5 Best Setting Sprays & Natural DIY Setting Spray Recipe

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Few things are more frustrating than spending close to an hour carefully applying a full face of makeup only to discover that a couple of hours later your makeup is already oily and patchy. And if it’s a hot summer’s day, your makeup is pretty much doomed from the moment you step out the door and it begins to melt. Luckily, setting sprays were invented to hold your face art in place and keep your makeup looking matte for longer. 

But which setting spray should you go for? There are hundreds of different setting sprays out there and finding one that works best for you is no small feat. For this reason, below we’ve compiled a review of the top 5 setting sprays to assist you in your search for the ultimate setting spray for your skin type and for your needs. 

What Does Setting Spray Do? How To Use Setting Spray?

African American woman with clear skin.

Woman with clear skin.

Setting sprays can have two purposes. One kind of spray is a fine mist that is designed to give makeup a smoother, more blended appearance and to prevent flakiness. The second kind of setting spray, sometimes referred to as a fixing spray, is formulated to act as a shield by forming a film over your makeup to hold it in place for hours. 

The first kind of setting spray is ideal for dry skin and will often be advertised for medium to dry skin. It commonly contains moisturizing ingredients, such as glycerin, that a 2001 study showed gave your skin a significant increase in skin hydration. You can reapply it throughout the day to prevent dryness and flakiness. The second type of setting spray, the “fixing spray” works well with oily skin. It often contains alcohol-based ingredients that waterproof your makeup and keep it looking matte. 

If you have a special occasion and you don’t want your makeup to budge, I’d recommend using a “fixing spray”. Although they can be a little drying, they hold your makeup in place for longer than the moisturizing mists. They’re favored by professional makeup artists and are usually used for bridal, stage, and costume makeup. To apply a setting mist or fixing spray, hold the spray bottle at an arm’s length away and lightly spray it on your face. 

5 Best Setting Sprays To Try

1. Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray


Urban Decay’s All Nighter Setting Spray has strong staying power, lasting for up to 16 hours according to the product description on the Urban Decay website. It uses Temperature Control Technology to lower the temperature of your makeup and lock it in place. The product sprays as a light mist and sets quickly. You can literally spray it on your way out the door – that’s how easy it is. 

I especially like the fact that it doesn’t feel drying to the skin or set as a heavy film over your makeup that you can feel for the rest of the day like some other fixing sprays out there. The All Nighter Spray is weightless, and it blends powdery makeup leaving your makeup looking smoother and more natural. 

2. Mac Setting Spray 

Mac Setting Spray.

Mac Setting Spray.

Mac’s mattifying setting spray is designed for oily skin and ‘controls the look of shine and oil’ according to the product description on the Mac website. The product has mixed customer reviews. It received some five-star reviews on the Mac website from customers with oily skin who benefited from the oil controlling powders in the spray and felt that the product gave their makeup staying power. However, it also received one-star ratings from buyers who complained that the oil-controlling powders didn’t mix fully into the spray even after shaking the bottle. 

The oil-controlling powders settle at the bottom of the spray bottle. This means that if you forget to shake the bottle before spraying or if you don’t shake it well enough, you can be left with patches of white powder on your face. To avoid this problem, make sure to give the bottle a vigorous shake before every use. And if powder does settle on your skin after spraying, try buffing it away with a beauty blender or a brush. You can buy the Mac Mattifying Spray for $28 on the Mac website, Ulta, Sephora, Amazon, or in store. 

3. Morphe Setting Spray

Morphe setting spray.

Morphe setting spray.

The Luminous Setting Spray from Morphe suitable for dry to normal skin, Mattifying Continuous Setting Mist suitable for combination to oily skin, and a Continuous Setting Mist suitable for normal to combination skin. The Luminous Setting Spray is designed to hydrate skin for up to 16 hours and leave a radiant finish. The spray works to keep your makeup on for longer and leaves your skin looking smooth and glowy. 

If your skin tends to get oily, you’re probably best avoiding the Luminous Spray, which could make your skin oilier. Instead, try the Mattifying Continuous Setting Mist. The Mattifying Mist “reduces oil and shine for up to 12 hours” according to the product description on the Morphe website. It’s also sweat-proof and humidity proof which is great for a full day summer wear.

4. Skindinavia Setting Spray

Skindinavia Setting Spray.

Skindinavia Setting Spray.

Under the Skindinavia logo on the company’s website, it says ‘world’s best-selling setting spray’. It might be true considering that the product received raving reviews from buyers all over the world. You could probably say that Skindinavia are the experts in creating effective setting sprays. They’re also the creators of the Urban Decay setting sprays which are also highly popular sprays. Apparently, their setting sprays are a staple in Hollywood sets and are favored by professional makeup artists to give a super long-lasting finish. 

Skindinavia sells an oil control setting spray, a bridal setting spray, and a standard setting spray. All three setting sprays received excellent customer reviews. A lot of buyers commented that their makeup stayed put even after working out and on hot summer days. They’re designed to keep makeup in place for 16+ hours, and apparently it does the job well.

5. Slay All Day Setting Spray

Slay All Day Setting Spray.

Slay All Day Setting Spray.

The Slay All Day Setting Spray is scented, which is lovely and refreshing. The setting spray is available in 12 different scents: coconut, cucumber, dreamsicle, grapefruit, green tea, jasmine, lavender, lemongrass, mint chocolate chip, peach, rose, and watermelon. 

The product is intended for all skin types and weather conditions. I won’t recommend a favorite scent as that really depends on your personal preference. I will say that the mint chocolate chip is probably the most unique scent I’ve ever seen for a setting spray, and certainly fun if you’re looking to try something different! If you’re not into scents, you’re best off skipping the Slay All Day Spray and trying another brand or a DIY Makeup Setting Spray. 

Natural DIY Makeup Setting Spray Recipe & Guide 

Preparing a setting spray is incredibly easy and quick, and you’ll be saving yourself bucks. It’s also nice when you know exactly what is inside the product that you’re spraying on your face. Sometimes less is more when it comes to cosmetic products, and the same is true for setting sprays. All you really need to prepare an effective setting spray is rose water and glycerin – that’s it! 


  • 1 cup rose water
  • 1 Tablespoon glycerin
  • A few drops of an essential oil of your choice (optional)

Rose water helps balance the skin’s pH levels and control oily skin making it the perfect ingredient for a sweat-proof setting spray. Plus, it tones the skin as well as being hydrating and refreshing. Glycerin is a thick, clear, odorless liquid found in natural fats that is an ideal ingredient for a setting spray. It moisturizes skin while acting as a skin barrier and providing protection against skin irritants. The essential oil gives the setting spray a nice scent and makes your skin look smooth and dewy. 


To prepare the rose water yourself boil rose petals in water for approximately 20-30 minutes. When the water has cooled, strain the rose petals from the water. Them, pour the rose water into a spray bottle. Add the glycerin and essential oil to the rose water. Close the lid tightly and give the bottle a vigorous shake to mix all the ingredients. Spray your DIY setting spray on your face after applying your makeup and you’re good to go! 


Walking through the cosmetics aisle in any store is an overwhelming experience for me, and I imagine I am not alone in this. There are so many brands out there, and more are launching all the time. It’s hard to know what to buy when faced with so many products and brands! We hope our setting sprays review will help you purchase the best setting spray for your skin type and needs that will lock your makeup in place for hours. 

It’s always nice to discover new brands and hopefully be pleasantly surprised by new products that are better than what we’ve been using up until now. And if you’ve never used a setting spray until now, go for it. You’ll be amazed at how much longer your makeup can last with a few spritzes to keep it in place. Enjoy looking your best for the entire day!