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Biotin Shampoo For Hair Growth Finally Explained!

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Hair growth, particularly healthy growth, is something many men and women are interested in. People all around the world will always be asking the question: how do I help my hair grow longer, and in a healthy way? In answer to this question, many companies are continuously coming out with new and improved solutions for hair care and growth.

As technology and science advance and further various industries, the science and technology of cosmetics and personal care are not left out in the cold. One of the products which is making its rounds in recent years, and is still getting plenty of attention, is biotin shampoo. It’s a hair care product that claims to be a serious upgrade when it comes to healthy hair growth.

Biotin is not the be-all-and-end-all of hair care. However, it could make a significant difference for those who require its presence in their system. While it is certainly not a cure to any kind of disease or condition, it’s a variable which cannot be ignored in the equation of hair care. But results vary, like so many other products and supplements, which is why its success is never guaranteed.

What Is Biotin? Biotin Explained

Supplement pills in pile on table.


Biotin is a vitamin that holds many benefits for hair, skin, nails, and more. Formerly called vitamin H and vitamin B7, it’s a nutrient which you produce naturally in your body and in nature. We humans need to acquire more of it in order to function properly. You can easily achieve this by following a healthy diet. If your eating habits are well-balanced, there is a good chance you won’t require any supplementation of vitamins, including biotin.

Biotin helps the body turn certain nutrients into energy, so it does play an important role in the ongoing health of the human body. Any excess comes out through your urine since it is a water-soluble substance. Biotin is imperative and necessary to consume, even though we also produce it on our own, so it then becomes a question of intake. How much goes in, how much goes out.

As a B-complex vitamin, biotin is part of a prestigious group which includes eight vitamins: thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), pantothenic acid (B5), pyridoxine (B6), biotin (B7), folate (B9) and cobalamin (B12). Although all of these are water-soluble and necessary for proper development of the human body, it is not recommended to consume high doses of these vitamins.

Hair Growth Shampoo Explained

Back view of man washing hair in shower.

Man washing his hair.

As a general rule, hair goes through several different phases. At any given moment, many individual hair strands are going through one of the following: growing, transitioning, and resting (shedding). Hair growth shampoos can’t create new hair follicles, but what they attempt to do is revitalize the existing follicles: to encourage growth in the ones which are going through the growth phase, and to maintain the health of the follicles which are undergoing the resting phase and to prolong their life.

Some hair growth shampoos contain ingredients meant to block the processes that slow down growth and that shift hair into its resting or shedding phase (depending on the hair strand). Other hair growth shampoos focus on increasing the health of the still-growing follicles. They provide them with nutrients and help the blood circulate with increased ease. Our hair follicles get their nourishment and sustenance from the bloodstream, much like any other cell does, and it is crucial that they receive the right kind of “food” in order to grow.

Best Shampoo For Hair Growth And Thickening

Woman wearing sunglasses laughing touching hair ends.

Woman with healthy hair.

Depending on your scalp’s tendencies, your genetic makeup, and (to some degree) your lifestyle – your hair’s growth and thickness may be manipulated with the help of an appropriate hair care routine. There are many shampoos out there that claim to help hair grow and thicken. However, this does not mean that they will work on everyone. It may take time and no small amount of dedication before you find a solution which agrees with you and helps you reach the desired results.

Specific ingredients which may quicken hair growth and/or enliven the dormant hair shafts include:

DHT Blockers

These are designed to ward off the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) from coming into contact with the hair roots and slowing down the growth process, and they include caffeine, green tea, saw palmetto, pumpkin seed oil, niacin (B3 vitamin).


A vitamin (B7 or H) which is being linked to hair growth, although evidence is currently thin on the ground and it is still being studied in regards to hair. There were a couple of studies done in the early 90’s, and while these have merit, there are no conclusive results

Omega-3 and Omega-6

These and other fatty acids are known for their overall essential contribution to the healthy development of a variety of tissues, and of the body’s functions at large

Is there a “best” shampoo for hair growth and thickening? It depends on who you ask, really. Some of the commercial shampoos have got nothing on a product which you formulate and make yourself, DIY style. On the other hand, commercial shampoos have a more consistent and (at times) reliable formula, which is why there is definitely room for them. If you find a commercial shampoo that provides you with the results you want, stay with it. Conversely, if you concoct a DIY formula that helps your hair grow thicker and stronger, stick with what works.

Fast Hair Growth Shampoo

Brunette woman shampooing her hair while showering.

Woman washing her hair.

