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Facial Mists Explained: DIY Recipe And Guide For Skin

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Our skin is the largest organ we humans have. Most of the time, large areas of it remain unexposed. We wear clothing of one sort or another during the day, and sometimes during the night. Don’t get me wrong, I love sleeping sans layers, but doing so in January – without a huge blanket, anyway – could result in a world of pain. But I digress.

The one area of our skin which is exposed pretty much non-stop is our face. This is mostly true also to hands, yes, but in most cases the hands are not nearly as sensitive as the skin on one’s face. Because the face is such a sensitive area, exposed to the outside and the elements, you may require a facial mist treatment every now and then. What is a facial mist, you ask? Read on…

What Is A Facial Mist?

Woman spraying her face.

Facial mist.

A mist is essentially a natural, often water-based, product which hydrates the skin and helps you in setting your make up. You apply your make up regularly, then spray mist and have your make up set for the day. It is a way to instantly re-hydrate your face, and ensure that the face you have on remains strong and in tact. If you need a touch-up mid-day, spray some mist and just keep on rolling along.

Others use it as a quick and easy way to refresh your face, especially during hot days, regardless of any make up which is being worn. Some mists get more done than others, and it really does depend on you, and on what you would want to achieve with the help of your face mist. Many mists can be bought at stores, online and offline. But there is also the option of making your very own, right at home.

DIY Hydrating Facial Mist Explained

DIY mists are easy to make and easy to use. First off, here is one recipe which I love using. It involved coconut water (not coconut oil), aloe vera juice, lavender oil and jojoba oil. There are tons of recipes and ingredients you can use, and you may need to experiment a little before you find what fits you and your face best. I don’t use anything too exotic.

Jojoba and aloe are know for their easy penetration abilities. The water from the coconut and the scent of lavender provide the finishing touches on what has become my favorite on-the-go mist. I carry this around all the time, using a small glass squirt bottle. It really doesn’t matter if I have make up on or not. And the lavender helps it smell so good. You could also substitute lavender for any oil, but refrain from using lemon or orange, since they may have an unwanted effect with prolonged sunlight exposure. Just a thought.

DIY Facial Mist Before & After Results

Woman's face with half clear skin and half red, blemished skin.

DIY facial mist before & after results.

Well, the before and after factor is not as important here. Facial mists and their results vary according to the ingredients used and the face of the user. Oily or dry faces will react differently. As for me, I didn’t see any dramatic effects, but that may be because I try to take good care of my skin, overall.

I just know that it’s something which helps me out on a daily or semi-daily basis, which is why I keep one with me. It isn’t another kind of treatment which you now need to add to your morning ritual. It is something you can use on the go, which is why it is so popular.

A facial mist can help your skin stay nice and smooth throughout the day, drive away threats and keep dirt and grease from accumulating on the surface of your face. Whether it is store bought or DIY homemade, a facial mist is here to save the day. Or night, depending on your schedule!

Other Ways To Hydrate Facial Skin

There are, of course, other ways to keep your facial skin hydrated and looking good. There are sunscreens and moisturizers, DIY facial serums, rinses, cremes, and other kinds of products.

Some of them you can also make at home, and in many cases the DIY versions are a lot more natural – and effective – than store bought ones. But this is another case of subjectivity and personal preferences. It all depends on you, eventually.

From avocados and coconuts, through oatmeal and honey, to bananas and yogurt, there are so many ways of keeping your face looking fresh and glowing. All you need to do is start with a firm base, like one made of green tea or peppermint oil, and you are already on your way.

Looking for more DIY personal care solutions? Read our DIY Foundation Recipe and DIY Hair Serum Recipe. It’s all right here at Maple Holistics!


We all want a clean, smooth, glowing face. Our face is our primary physical feature, and it can convey so much by doing so little. There are several layers of our skin, and the skin which covers our face is particularly sensitive because it is exposed for so much of the time. Concurrently, we need to “save face,” as it were, and treat it right. You cannot expect to slather your face with all kinds of chemicals and harsh cleansers – on a daily basis, no less – and see no adverse reaction over time.

Maybe you are one of the lucky ones, with a perfect genetic makeup and no worries. Yeah, maybe. But if you are not, and you don’t want to find that age has suddenly made significant changes to your skin – using a facial mist is a way to keep your facial skin sittin’ tight and pretty.

Making your own mist will allow you a measure of control which you cannot necessarily achieve with a store bought product. A DIY mist is made especially for you, and that is something worth remembering.