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How To Fix Greasy Hair Naturally: Top 10 Greasy Hair Cures

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Greasy hair is perfectly normal and acceptable, no matter what J.K. Rowling might say. It is one of the several natural conditions of human hair: normal, dry, and greasy. Many people choose to take up arms against it, though, because they don’t want to deal with it. Greasy hair is natural, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s desirable. This is our post on how to combat greasy hair.

I mention Rowling, simply because the celebrated author and screenwriter has decided to attribute greasy locks to beloved Potions Master Severus Snape, Head of Slytherin House. Throughout the entire series, Snape is singled out for having greasy hair. But seeing as how *SPOILER ALERT* he turns out to be a real hero at the end, I think it is safe to say that the world of Harry Potter has made its peace with Snape’s black curtains of greasy hair.

What Causes Greasy Hair?

Woman holding her hair to the sides and laughing.

Understanding sebum production is the key to understanding the levels of oil in your hair.

Have you been wondering what causes greasy hair? The reasons for having oily hair can be anything from using the wrong type of hair care products, to being on a greasy-hair diet, to overly-touching your hair. The meta-cause, if you will, is the same in essence: the sebaceous glands and their production of sebum. The body’s natural oil, sebum, gets into your hair strands and gives them their natural shine. Depending on the amount of sebum secreted, it may make the hair greasier than usual. 

Sebum benefits the hair a great deal. It keeps it vital and firm, and it prevents hair from drying up and breaking off. However, these glands, which are all over our bodies (except for the palms and feet) may become over-stimulated and overactive, thereby producing too much oil. The places where this is most evident are the scalp and the hairs on our head, since the hair which covers the rest of our body is not long enough or thick enough to seriously exhibit this symptom.

A few other common reasons for hair becoming greasy are medication, genes, overwashing, and the environment (pollution, humidity, seasonal changes). Despite there being many ways through which hair can become too oily, there are also ways to mitigate the condition and lessen it. Countering overly-oily hair can be done in different ways, and there are even some natural methods to regain balance and decrease the greasiness factor.

Natural Remedies For Greasy Hair

This is a list of several natural remedies for greasy hair.

1. Diet

Woman runner drinking water.

Drinking water can help your locks achieve a proper sebum balance.

In the same way that your eating habits can induce sebaceous gland hyperactivity, they can also help to better regulate it. This helps moderate the production of sebum and bring it back to a more normal range. What we eat becomes a part of us, enters our bloodstream, and gets to different places in our body. Eating a diet rich in B vitamins, as well as drinking a lot of water, are recommended for attaining proper sebum balance.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) Rinse

The acidity of the vinegar in an apple cider vinegar rinse can aid in the restoration of your scalp’s default pH setting. This can help control the amount of sebum produced by the scalp. Pour the ACV on your scalp via the hair strands, wait a few minutes, and then rinse with cold water. Make sure to dilute the ACV well, and don’t worry about the scent (it goes away after a short time). ACV is highly acidic, so don’t overdo it with the rinses. Once a week is usually enough for most people, but it depends on how heavily you dilute it.

3. Decrease Your Washing Frequency

Woman washing her hair in shower.

Make sure not to overwash your hair.

It is quite possible that your scalp is getting mixed signals, which is causing it to over-produce sebum. These signals are sent every time you wash your hair, so one way to take care of the problem naturally is to simply decrease your washing frequency. Allow your body to assess the scalp’s situation on its own, without outside intervention and external manipulation. Give it some time, and see how your scalp reacts when you decrease the number of times you shampoo and condition.

Other natural remedies include a black tea rinse, baking soda wash, or a tea tree oil spray – all of which can be done at home, DIY style.

Best Dry Shampoo For Oily Hair

Dry shampoo was practically invented for people with greasy hair. Its primary function is precisely that – to rid the hair of excess oil, grease, dirt, and other elements or particles which get in the way of maintaining your chosen look and style. It’s also a good product for those days in between showers and washes, and it can keep your hair looking better for longer.