Many shampoos that are meant to stimulate hair growth contain different plant extracts and nutrients. Some include biotin in their formula. The reasons why biotin is fast-acting vary, since it also has to do with the levels of biotin one has in their system to begin with. Because of the subjective nature of the vitamin’s efficacy, research on biotin and hair has not been able to score a clinical bullseye. The results are hard to replicate with all individuals who use the vitamin. This makes it more of a hit-and-miss hair growth nutrient. 

The term “fast hair growth” itself should ideally be looked at on a case-by-case basis. There is no way to guarantee that a shampoo that worked for person X will work for person Y, nor that it will produce the same results within a similar timeframe. There are too many variables to state something of that magnitude with such certainty. This is why some could experience slow growth, even with adequate levels of biotin in their body. 

Biotin, ginger, keratin, rice water, vitamins A,C, D, and E – these are all considered to be remedies for hair growth. There are those who swear by them, particularly when they are added to their shampoo. But there is never a quick-fix kind of solution to these situations. Hair is a slow-grower by definition – about half an inch per month, on average – and it may take time to see results that you can measure with certainty. This stays true no matter what shampoo you use, due to the very nature of the hair follicle.

Breakdown Of Biotin Benefits

This is not an exhaustive list of the benefits that biotin claims to possess. Furthermore, the benefits of biotin are still being researched (and disputed). As of now, there is little clinical evidence to support them. Anecdotal evidence is there, and in a big way, but it is difficult to replicate the results and experiences. This means that it isn’t something you can bank on 100%.

Most people get enough biotin through diet, natural “in-house” production in the body, or ingesting a supplement. Applying biotin topically, in the form of shampoo or oil, seems to be the least effective way of introducing biotin into your system. However, this is not to say that there is no room for it at all. Because research on biotin is still in progress, there isn’t enough conclusive evidence one way or the other. It could very well be that applying it topically is precisely what you need in your case. 

Biotin For Skin Health

African American woman with clear skin.

Woman with clear skin.

Skin health is tied into biotin, though the link is not exactly clear as of yet. Those who are experiencing itchy or red skin may be biotin deficient, and getting more biotin into your system is a way to help fix your skin’s condition.

Biotin For Hair Growth

Biotin is being championed as a hair growth ingredient, and a deficiency in biotin is linked to hair loss. If your hair is thinning or shedding, there is a chance that biotin should be part of your hair care routine.

For some people, growing hair out past a certain length can prove to be a difficult task. Difficult, but usually not impossible. It’s in the hair strand’s nature to grow, albeit somewhat slowly, and so a hair growth shampoo may not be necessary. Sometimes, all you need is to abstain from certain products or practices, rather than invest money in even more products. Everything from how you tie your hair to how you dry it after a shower can make a difference in whether or not your hair grows.

Biotin For Nail Strength

Holding hands.

Hands with healthy nails.

Hair, skin, and nails are all connected, in the sense that they are all comprised of keratin protein. Biotin is said to strengthen all three, and improve thickness and resilience.

Biotin For Energy Boosting

Woman with energy dancing on bed.

Woman with energy jumping on bed.

This particular vitamin, as a B-group vitamin, converts certain nutrients into energy. A lack of biotin may hinder the conversion process and cause fatigue, which is why getting enough of it is vital to your system.

Biotin For Boosting Metabolism And Weight Loss

These two are heavily tied into each other, as a quicker metabolic rate, coupled with a healthy diet, can lead to increased weight loss. Although biotin is in no way a weight-loss pill or supplement in and of itself, it can be a big help to those who are trying to shed some pounds.

Biotin can prove itself to you as a wonder-vitamin. Alternatively, it could prove to be a waste of money and effort, or anything in-between. It’s one of those things where you don’t know till you try. That said, too many marketing departments (in the health and wellness industry, anyway) are treating biotin as some savior of hair, nails, and skin. The truth may not be reflected that way, so take the words of those companies with a grain of salt. 

Biotin Uses & Tips

The most popular use of biotin is for hair growth, but that is not the only use of this oil. You can also use it for your skin and nails! Generally speaking, it’s quite rare to experience a biotin deficiency, but if you notice that your skin, hair, or nails seem lackluster, biotin supplements could help! 

Whatever the product is, the idea is roughly the same – getting more biotin into (or onto) your body. The best way to receive more B7 is by ingesting it. Applying it topically to hair, scalp, skin, and nails may yield some results. However, its effects would be more localized and less general. In other words – if you suffer from a biotin deficiency, using a biotin-infused nail polish may strengthen and fortify your nails, but it will probably not normalize your body’s levels of biotin, overall. Taking it into your body orally, as a pill, tablet, gummy, and so on – this is what’s usually recommended. Just watch the dosage and follow your doctor’s orders.

