Blinc Cosmetics Review: Blinc Mascara, Best In Show?

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I’ve heard that the eyes are the most noticeable feature on a person’s face. With that being said, I recommend investing in good eye makeup to accentuate these windows to the soul . That’s why I was really excited to learn that there was a company out there that focused solely on my favorite feature; the eyes. Do you also love eye makeup? Read on to discover why Blinc cosmetics should be the next addition to your makeup collection.

Blinc Background And History

Blinc Cosmetics was started by Lewis Farsedakis in 1999 – and all because his fiancé told him that she was bothered about how her mascara smudged and flaked. He immediately set out to create the first mascara formula that did not have any of the problems so common with other mascaras, such as clumping, smudging, flaking or simply not lasting as long as we would like. How did he accomplish this? By working alongside a chemist and creating a formula that not just paints the lashes, but actually fully encases the lashes with tiny tubes. These “tubes” are completely waterproof, so you can go swimming, work out, cry, rub your eyes – do almost anything, and you won’t notice an ounce of smudging, clumping or the like. Pretty incredible!

Blinc mascara swatches with womans face.

Tube Mascara From Blinc.

Blinc Products Overview

Blinc products are all about your eyes. From your lids to your lashes, Blinc products should be your go-to products – clinically proven for sensitive eyes, and with a formula that simply does not come off unless you apply both warm water and a fair amount of pressure.

Blinc Mascara Overview And Review

Open mascara bottle.

Blinc Mascara.

The Blinc mascara is the product that started it all. Like I said above, the mascara can hold up throughout almost any activity you can do, and you won’t see a single smudge at all – even after a full day’s wear! As soon as I heard about this mascara, I was really excited. My only question is, what was that stuff I have been putting on my lashes until now? THIS is mascara.

The mascara comes in six colors: blue, two shades of brown, purple, hunter green, and of course black. It’s great for people who wear contact lenses or have sensitive eyes and find that other mascaras irritate their eyes. The one thing about this mascara that may freak you out at first, but is actually really cool, is its removal.

Don’t try using regular makeup remover for this product, because you won’t get anywhere. The only thing that works to take it off is to use warm water and apply lots of pressure. Gently take a face cloth saturated with warm water and press down on your lashes from the roots, and keep moving up to the tips of your lashes. The tubes should come off easily.

Don’t be alarmed – I know it looks like you just pulled out your lashes, but it’s really just the mascara tubes that have come away because of the warm water and pressure you applied. (Also, I sometimes find it annoying when companies have long fancy names for products; seriously, call a spade a spade. I love that this product is simply called what it is: mascara.)

Blinc Mascara Amplified Review

Blinc mascara just got even better. While the original mascara is awesome, the amplified version is exactly that – it adds volume to your lashes (not just length), while still keeping the same qualities you loved from the first mascara.

You can tell the difference between these two mascaras from their brushes – the mascara’s wand is smaller and thinner, whereas the amplified wand is thicker and fuller, to allow for more volume. The consistency is different, too – the amplified version is not as wet. This means that even after it dries, you can apply additional coats throughout the day – something I feel is perhaps lacking in the original formula, as once it has set, you can’t add to it or change anything.

Close up of mascara wand.

Blinc Mascara Amplified Closeup.

I also think that the amplified mascara does a better job of separating the individual lash hairs, probably due to its drier consistency. My verdict? Use the original mascara for your everyday use, and the amplified version for extra volume at night, or just when you want to give your makeover that extra touch.

Blinc Lash Primer Review

Open tube of mascara primer.

White Lash Primer from Blinc.

Blinc also has two lash primers – white and black. A lash primer adds volume to your lashes and basically preps them for your mascara, allowing for maximum length and volume. So what is different about Blinc’s lash primer as opposed to other brands? For starters, it comes in black – most companies only produce white lash primers, and you have to really make sure that you totally cover it with your mascara (even though they supposedly dry clear!). Having a lash primer in black is amazing because even if you miss a spot with your mascara, you can’t tell, and it’s almost like a mascara itself.

Both primers have a double function: to treat your lashes and to add volume. The primers have moisturizing ingredients and vitamins to help protect and treat your lashes, and they are again appropriate for those with sensitive eyes. They come off with regular makeup remover, but if you are using Blinc mascara on top of them (which I would recommend), then you don’t have to worry – as you remove the mascara with water and pressure, the primer will come off as well, leaving your eyelashes clean.

I would probably favor the black primer over the white one purely because of the color, but they’re both high-quality products. For the best effects, curl your lashes first using an eyelash curler (Blinc has a super-cool heated lash curler), then use a lash primer, and then apply mascara.

Blinc Eyeliner Review

Three eyeliner pencils in a row.

Eyeliner Pencils from Blinc.