The phrase “best dry shampoo for oily hair” is a subjective claim, of course, so take this with a grain of high-quality Epsom salt. What works for you may not work for another person. The conditions for the glandular hyperactivity and initial formation of grease on your head will invariably be different than someone else’s. Nevertheless, because there are some products out there which are significantly better (in my opinion), here’s a short list of dry shampoos which get the job done:

1. Dove

Three Dove dry shampoos.

Dove has a range of dry shampoo options.

For some reason, Dove’s dry shampoos seem like something which is easy to overlook. Many consumers are aware of the company’s wide range of successful skin care products, but less are willing to turn their attention to their hair care products. Dove offers a number of dry shampoos in spray and foam form, with various scents and degrees of volume to boot. All at highly affordable prices.

2. Batiste

Selection of Batiste dry shampoos.

Batiste has one of the most popular dry shampoo lines out there.

A true classic which has been in the game for many years and has gathered around it an adoring following is Batiste dry shampoo. It doesn’t go on as clear or invisible as others, but after using a brush to work the shampoo into the hair, it is easily absorbed. This dry shampoo leaves the scalp feeling fresh and clean, while adding extra body and texture to your locks. Is it a “drugstore brand”? You bet it is, and it’s an exceptionally good one at that.

3. Oribe

Oribe gold lust dry shampoo container.

Oribe’s gold lust dry shampoo.

It comes at a price, but it also provides a lot of value. Oribe’s Gold Lust dry shampoo is one of the most refreshing, lightweight, and altogether-fragrant dry shampoos in the business. It nourishes and cleans, and it’s packed with some seriously beneficial ingredients. This product fits all types of hair and is ideal for damaged, colored, or dry strands. Is it worth the price? Well, Oribe has always been a high-end company, and their products are suited for the high-end consumer.

Best Hairstyles For Greasy Hair

You’ve got a case of greasy locks? Own it! I am of the opinion that you should do what feels good with your hair, and to heck with everyone else. But if wearing that second – or third – day of unwashed hair is too much, there are a few hairstyles you could try. These can cover up the fact that your hair is greasier than a drive-thru double bacon cheeseburger. So here are the best hairstyles for greasy hair:

1. High Ponytail

A high ponytail is my go-to, pretty much. A hit of dry shampoo, a quick brush-through, and then up, up and away! I think it is a look which has its dignity, and no one needs to know specifically why you are doing it.

2. Accessories

Clips, ties, scarves, headbands, hats. It all works, as long as you do it right. Don’t overdo anything, though. Keep your accessories simple and elegant, and you will find that you can look amazing, even if your hair doesn’t really feel so amazing.

3. Braids and Buns

Woman with braid in hair in field.

A braid is always a safe option if you’re trying to hide your oily hair.

I am grouping braids and buns together, because there are so many individual ways of working these two styles. Even if all you have time for is a messy bun or basic braids, it will work. Alternatively, if you want to get all elaborate and complicated, there are plenty of those too.

4. Parts

Parting your hair to the side can help hide those oily roots and simultaneously provide your hair with some additional volume. Of the few methods I’ve listed so far, this is my least favorite personally. But enough people cite side parts as a veritable lifesaver, so why not include it here?


Woman laughing and closing her eyes.

Oil is good for your hair- the trick is to find the balance!

Snape absolutely rocked his curtains of greasy black hair, and the late Alan Rickman did a great job at portraying him. He didn’t combat greasy hair – he owned it! Heck, that hair might even be the reason why eventually Snape not only got the Defense Against the Dark Arts gig he wanted for so many years, but also became Headmaster of Hogwarts!

Greasy hair is not the end of the world. As I said earlier, it’s one of the most natural conditions of human hair. I can totally understand if it feels too greasy and looks positively dirty, but don’t let the sebum unravel your well-tended universe. It is healthy for the hair to receive sebum, but then it becomes a question of hyperactivity and overproduction.

Either way, your goal should not be to eliminate grease and oil from your hair completely. Rather, your goal should be to help the hair and scalp achieve the proper balance. When there is homeostasis and harmony, your hair will thank you. So regardless of your genetic makeup and history, what you need to do is to keep healthy, eat right, don’t overuse hair care products – and you should be just fine.