.

RAL was founded in 2007 by Jay Harper. He, like so many after him, realized that many cosmetic companies were using unhealthy or irritating ingredients. His response was quick and simple; his plan was to create products that every woman could use, whilst still feeling beautiful and safe. The company is currently based in Houston, Texas, where Jay Harper picks every product that the company produces – and only makes them in small batches at a time, paying attention to each batch so that they all come out perfectly. Red Apple Lipstick’s motto is clear, “because every woman deserves safe makeup”, and their products definitely reflect that.

Company Product Overview

Red Apple Lipstick’s company name is a tribute to the product it all began with – their lipstick. However, they have since expanded to included glosses, skin care products, eye makeup, blushes and cosmetic brushes. RAL is super confident you’ll love their products – they even offer a 6-month money-back guarantee on all their products, should you be unhappy with your purchase. Get this – in one of their promo videos, they even advertise that if you don’t like the font they used on the bottle, you will receive your money back! RAL is known for its superior customer service, and customer satisfaction is the company’s top priority.

Red Apple Lipstick Lipstick Line Review

Lipsticks lined up with lids off.

Part of RAL’s Lipstick Collection.

Red Apple Lipstick currently produces 36 shades of lipstick, with satin-matte or shimmery finishes. What’s great is that on their website they use models of various skin tones, so you can get a really good idea of which colors will suit you the best. Furthermore, all of their lipsticks are creamy and hydrating, without any toxic ingredients, gluten, or gluten-based products. Because of this, the lipsticks tend not to be as long wearing, although the longevity is still pretty decent if you don’t eat or drink too much.

Some of the lipsticks are so hydrating that you may not even need moisturizer or lip primer underneath them (though it is recommended to moisturize, especially if you are prone to dry or chapped lips). Some are berry or vanilla flavored, while others have no flavor at all– but all have the same smooth consistency and easy application. As I said above, what you put on your lips is extremely important – perhaps even more so you’re your other makeup products – since you end up ingesting some. That’s what makes Red Apple Lipstick products so awesome – they are completely dedicated to your safety.

Red Apple Lipstick Lipgloss Line Review

Red Apple has three lines of lip gloss (yes, three lines of lip gloss), the Original line, in 11 colors; the Mint 2 Be line, which has 9 colors; and the Peppermint lip gloss line, which includes a cute pink color and a soft nude color.

If you like mint or peppermint flavor, you’ll love the Mint 2 Be and Peppermint lines – both have a fresh, minty aftertaste, while the Original has no particular taste. These glosses all feel great on your lips; refreshing and smooth, without feeling sticky like so many glosses do. For the most part, they are pretty shiny, although some are less shiny than others. You can wear them on their own – either as a touch of color or as a full-fledged lip look – or on top of your lipstick for an added shine and fresh taste.

Red Apple Lipstick End Dry Lips Line Review

There are two products in the Red Apple Lipstick “End Dry Lips” line, and they go hand-in-hand because you can use both one after the other.

The Exfoliate Stick, as you may have guessed from its name, exfoliates your lips and leaves them fresh. As an added benefit, it also helps hold lip products like lipstick and gloss. Exfoliating means to remove the dead skin cells (which you may not even realize are present), making your lips the perfect, smooth canvas for your choice of lip product. You apply it like a regular lipstick, leave for a few moments, and then remove with a damp finger or washcloth. It’s super easy to apply, and you’ll love the little particles in the scrub which leave your lips feeling gorgeous. For the best results, exfoliate daily, either before bed or right before you apply your lip products in the morning.

Close up of cracked lips.

Someone in Dire Need of RAL’s End Dry Lips Products.

The second item under the “End Dry Lips” banner is the Red Apple Lipstick Rallye Lip Balm. Red Apple is so sure about the quality of their products that their motto for this balm is “Ends Chapped Lips in 7 Days, or Your Money Back”. I wonder if they have ever had to give someone’s money back? From the looks of the reviews, I seriously doubt it. As far as I can tell, it has five stars on almost every website, and there’s a good reason (or a few good reasons) why.

The Vitamin E in the formula helps to heal your lips and keep them soft and healthy. You can apply it as a lip balm by simply applying it the same way you would apply lipstick. Or, you can rub it in as a moisturizing base for your lipstick, so your lips stay hydrated. Because the ingredients are gluten-free, healthy, and good for your skin, people with sensitive skin or health conditions, like Celiac disease, can use it without any worries. You can also use this balm stick on any part of your skin – on your face, body, nails, cuticles, or under your eyes to help with under-eye circles, wrinkles or dry skin.

Red Apple Lipstick also says that you can create your own gel eyeliner with the Rallye Lip Balm, by mixing their eyeshadow with the balm on the back of your hand and applying it with an eyeliner brush. Alternatively, mix a bit of RAL lipstick together with Rallye balm and you’ll have your own blush. So this product is extremely versatile, as you can see, and –  added bonus – it’s also SPF 8. Can it get any better?