Blinc currently produces three liquid eyeliners and one eyeliner pencil. The coolest one, in my opinion, is the Ultrathin Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner. And it really is ultrathin – the pen is only 0.00876 mm, making it the thinnest eyeliner in the world! My eyes are on the smaller side, so I don’t like having thick eyeliner – or sometimes any liner at all – underneath my eyes, as I find it often makes my eyes look smaller.

Blinc’s eyeliner is so thin, you can hardly tell it’s there if you only apply one coat. It’s just enough to add, but it won’t make your eyes look any smaller. You can also apply to your waterline and eyelids, creating thicker lines or wings with additional applications. And it goes without saying that it doesn’t smudge or fade until you remove it with makeup remover. Like all of Blinc’s products, it’s also perfect for sensitive eyes.

There’s also the Blinc original liquid eyeliner, and the eyeliner pencil, both of which come in at least 5 colors (the pencil comes in 8). What’s cool about the pencil is that it not only gives you great wear but it’s also healthy for your skin – it contains ingredients and vitamins that condition your skin and help you look younger. Also, this eyeliner can be smudged for a smoky-eye effect, but still looks great for the whole day and does not come off until you make it. To make your eyes look bigger, use the white pencil on your waterline, and then another color on your lids and lash line (I like black, but don’t be afraid to get creative!).

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Blinc Eyebrow Mousse Review

The importance of doing your eyebrows is often understated, because people tend to focus more on their eyeshadow, eyeliner, and lips, but not as much on their eyebrows – which is a mistake. Good eyebrows can completely change your makeover and really complete it.

Blinc’s eyebrow mousse comes in 9 shades, so it’s perfect for any color eyebrow. Your eyebrows absorb a lot of sweat because their function is indeed to catch the sweat on your forehead in order to protect your eyes. If you work out or live in a hot or humid environment, you’re likely to sweat even more. But if you’re wearing Blinc on your eyebrows, you won’t notice even a bit of smudging, running or fading – because there won’t be any.

The eyebrow mousse comes with a spoolie brush that is ideal for getting in between your small eyebrow hairs, and for keeping the hairs separate so you don’t get that unnatural look. It can be used to tint your eyebrows, fill in sparse areas, or lengthen your eyebrows – or all three. Like the Blinc eyeliner pencil, the eyebrow mousse has the extra function of simultaneously treating your skin, and enhancing your appearance. It’s best not to go too overboard because it’s really pigmented, so apply lightly – you can always go back and add more if you want to.

How To Apply Blinc Mascara

Close up of mascara being applied to eye.

It’s Time to get Serious about Mascara.

First, curl your lashes using a Blinc heated eyelash curler. This will help you get the most curl out of your lashes.

Once you turn it on, you’ll notice a red light towards the top of the curler. Wait for the red light to turn yellow, signaling that the curler is ready to use.

Start at the roots of your lashes, in the center of your eye. Hold the curler in place for a few seconds, and gently and slowly continue up to the tips of your lashes, repeating until you have the look you want. It isn’t long enough to curl all your lashes at once, so you’ll need to repeat this process for each section of your eye.

Next, prep your eyes with Blinc eyelash primer – I would recommend black, but you could also use the white one if that’s more your style.

Start at the roots of your lashes, and wiggle the wand, bringing it slowly up to the tips of your lashes. You can do this as many times as you wish. You’ll notice that your lashes have more length and volume – it’s almost as though you have already applied mascara.

Applying Mascara

To apply the mascara, pull your lid upwards so the mascara wand can reach underneath your lashes to the roots.

Wiggling the wand back and forth, gently bring it up from your roots to the tips of your lashes. Repeat a couple of times for maximum volume, and touch up the tips to give them a natural-looking length. You can apply the mascara from on top and underneath your lashes, but if you apply on top, you will somewhat flatten the curl, so be sure to apply again from underneath.

To fully separate the lashes, brush them through gently from underneath – again starting from the roots – using a Blinc lash comb. This will give your lashes a natural, clump-free look.

If you are using the original Blinc mascara, it dries pretty quickly, and once the tubes have formed, you cannot apply any more product – so make sure to work quickly. If you’re using the amplified version, you don’t have to worry – additional mascara can be applied even after the mascara has set.

And there you have it. A beautiful, perfectly-applied mascara that will last you all day and well into the night. Feel free to hit the gym, the pool, take a nap – and come out looking like you just applied your makeup.

Is Blinc Cruelty-Free? Does Blinc Test Its Products On Animals?

Yes! Blinc is cruelty-free, and no! Blinc does not test on animals. They don’t use ingredients that were tested on animals and do not sell their products in China.


If you’ve experienced running or smudging mascara or eyeliner and haven’t been able to find a solution – Blinc is the answer. It’s amazing that you can now go through an entire day without your eye makeup smudging even a bit and without worrying about reapplying. It’s anything you could ever want in an eye makeup product, so go ahead and see what Blinc can do for you today! You won’t regret it.