Dead Sea Benefits For Your Skin

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As our largest and most external organ, the skin bears a heavy responsibility towards our body and its inner organs. It is in charge of protection, insulation, keeping balance (homeostasis), and communicating the ways of the outside world to our brain through the sense of touch. Skin is relatively fragile and can be highly sensitive, which is why it requires special care. This is a post on Dead Sea benefits for your skin.

Our skin is partly how we reveal ourselves to the world. But precisely because of that, it is sometimes exposed to the elements and our environment. And without proper care, it can be damaged pretty easily. You can tell a lot about a person from the state of their skin, and it has always been the external mark of youth and wholesomeness. It is no wonder that people all over the world are arriving at the Dead Sea and/or using its products.

What Is The Dead Sea?

The Dead Sea.

The saltiness of the Dead Sea is due to evaporation.

So named due to its inability to sustain marine life, the Dead Sea (also named the Salt Sea) is the lowest point on the face of the earth. That is to say, it is the lowest point of elevation, with a surface of about 1,300 feet below sea level. Over the many years of its existence, it has gathered many powerful attributes due to the hypersalinity of its water.

The lowest point on planet Earth has some fascinating benefits for those who are seeking healthy skin. Millions of people go there each year for the clean air, healing waters, and amazingly useful mud. It is even said that the Queen of Sheba and Queen Cleopatra of Egypt had both gone there to heal their hurts and strengthen themselves.

The Dead Sea itself is not technically a sea, but actually a salt lake bordering with Jordan and Israel. The waters of the sea are replenished by the Jordan River, and the reason it is so salty is because of the process of evaporation. The water which flows into the sea from the Jordan River evaporates quickly, leaving behind large quantities of salt in its wake. This is where the location got its name, and this is why it is so amazing.

What Minerals Are Found In The Dead Sea?

Are you wondering what minerals are found in the Dead Sea? The highly concentrated salt dissolves and releases many minerals into the sea’s water. These minerals are magnesium, sodium, calcium, potassium, chloride, bromide, silicon dioxide, calcium oxide, aluminum oxide, magnesium oxide, iron (III) oxide, sodium oxide, potassium oxide, titanium (IV) oxide, sulfur trioxide, and phosphorous pentoxide.

The body uses these minerals in a variety of ways. The effects of such ingredients don’t stop at benefiting at the skin level or just beneath it. These minerals will be absorbed into the bloodstream and sent for a trip all over your body, leaving healing and vitality in their wake.

The reason these minerals are so great for the skin is that they aid the process of metabolism and repair. By using Dead Sea products, you provide your body with an extra boost, a helping hand in doing what it already does naturally.

Dead Sea Minerals Benefits For Skin

Woman smiling while putting Dead Sea mud on her face.

The minerals in Dead Sea mud are great for your skin.

The Dead Sea’s water, salt, mud, and air are all highly beneficial for the skin. A big part of what makes Dead Sea stuff useful is its mineral content. Conditions like psoriasis, eczema, acne, and others can be benefited from the help of these minerals. They help to exfoliate, rejuvenate, and keep moisture in.

Whatever the label may say, our human skin requires pretty much the same thing from any ordinary skin-related product. We want a normal pH balance, we want restoration (or rather regeneration) of collagen and skin cells. We want elasticity, youth, and cleanliness. Fewer wrinkles and blemishes, more smoothness, and clarity.

Like any other part of the human body, the skin is a highly subjective thing. Some have better skin genes than others. Concurrently, some will be able to see results with minimal effort, while others will become frustrated with their attempts to get their skin back on track. So many variables – age, sex, health, diet, environment, and more – are thrown into the mix.

Dead Sea minerals offer benefits for skin, but they are not magic healers. You need to put in some work in order for results to carry on into the future. Find out, if you can, what is causing your skin harm. Once you isolate the causes you can turn to more fruitful treatments, which can also incorporate Dead Sea treatments. But these are in no way a substitute for healthier living.

Best Dead Sea Minerals Products

Bath Salts

These are number one on my list because they are so easy to use. It’s not something you need to seriously plan for or devote time to. You’re going in the bath anyway, just put some Dead Sea bath salts in there. Much like the famed salt of Epsom, England, bath salts have many benefits when you soak in them.

Mud Masks

This is something you do need to devote some time to, but not much. A few minutes for prep and application, 10-20 minutes more for the active ingredients to do their thing, and then a (usually) quick and easy removal. Many commercial mud masks incorporate other elements into the formula, such as jojoba, aloe vera, shea butter, and other fine products courtesy of Mama Nature.

Hair Care Products

Woman holding her hair to the sides and laughing.

Using Dead Sea hair care products can give you luscious and healthy locks.

There are so many of these Dead Sea products around, and some of them are really very similar to one another. But when it comes to hair care products, there are additional things to factor in. Depending on your hair type, your hair care routine, and your desired results – the shampoo, conditioner, or hair mask can change. Plus, there are gels, mousses, and other things to consider.

DIY Dead Sea Minerals Stress Mask

A Dead Sea minerals stress mask does not have to be a commercial one. There are many of those available, and some of them are exceptionally good. But honestly, you can purchase the salt as a standalone product and then incorporate it into whatever you’d like. It’s a good solution if you are interested in experimenting with different formulas, times, and expected results.

Like I said before, ultimately the skin requires the same things in many cases. Whichever mask will provide that is the one you should probably be sticking to for now. It’s the whole “if it ain’t broke – don’t fix it” thing. But here is a quick DIY Dead Sea minerals stress mask recipe.

You’ll need:

  • Dead Sea salt
  • Green clay
  • Essential oil(s) of your choice

Combine the ingredients in a small bowl. With the essential oils, it is best to use a minimal amount. A drop or two of tea tree oil or lavender oil can do wonders in a mask like this. Obviously, your experience may vary, so go with your gut.

You can also use Dead Sea mud and forget the clay. Dead Sea mud is packed with minerals and salts, so there will be very little need for interference. If you know of a specific condition you want to address, feel free to add what you will to the mud. But this is great as a standalone product, with a drop of lemon or tea tree oil for that extra tight effect.

And let’s not forget how great it feels to peel those things off. Just saying.


I already mentioned the Queen of Egypt and the Queen of Sheba. If the Dead Sea was good enough for those members of ancient African royalty, there is no reason why it wouldn’t be good enough for all of us. Humans have evolved, sure, and so has our environment. But our skin is pretty much the same, and it requires the very same kind of care, attention, and love which those queens gave it back in the day.

If you ever get yourself to the Dead Sea, you may wonder why you didn’t just buy the mud at some health food store or order it online. I am only half-joking, because I’ll tell you – the place is hot and humid, like an old-time stone oven. The waters of the Dead Sea are famous for possessing an extremely high density, causing the people in them to float more than swim. It is quite an experience.

Everywhere you look, you will see people slathering the mud all over themselves. You will also look and see plenty of people who have been reminded of old sores or wounds (literally), thanks to the salt which is burning them. You feel everything there. Your skin kind of opens up there, and this is what helps it bring so much healing.

Dead Sea minerals are not the only ones in the world. You could also get these minerals and nutrients elsewhere, but the Dead Sea products allow you to get a full package deal, so to speak. They are a tried and true method of introducing beneficial ingredients onto and into your system, naturally, and they form the basis for many related products.