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Red Apple Lipstick Eyeshadow Line Review

Because the company is called Red Apple Lipstick, its name might give the misleading impression that the brand specializes in lipstick and that their other makeup products are not as good – but that certainly isn’t true. RAL’s eyeshadow line is just like their lipstick line – beautiful, high-quality, and free of any nasties.

There are 35 colors, and I would recommend that you check them out from their website to see how extensive this line really is. Why? Because for each individual color, RAL offers a personalized description, including what color eyes each shadow is suited for, tips on how to apply it, and which other shadow colors it goes well with.

My favorite colors are Mermaid Lagoon (shimmery, sea blue) and Chocolate Martini (dark, shimmery bronze-brown). Interestingly, the pigmentation of the dry shadows varies with each shade – some are significantly more pigmented than others, although perhaps they show up differently depending on the skin tone they are applied to. However, they are all extremely pigmented when wet.

If you’re applying them dry it’s a really good idea to use an eyeshadow primer – not just to make the shadows last longer, but because it helps the eyeshadows’ performance.  They also blend and build up far more easily with a primer, and the overall look is more solid. These shadows build up from a light pop of color to a full-fledged eye look. The best thing about these shadows is their longevity – they last all day without creasing or fading, whether you wear them dry or wet.

You can also choose from 10 pre-made eyeshadow palettes, or create your own custom Z-palette. Each palette can hold up to nine eyeshadows and has a magnetic base so the metal eyeshadow pans don’t fall out. When you buy a palette from the Red Apple Lipstick site, they show you a few different looks that you can achieve with the palette. If you choose to create your own custom eyeshadow palette, you receive 9 eyeshadows for the price of six and a half – the fourth and ninth shadows are free, and the sixth is half price.

The downside is that these shadows are pretty expensive; nearly $19 USD for a single pan. However, they are high-quality, and if gluten-free makeup is something you want/need, RAL is a great option to help you look your best.

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Red Apple Lipstick Blush & Mascara Line Review

Woman applying mascara.

Red Apple Lipstick Mascara.

Red Apple produces 6 shades of blush. At first glance, this does seem limited – but they are positive that you can find one that will work with your skin tone, regardless of how fair, dark or unusual your skin tone might be. Because these blushes are free of all the unhealthy stuff that is commonly found in cosmetics, it’s extremely pigmented. However, if you do apply too much, no need to remove it – just blend, blend, blend!

Red Apple promises that even if you aren’t a blush girl, don’t know how to apply blush, or feel you don’t need blush, you will love their product. They offer tutorials on how to properly apply blush so it enhances your makeover and doesn’t make you look “clowny” (something I really hate!). The blushes are ideal for sensitive skin and feel great on the face. You can use a small amount for your everyday look, or add a bit more for extra color or a night out.

Then there is Red Apple Lipstick’s mascara, known as The Lash Project. This is no ordinary mascara, it’s both a mascara and lash conditioner combined in one nifty little package. If you suffer from damaged, short lashes, this mascara is the way to go. Not only does it prevent future damage, it actually reverses previous damage. So it’s not too late – your lashes can be beautiful again. Even if you don’t suffer from lash damage, your lashes are fragile and you need to use products that will be gentle, and not harmful, to your lashes.

The Lash Project actually conditions your lashes, making them stronger and healthier. It’s perfect for people with sensitive eyes, because it doesn’t contain any irritating ingredients, and it also lasts longer than most mascaras, without drying out in the tube.

Longevity-wise (I’m talking about how long the mascara lasts on your lashes here), it’s pretty long-wearing, and won’t smudge easily. The popular RAL mascara is also easy to remove and there is basically no clumping when applied correctly. The Lash Project is not super-super-lengthening, but it is still pretty good and the overall benefits make this a worthwhile product.

Lastly, since it’s advertised as being made literally the week before you bought it, you know you’re getting a fresh product! And if you aren’t happy with the Lash Project –  for any reason – you get 100% of your money back. There’s no commitment; if it doesn’t work for you, you haven’t lost a penny.

Is Red Apple Lipstick Cruelty-Free? Does Red Apple Lipstick Test On Animals?

Red Apple Lipstick products are not only paraben- and gluten-free (and many-other-unhealthy-or-known-to-cause-allergic-reaction-ingredients-free), they are also absolutely cruelty-free. This means that RAL products and ingredients are not tested on animals whatsoever under any circumstances.

Are Red Apple Lipstick Products Gluten Free?

Well, of course. That’s what Red Apple Lipstick is all about!

Are Red Apple Lipstick Products Vegan?

Red Apple Lipstick is also proud to be vegan-friendly!


Do I honestly have to say anymore? I think it’s clear to that Red Apple Lipstick is definitely a cosmetic brand worth looking into! While they are on the pricier side, their products are guaranteed to not only make you look gorgeous but to also be good for you – and you can’t put a price on health and happiness.