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Clary Sage And Sage Oil Explained

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If you regularly make use of herbal products, you’re probably already aware of sage and clary sage oils. Most herbal recipes and natural treatments frequently use these oils. In fact, history shows that both herbs have the longest known record of medicinal and culinary use. They date back further than the times of the ancient Romans and Greeks. The oils produced by these plants are even more potent. They’re a natural concentrate of all the different phytochemicals and bioactive compounds contained in these plants. The chemicals contained within these plants are still used today in a wide variety of natural and manufactured products. Both the oils are highly effective in treating various skin, hair, and health issues. So, if you’re interested in finding out more about clary sage and sage oil, then keep reading. 

Are Clary Sage And Sage Oil The Same? 

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Sage Essential Oils

The first difference that anyone will notice when comparing the oils is that they have different smells. Clary sage has a lighter aroma and you can blend it easily with other floral essential oils. Sage oil has a stronger, more spicy or musky odor that is easily distinguishable from other essential oils. Sage oil usually forms part of the base ingredients when creating a recipe.

However, even though both oils do not share similar chemical qualities or odor profiles, both are suitable for internal and external use. You can use them together or separately to treat a wide variety of health issues. It’s important to note that you should always dilute both oils in a suitable carrier oil (coconut, almond, olive or canola) before use. They’re highly potent when digested in large amounts and may cause skin irritation or an upset stomach . 

Clary Sage And Sage Essential Oil For Skin Care 

Woman sleeping surrounded by flowers.

Girl lying with flowers.

Clary Sage Essential Oil For Skin Care 

This essential oil has been used in skin care products and for the treatment of skin related ailments for centuries. It has a lighter and sweeter scent so is generally more suitable for skin care. Clary sage is more mild than sage oil, so it’s safe to use on sensitive skin types.

The oil is also used in deodorants and aftershaves (as well as men’s perfumes) because of its strong antiseptic properties and sweet natural smell. Not only does the oil make your skin smell better on a superficial level, but it actively helps to kill off the bacteria that cause foul odors in the first place. This ensures that your skin smells better over a longer period of time.

Clary sage oil can also be massaged onto the surface of the skin to help relieve muscle pain and cramps. It penetrates beneath the surface layers of skin tissue. The oil has natural analgesic or pain relieving properties that actively help to relieve pain. Clary sage oil also works well as a natural antiseptic agent. You can use it to help treat minor wounds or scars. It allows them to heal better and prevents infection and the buildup of harmful bacteria. 

Sage Essential Oil For Skin Care 

You can massage sage oil onto the surface of your skin (when diluted with either coconut, olive or almond oil). It helps to improve cell and tissue growth while keeping your skin free of toxins and free-radicals. This makes sage essential oil great for treating wounds, insect bites and allowing scars to heal. You can also use it to treat fungal infections such as Athlete’s Foot.

The oil also acts as a natural skin toner and can help to relieve your face of excess sebum oil and dead skin cells. These contribute to blocking up your pores and lead to the formation of blemishes. By wiping your face with the oil (apply 2-4 drops to a clean cotton swab) after your normal facial routine, you kill off any germs and bacteria that may cause further infection or inflammation. This helps to balance your skin and leave you with a better complexion overall. 

Can You Use Clary Sage Oil To Induce Labor?

Pregnant stomach holding flowers to stomach.

Pregnant women holding flowers.

In general, we do not recommend using most (or any, for that matter) essential oils during pregnancy. They can affect the health of your unborn child as well as create problems during the birthing process. However, if you do feel like using them during your pregnancy, we highly recommend consulting a doctor or qualified medical practitioner before doing so.

Although there is very little evidence to prove the effects of clary sage oil on pregnancy, what is understood so far is that clary sage essential oil acts as a natural uterotonic. This means that the oil can help to cause the contractions that occur within the uterus during the labor process. It can also help to prevent serious hemorrhaging and relieve pain. Essentially this means that it can help to speed up the labor process and induce a safer birth. That being said, it’s important to only use the oil with the strict guidance of an experienced midwife or doctor. 

Using Sage Essential Oil For Hot Flushes And Menopause 

During menopause, it’s common for your hormones to become unbalanced. This can lead to mood swings, hot flushes, loss of sleep and dry hair or even hair loss . There are many different methods of treating the symptoms of menopause and they can all be done with natural products and a simple change in routine. Firstly, sage oil is very effective in helping to balance out your hormones during this state of flux. This allows you to ease hot flushes and relieve stress and anxiety. This is most effective when utilized with clary sage, lavender, and chamomile essential oil. You can apply it topically (rub just below the stomach and around the neck) as well as dilute it in tea and ingest it orally (2-4 drops of either or in total).

The other ways to treat your menopause are to ensure that you’re getting enough sleep, trying to avoid stress and stressful situations as often as possible. There are also certain foods that you should eat, and others that you should definitely avoid. I highly recommend looking into these. They can make a real difference in relieving the symptoms of menopause and making this period of your life much easier to handle. 

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Ultimately, I would recommend using both of these amazing essential oils around your home. Although they are different in terms of chemical compounds and odor/texture, they’re just as effective (if not more effective) when used in synergy.

As a rule of thumb, I always recommend utilizing, or at least investigating, the many natural alternatives to any ailments, disorders, or health issues before relying on pharmaceutical medications. Natural ingredients and treatments are generally a lot better for our overall health (physical and emotional) and don’t come with long lists of side-effects to look out for. Sage and clary sage essential oils are great additions to your collection of natural products or to kick start your collection.

They’re affordable, readily available, and incredibly effective so will definitely get you your money’s worth in terms of results and sheer variety of uses. The best way to know how effective something is in actuality, is to try it and see for yourself. So, what have you got to lose?