Another top tip: you should give a hair growth shampoo a good few months to show its worth. Make sure to follow the instructions, since not all shampoos or biotin hair care products are equal. There’s a lot of research going into hair care. Additionally, new hair growth techniques and/or products are being introduced all the time. Scientists are working on ways to regrow hair using genetic manipulation and tinkering on the molecular level, but nothing conclusive has been reached yet. But the day is not far off, where balding, thinning, and excessive shedding will be a thing of the past.

Biotin Side Effects Explained

Close up of hair in braid.

Head of silky, healthy hair.

Those who have a diagnosed biotin deficiency could benefit from getting more into their system, whether through diet or in the form of a dietary supplement. Because biotin is water-soluble, you filter any excess out through your urine. But there are cases where too much biotin is entering the body on a regular basis, resulting in biotin overdose.

As essential as this vitamin is to the proper function of the human body, you should not be getting too much of it. An overdose of biotin can express itself as skin issues (primarily acne), digestive issues, and other potentially-unpleasant conditions. If you’re taking in a normal amount of biotin, there should be no adverse effects. What you want to avoid is going over the recommended amount. To avoid the possible side effects, consult with your physician before beginning treatment with biotin, whether it’s preventive or corrective.

On the other hand, there are also positive side effects that may come into play. For example, the benefits mentioned in the above section: hair, nails, skin, and metabolism. Keep in mind, the benefits may be apparent if you are biotin-deficient, but otherwise, you may not notice any significant differences before and after consuming the vitamin.

When it comes to the negative side-effects, don’t wait. If they show up, and if they are consistent, don’t write it off as the price you must pay for the benefits of biotin to present themselves. It is not supposed to be a painful or alarming sort of treatment.

Rebundance Bundle Breakdown

rebundance bundle

Rebundance for hair loss.

Looking for a plant-based hair care system dedicated to preventing and combating hair loss? Take a look at our Men’s and Women’s Rebundance bundles. A collection which includes shampoo, conditioner, hair oil, hair serum and biotin supplement.

The shampoo and conditioner in this bundle are designed for everyday use. Keep in mind it’s not usually recommended to wash your hair every single day. Give your scalp and hair time to adjust and find their rhythm. Washing a couple of times a week and engaging in weekly oil treatments is the way to go. Combined with a daily biotin supplement, what Rebundance offers is a real game-changer which can work wonders for the condition of your scalp and hair.

You can look and feel your best. Can become more confident and vivacious. You can stand in front of the mirror, run your hands or hairbrush through your hair, and not fear what might come falling out. You can shower with peace of mind and tranquility, without being apprehensive about looking down at the drain at the end of it. No more excessive shedding on your pillow, no more anxiety over thinning hairs and receding lines.

Fuller, thicker, more nourished hairs. Our lightweight aromatherapeutic hair oil can be applied to wet or dry hair, for assistance in hydrating and detangling. The hair serum can be applied directly on the scalp to increase the flow of blood to the area. Or it can be used on the mid-lengths of the strands to their ends, for extra volume and care. The serum can be rinsed out after a short time, or it can be left in overnight.


Biotin hair growth shampoos are a gamble, although usually not a risky or dangerous one. It’s possible they could do you and your locks a world of good. Nevertheless, it is not something you can count on to solve any hair loss or hair growth issues. Step one, in either case, would be to get yourself checked out by a physician, get some blood work done, and see where you stand on biotin in general. Do you have enough in your system? Are you eating foods that are sufficiently high in biotin?

For those who are suffering from hair loss and hair thinning, or those who are interested in hair growth, getting some biotin onto their heads is not a bad idea to begin with. Precisely because you don’t ingest it, it could be that there will be less adverse effects on skin and digestion. At this point, it is still about personal trial and error. If any adverse effects or symptoms begin to present themselves, you should cease the intake or use of the product, and see your doctor. A biotin shampoo could be a viable solution to your hair-related issues.

Until the time when science manages to overtake biology, a biotin shampoo for hair growth may be your best bet. Keep in mind that following an active lifestyle and a proper dieting regimen is an even safer bet. Those two are the most significant components of overall health and vitality. Try to rid yourself of stress, of anxiety, of negativity, and your hair will be happy to grow and repay the kindness.