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Bay Laurel Essential Oil vs. Basil Essential Oil

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In aromatherapy, essential oils are seen as the purveyors of therapeutic energies. They have the ability to aid in the treatment of a wide range of mental, physical, and spiritual/emotional issues.

Essential oils are formed by using the most potent parts of certain plants. There are different ways of creating and distilling these oils, and this affects their value and intended use. Essential oils are highly potent and very concentrated, so you need to use caution. If you have no previous knowledge of your own, only use them as instructed by a professional.

What Is Bay Laurel Essential Oil?

Bay Laurel essential oil (aka Laurus nobilis – not to be confused with bay oil) is the product of the distillation of laurel plant leaves. In terms of aromatherapy, it is known as a scent which promotes confidence, inspiration, and creativity. There are several health benefits which are associated with the oil, though they are still being studied.

What is Basil Essential Oil? How Do You Make Basil Oil?

Fresh basil plant.

Basil for making essential oil at home.

Basil is yummy, and is known far and wide for its many uses in the culinary arts. The essential oil of the basil plant (aka Ocimum basilicum) is derived from its leaves. It is used to heal wounds and various infections, among other things. This claim, too, is still being studied.

Still, regardless of the various clinical studies which are being done on essential oils and other natural substances, these are remedies which have been used for thousands of years.

The DIY way to extract essential oil from basil is by obtaining a clean glass jar, crushing a handful of basil leaves, and pouring a mild vegetable oil (such as sunflower or safflower) over the crushed basil. After a week, strain the basil using an appropriate cloth, and repeat the process with a fresh handful of leaves (using the same oil).

This process can be repeated as many time as necessary, until you have the desired amount of essential oil. Always store your essential oils in a glass vial, away from direct sunlight. Make sure to label and date them, since they are oils and have different shelf lives.

Bay Laurel Essential Oil For Skin And Cosmetics

the bay laurel plant

The bay laurel plant.

The oil of the bay laurel was used by the ancient Roman people, symbolizing peace and protection. Its leaves and stems were also made into a crown which was given to those who had won competitions, wars, and the like.

In the modern-day cosmetics industry, it is used in the creation of soaps, lotions, creams, and bath-related products. Our skin is the main organ to benefit from this oil nowadays. Bay Laurel essential oil can help the skin tighten and look younger. It also has the potential to speed up the healing process of burns and rashes.

According to some, the oil can also help to relieve the pain of arthritis and other conditions. I haven’t needed this oil for any skin conditions, but I wouldn’t hesitate to use it if anything came up. It seems to be quite the viable and natural solution to many issues. Regardless, I love using it in an oil diffuser, and simply taking in the aroma as it burns.

Bay Laurel Essential Oil For Hair And Hair Loss

Hair with dandruff.

Bay laurel essential oil can be used as a remedy for dandruff.

The oil of the bay laurel plant is  also widely used in hair care products, because it has a unique way of stimulating the hair and scalp.

With regular use, it has the ability to aid in hair growth and help eliminate dandruff. The oil can be diluted and massaged onto the hair and onto the scalp directly, and it is said to help with clearing scars and pimples.

My scalp is pimple free, so I can’t tell you about that, but I have faith in these oils. Many times, they work just as well as any pharmaceutical, medical, FDA-approved kind of substance. This changes from one person to another, but often, hair and scalp issues stem from a sebum (natural oil) imbalance. Because of that, essential oils of different kinds can help to bring balance to the body, and restore health to crown of your head.

Basil Essential Oil For Hair And Hair Loss

Basil oil is traditionally used by way of massaging it into the scalp and hair. This oil is said to be highly invigorating, and unlike many other oils, it can be applied topically and on a daily basis, without any side effects to worry about.

Basil oil can strengthen your thinning hair follicles, and even promote new growth. Of course, whether or not it truly promotes hair growth is still being debated. Regardless, though, it smells so good and spicy. This is the oil that I definitely enjoy using more, of the two.

If you’re trying it out for hair growth, I can’t promise the results you’re after. It will work differently for everyone, due to our differences in genetic makeup. For some it may take longer than others to begin to feel a difference, and for some it may not work at all. But, it can’t hurt to try! At the very least, you’ll enjoy the delicious smell of this oil.

Which Oil Is More Effective?

This is a question which comes up in many debates and oil-related discussions. And not just with hair, scalp, basil, and bay laurel. I mean with essential oils in general.

What is important to remember is that we all have different types of skin and hair. My scalp may not be anything like yours. Because of that, there is no single oil which is more effective than the other. Some oils are used for specific purposes, but you may find that what works for you will not work for another with the same affliction.

If you are interested in seeing which one your body responds best to, then give them both a shot for about a month or so. Monitor your progress as you go along. Again, make sure that you use these oils correctly, and consult with a healthcare professional before beginning any regular treatment with either one of these unique substances.

My personal experience has been better with basil oil. I thoroughly enjoyed making my own batch, and that gave it a very significant edge. I don’t have such a green thumb, and am not really a maven with herbs and oil distillation. Nevertheless, this was one project which I was able to accomplish on my very own, and I was very happy with the results.

The basil oil I made kept me and my hair in business for a long time. Even though I wasn’t having specific issues with hair loss, I could see less split ends and less breakage after regular use. I used my regular natural shampoo and conditioner, as I had used before the oil treatment.

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Whether you are in need of skin care, hair care, or good vibes in general, you could greatly benefit from regularly using essential oils. Basil and bay laurel are only two examples of natural oils which can change your life for the better. And you know what? It’s really not that complicated to achieve.

With the click of a button, you could get pure essential oils delivered right to you, if you’re into that. If not, any health food store or pharmacy could accommodate you.

Essential oils are some of the most advanced healers on the planet. They come from the earth, and have been at the service of mankind for thousands of years. I have absolutely nothing against modern medicine, by the way. I just feel that trying the more natural remedies can do the body and mind lot of good. Plain and simple!