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Raw Honey And The Benefits Of Honey Explained

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If someone handed you a jar of honey, your first instinct would probably not be to put it on your face. That is completely understandable, since it is best known as a natural sweetener for teas and desserts. But when you really think about it, honey has soothing and healing properties that are great for your throat. So it shouldn’t really be that surprising that it could be beneficial for skin as well. And that is good news, since honey is both super affordable and accessible.

Honey is a magical elixir that can help you achieve a glowing and radiant complexion. Now that may seem like a bit of an over exaggeration. I mean, it’s just honey, right? It’s literally in you kitchen pantry. How could it be the answer to all your skincare woes? Fortunately for those of us who have grown accustomed to shelling out hundreds if not thousands of dollars on skin care products, sometimes the answer really is right in front of you.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Raw Honey On Your Face?

Woman looking up at forehead touching wrinkles.

Honey has an anti-aging effect on your skin.

There are tons of benefits using raw honey on your face can offer. Here are 4 major ways honey can make you complexion better than ever:

Acne Fighting

Though honey is incredibly gentle on skin, its bacteria fighting abilities are something incredible. Honey penetrates deep into pores and naturally washes away pore-clogging and acne-causing impurities. Whether you are dealing with basic teenage acne, or adult acne that stayed well passed its welcome, washing your face with raw honey can help get you to your #clearskingoals.

Skin Softening

Want super soft and supple skin? Washing your face with honey or using it as mask will keep moisture in and dryness out. This is because honey is a natural humectant which prevents moisture loss, so your skin stays looking fresh and youthful.


Many of the famous beauty icons throughout the ages have sworn by the magical skin benefits of raw honey. They knew first-hand of its amazing fine line and wrinkle smoothing powers. Honey is also high in antioxidants which help keep skin cells healthy and vibrant.

Glow Boosting

We all want radiant skin, and honey is the perfect product to get us there. The high nutrients and healthy compounds in honey penetrate deep into the skin to deliver skin healing therapy. It not only hydrates skin, but also helps to fade acne scars.

Easy Ways To Add Honey To Your Skincare Routine

Woman lying down with hair wrapped in towel next to jar of honey and flowers.

Honey is effective when used as a face mask.

The two easiest ways to use honey are as a face wash or a mask.

Honey Face Wash

Simply wet your face and apply the honey. Massage your face in circular motions to let the anti-bacterial properties penetrate deep into the skin. Even though honey is sticky, it actually rinses off pretty easily, so this should be a stress-free face washing experience.

Honey Face Mask

The anti-aging and skin healing effects of honey are magnified when used as a face mask. Making this skin-glowing mask is super easy. Simply take a teaspoon of raw honey, and gently apply it all over your face. Leave the mask on for 20-60 minutes, and rinse with water. You should instantly notice the healing and moisturizing properties work their magic on your face.


As you can see, it’s a really good idea to start adding honey to your skin care routine. I know you are probably on your way out of the house to go get a bottle of this life-changing liquid, but you can’t just get any random bottle. In order to get the full vitamin, minerals, and antioxidant benefits of honey, you need to use a raw and unpasteurized formula. This allows all the natural nutrients to stay in the honey, which is often decreased through the heating and purifying process. Manuka honey is best, but any raw, organic honey will do.

Ok, I have kept you long enough. Now there is nothing stopping you from heading to your local health food market and purchasing this to try for yourself. Whether you use it as a mask, a face wash, or both, you are sure to experience in improvement in the texture and radiance of your skin.